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app Sprinkle Free logo

Sprinkle Free


Ready, Aim, Squirt! Using a water cannon mounted on a crane, players must adjust the height and angle of the cannon to fight fires, move obstacles, spin wheels and activate traps in this challenging w...

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Sprinkle Junior


"Kids will have a good time with Sprinkle Junior" - [Family Friendly Gaming]"A streamlined version perfect for the little tykes" - [Jay is Games]"Sprinkle Junior is an excelle...

app Sprinkle logo



*** Winner of Best Casual Game in the 2012 International Mobile Gaming Awards! ***"Gaming App of the Day" - [Kotaku]"Sprinkle is a solid puzzle game in a similar vein as Crush the Castl...


A Review of Sprinkle for Android

A Review of Sprinkle for Android Overview Sprinkle is an awesome new water physics game from developers Mediocre. The aliens from Titan are in trouble, and you’ll need to help them save their homes from fiery asteroids. You’re in charge of a funky little water cannon, and will have to use your wits to combat the flames and save the Martians homes. Gameplay The co...

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app Sprinkler Times logo

Sprinkler Times


Sprinkler Times is an easy to use irrigation scheduling application that takes the mystery out of trying to program your sprinkler timer (controller). Sprinkler Times was created by professional irri...

app Sprinkler Times Pre-Registered logo

Sprinkler Times Pre-Registe...


FREE (Registered Users): REGISTERED USERS: For Sprinkler Times subscribers who have previously purchased the app from the iPhone AppStore, Android Market or the website. The FREE Sp...

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Use iScaper:Sprinklers to troubleshoot and solve common sprinkler system problems.Created by a landscaper with 20 years experience in sprinkler design, installation, and repair, iScaper:Sprinklers wil...


What are some of the best designed Android apps? Google answers

best design apps android Android apps have come a long way. In the early days of the Android Market, many criticized the look and feel of the average Android app, especially when it came to design. Things have changed for the better since then, and Apple’s App Store no longer has a monopoly on beautifully designed, well-thought applications. But Google wants even more g...

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Kiz Studios releases Chuck the Muck for Android

chuck.the.much-androidYou may not think “muck” is cute, but maybe that’s because you haven’t met Chuck the Muck. He’s a little blobby pile of muck, and he’s hungrier than a woodchuck. He doesn’t eat dirt or goo though as you might expect. Instead Chuck likes to chomp on crystals…Chuck the Muck is a physics-flinger that has you try and help a pile of muck...

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app 【出会いの神アプリ】SNS・チャット・メル友・無料紹介! logo




app Cakes HD Wallpapers logo

Cakes HD Wallpapers


Cakes HD WallpapersA collection of high quality images of amazing cakes.More than 60 stunning high-resolution pictures for your desktop of your Android device, whichapplication allows you to choose wi...

app Amazing World logo

Amazing World


The rules of Amazing World Puzzle are quite simple: drag each part/block around the screen to FIT them into the right place in the grid. The pieces cannot be moved out from grid and you have to comple...

app Ratha-Yatra Wallpapers logo

Ratha-Yatra Wallpapers


Ratha-Yatra Wallpapers and Theme ApplicationA Ratha-Yatra or Roth Jatra or Chariot Festival is a Hindu festival that involves transporting idols on a chariot (called a ratha or roth).Accidents involvi...

app Granny Smith Cheats! logo

Granny Smith Cheats!


Granny Smith is lounging about with apples in her eyes when suddenly a whippersnapper of a thief skates by and robs her trees bare. Naturally, granny immediately heads out to get her fruit back! This ...

app Donut Yum! logo

Donut Yum!


Donut Yum is a delicious food app with the most delectable, fresh, tasty Donuts you have ever had in your life... with ZERO Calories!! Make, Fry, Decorate, and Top your Donuts with Fun, and colorful i...

app Granny Smith logo

Granny Smith


From the makers of Sprinkle!"Mediocre is proving themselves the Pixar of the mobile gaming scene, and has once again, hit one out of the ballpark." [Phandroid]"Gaming app of the day" [Kotaku]"Another ...


Weird App of the Week – Cotton Candy Cooking Game

Overview We're all about weird and quirky Android games here at, and I see a lot of bizarre stuff out there every week. We thought it was about time to do a regular column of sorts, and are proud to present our first choice for Weird App of the Week with the Cotton Candy Cooking Game from Weird name for a developers...

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Imangi Studio releases Temple Run: Brave on Google Play

Imangi Studio's Temple Run has been around for quite some time now, well at least for iOS and just recently for Android. And with the success that the game has achieved so far, the developers deemed it the right to release another game and officially paves the way for the Temple Run series. And so Temple Run: Brave was born and released on Google...

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app Donut Taps logo

Donut Taps


Time to get hungry! Sink your teeth into your favorite donuts, with the easy-to-play game, Donut Taps! The object of the game is simple. Just tap the glazed donut, jelly doughnut, boston cream donut, ...

app Setrix Gravity Ball logo

Setrix Gravity Ball


Take a cup of confetti, add two spoons of marble labyrinth, blend with a puzzle and sprinkle with gravity. Shake. Serve upside down. That's Setrix!Setrix consists of two games. One is Tetris-like, but...

app Construction Time and Material logo

Construction Time and Mater...


Last Update: 3/15/2012Construction Time and Material ApplicationAre you being directed to do additional work beyond your contract? Track it with this Time and Material application. Fill it out parti...

app Construction Punch List logo

Construction Punch List


Last Update: 12/5/12: Fixed bug some users were having with editing saved punch list files.Punch List App FULL DescriptionThis App allows the user to manage their project punch list from a smart pho...

app Construction Estimating App logo

Construction Estimating App


Last Update: 1/4/2012This is an easy to use app that allows the user to estimate jobs on the go and email proposal from the convenience of an android mobile phone or tablet.USER REVIEWS:“This is a m...

app Construction Daily Report Log logo

Construction Daily Report L...


Last Update: 1/4/12Easy to use Daily Report App. Now you can do your daily from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet.User Reviews:“Great App and now I don’t need to worry about carrying ...

app FLD 3D Lite (Tower Defense) logo

FLD 3D Lite (Tower Defense)


We are at war! The military is on high alert. Radar has picked up enemy forces inbound to do battle. You must combat these dark forces and hold the line.For the Empire, For Honor and for Glory!Frontli...

app Dcup Moving Girl logo

Dcup Moving Girl


<div id="doc-original-text" >With D-cup MM exercising together is about the girl in the picture with young son users take exercise together, everybody for 24 hours on the computer scre...

app natural collection[FREE] logo

natural collection[FREE]


This Livewallpaper is designed in the motif of natural miscellaneous goods, and pretty laces on the background!Plenty of pretty items roll in this livewallpaper!★☆Explanation of the function☆...

app Cupcake Taps logo

Cupcake Taps


Time to get hungry! Sink your teeth into some cupcakes with the easy-to-play, finger-gripping game, Cupcake Taps! The object of the game is simple. Tap the chocolate cupcake, vanilla cupcake, fudge cu...

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