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app Asshole logo



Asshole, AKA President, is a card game where you want to be President and avoid becoming Asshole. This app allows you to play either multiplayer or single player (versus computer players). You can pla...

app ContactsShuffle logo



Let God to help you make the choice that go out with whom if you have no idea while pick up the phone. Choose a group of people you want to contact, the system will help you pick out one, then make th...

app PassHash logo



PassHash allows you to generate unique, secure passwords for every site you visit from one master password. This app is made to compliment the Chrome extension "PashHash" and allow you to ge...

app SSHControl logo



Unix shells are not designed for tiny keyboards, in this case is much more practical to usefile browsers, process browser, connections browser, and so onAgility without losing power, this app now allo...

app logo


Snipes - Sneakers & Street Fashion 2Go!Hol' dir jetzt die "STREET FASHION 2Go!"-APP von auf Deinem Android!All brands in street fashion...Schon lange erfreut sich Streetwea...

app GrassHopper Meadow logo

GrassHopper Meadow


Pleasant, safe and fun game for children. Your child will enjoy the sunny and colorful meadow, childhood game of catching ladybugs and butterflies to trade them with friend for favorite toys. Develop ...

app SManager SSH addon logo

SManager SSH addon


Script Manager - SManager SSH moduleAllow browse SSH servers with sftp protocol using SManager.User/password and/or Private Key auhentication.Main ApplicationSManager 1.6 is needed...

app SSH Music Sync logo

SSH Music Sync


A music synchronization app with a few unusual features: - No dedicated server needed. Just a regular SSH server. - Offline music selection.If you have a large MP3 collection, you probably won't have ...

app SSH Music Sync Free logo

SSH Music Sync Free


A music synchronization app with a few unusual features: - No dedicated server needed. Just a regular SSH server. - Offline music selection.If you have a large MP3 collection, you probably won't have ...

app Jessheim Storsenter logo

Jessheim Storsenter


Vi ønsker deg velkommen til 145 butikker og spisesteder midt i Jessheim sentrum kun 10 km fra Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen. Med mer enn 50 motebutikker finner du det meste av store og små kje...

app Ant and Grasshopper Storybook logo

Ant and Grasshopper Storybo...


The famous Aesop’s fable of the “Ant and the Grasshopper” comes to life like never before! Gorgeous, interactive graphics and cool sound effects give this classic tale a modern look! A simple ye...

app Ba dum tsssh! logo

Ba dum tsssh!


Application with one big red button that makes "Ba dum tsssh!" sound when tapped. So rimshot sound effect and that's it. Keep ready for a punch line.2013-Feb: Sorry there will not be any new...

app StatsShoot logo



StatsShoot allow you to enter and treat you archery's, and now shotgun/gun scores, in training as in tournament, indoor, or outdoor.The fast input and computation allow you to keep an eye on your prog...

app CanvasShare logo



With CanvasShare you can share your drawing with your friends in real-time. When you draw something your friends will see what you are drawing at the same time by just connect to same canvas as yours....

app SSH persistent tunnels logo

SSH persistent tunnels


SSH Persistent Tunnel (SPT) tries to maintain ssh tunnels over the frequent change of network and disconnects typical for a mobile device. SPT tries to reconnect each time a new network comes up.SPT i...

app SSHunTunnel logo



THIS IS NOT THE APP YOU'RE LOOKING FOR.This app is a PoC that shows how a malicious app could steal the information from another app on your phone that uses incorrect file permissions... like SshTunne...

app Tank In Crosshairs Of US Force logo

Tank In Crosshairs Of US Fo...


All our Live Wallpapers have the following characteristics:*Speed of execution: from 1 to 25 frames per second;*Size of resolution: from 240x320 to 600x1024 pixels;*Memory used: smartphone and SD.For ...

app Telnet / SSH Simple Client logo

Telnet / SSH Simple Client


This is Telnet / SSH-2 Client.You can connect to host by telnet or ssh2 protocol.(You can use DSA or RSA private key of OpenSSH key format.) And, you can send some command.This application memoried 10...

app ConnectBot (ssh-agent) logo

ConnectBot (ssh-agent)


As part of the development of Agit I created this patch of ConnectBot which allows other android apps to use it as an ssh-agent. This means that Agit doesn't need to actually manage or even store SSH ...

app GodWordsShowKDC logo



GodWordsShow1.17KDCThis App show the words of Bible in the form of widget.You can select what you want to see in the menu.Also you can choose random selection.And if click the layout of widget, you ca...

app Asshat’s 8-Ball logo

Asshat’s 8-Ball


OWS - Come on, it's only $1.99. Every dollar helps me get closer to moving from the 99% to the 1%.Ask your 8-ball a "Yes or No" question and give'er a shake. The answers you will receive are...

app ThecusShare logo



DescriptionWith ThecusShare, Thecus NAS users can access and stream media files saved on their Thecus NAS from Android with an internet connection. Users can also upload the contents of their Android'...

app SSH Tunnel (BETA) logo

SSH Tunnel (BETA)


Warning: BETA version is only for professional users and also requires ROOT permissionSSH Tunnel is a SSH tunnel app for Android System. With this app and a configured server, you can easily browser i...

app Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley logo

Works of Percy Bysshe Shell...


This collection was designed for optimal navigation on Android phones. This collection offers lower price, the convenience of a one-time download, and it reduces the clutter in your digital library. A...

app SSHmote – Linux remote control logo

SSHmote – Linux remot...


With an intuitive and minimalistic graphical interface, SSHmote simplifies the browsing of your multimedia files and the control of your favorite media players.SSHmote ships with many preloaded profil...

app SSH Tunnel logo

SSH Tunnel


ROOT REQUIRED FOR ADVANCED FEATURES !Before you start, please read the following instructions carefully.If possible, please uninstall 1.4.X and any other previous editions before updating to 1.5.X.&qu...



2.9(132) is the largest online store offering over 100+ digital magazines, books and comics.Almost all titles are available for preview and if you wanna buy it you can have paper copy shipped ...

app Percy Bysshe Shelley Books logo

Percy Bysshe Shelley Books


This book contain collection of 4 books1. Queen Mab [1813]2. Alastor ; or, The Spirit of Solitude [1816]3. The Revolt of Islam [1818]4. The Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe ShelleyAbout the Aut...

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