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Standard HTC One takes a step closer to full GPE conversion

htc one google play edition aa front standingEver since in the announcement of the Google Play Edition HTC One, many original purchasers of HTC’s flagship handset have been wondering whether or not they’ll also be able to receive the official Google treatment, after all the handsets are exactly the same in terms of hardware.Not too long ago we heard that famed Android developer Paul O’B...

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Moto X customization and awareness features detailed in new report; carriers to get “standard versions”

Motorola X PhoneMotorola CEO Dennis Woodside A new report reveals the kind of personalization and contextual awareness features that will be available to Moto X buyers, and, as expected, hardware customization isn’t one of them. ABC News has learned from its sources that Motorola will let Moto X phone buyers “fully customize the look of the device” with diff...

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Google abandons industry standard for IM, which has SMS implications for Hangouts

Hangouts permissionsThe permissions Hangouts asks forLessons learnedFor mobile, the switch from Google Talk to Hangouts was little more than a facelift. The deeper issues reside in back-end utility, and inside desktop applications. Google Talk inside of GMail will allow for SMS or calls. Hangouts will not, currently.Many GMail users who utilize Google Talk are resisti...

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app Digital Standards logo

Digital Standards


This app provides a reference guide on technologies and standards for broadcast video engineers or those who simply are interested in broadcast video.This app contains:- Active Format Descriptions (AF...

app Standard First Aid logo

Standard First Aid


The Redi-Medic Standard First Aid app is ideal for individuals and companies who require first aid training. Whether you work in a mine, on an oil rig, a factory, or an office, you and your employees ...

app JamBar Standard Edition logo

JamBar Standard Edition


JamBar is a musician's idea pad for Android devices. It allows you to quickly build a multi-track musical loop by playing an easy to use set of keyboards. There are 49 high quality stereo instruments ...

app Cantonese Pinyin IME(Standard) logo

Cantonese Pinyin IME(Standa...


Cantonese Input (IME) application (????????) converts pinyin?into Cantonese characters and words. Supporting 4 pinyin methods: "???Jyutping?", "????Sidney Lau?", "Yale", ...

app logo


Nachrichten in Echtzeit. Die Android App von versucht in einem hohen Maß das Nachrichtenerlebnis, das Sie von der Vollversion gewohnt sind, auf Ihr Smartphone zu übertragen. Wir freue...

app Standard Photo logo

Standard Photo


<div id="doc-original-text" >Gravia is Photo of the characters or what's app such as applications came from the offer Massage is the application This application is a network version o...

app SmartActs standard edition logo

SmartActs standard edition


SmartActs allows you to track calls for your 9 most essential contacts and report the tracking information through SMS and email. This provides the security for you to configure the picture contacts a...

app Voice xRM Standard Version logo

Voice xRM Standard Version


Record all interactions with contacts e.g. Phone call logs with voice note, contact audio notes, meetings audio notes and review them using the VxRM relationship management interface. All recorded con...

app Standard Android ADK Demo Kit logo

Standard Android ADK Demo K...


This is the standard Android ADK Demo Kit. It is recompiled by the DIY Phone Gadgets community for easy tests.This application supports all the Android devices above 2.3.4 including tablets. Please vi...

app ICE Standard logo

ICE Standard


ICE Standard, the Emergency Standard Card App for iPhone, can help save your life. Ambulances take patients to the ER over 16 million times each year in the US. ICE Standard helps first time responder...

app Standard IAP logo

Standard IAP


Standard IAP test...

app Standard Camera logo

Standard Camera


???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Android2.0??????????????Android2.2 Galaxy...

app Text Clock (Standard) logo

Text Clock (Standard)


Uh-oh, a Text Clock Live Wallpaper has hit the Android Marketplace... and FREE! In this STANDARD version, you have the option to change background colors, font colors, font face and font size. Look ...

app The Double Standard logo

The Double Standard


The Double Standard is a chi-chi he/she magazine. Columns ranging from love to food, all written from both the male and female perspective. TDS prints monthly....

app 3D Royal Standard of Scotland logo

3D Royal Standard of Scotla...


3d live wallpaper. The Flag of the Kings of Scotland is flying by the wind.About the "black stripes" (shadows):

app Standard-Examiner logo




app VOA Standard English Player logo

VOA Standard English Player


For VOA news listener, VOA Standard English Player is a great RSS client for mobile that provide a convenient way to listen English news from VOA web site, include RSS categories:1. News2. USA3. Afric...

app 20 Standard Amino Acid logo

20 Standard Amino Acid


20 proteinogenic amino acids with structural formula and key data for each amino acid.The amino acids can be selected directly.The clear design allows for quick learning of the acids.Ideal for: studen...

app Indian Accounting Standards logo

Indian Accounting Standards


This app is designed for the accounting and auditing professionals who are looking for the accounting standards issued by ICAI.Now with this app the accounting standards are with you on the go all the...

app Standard Atmosphere Calculator logo

Standard Atmosphere Calcula...


A small app for calculating the standard atmosphere. Get temperature, pressure, density, speed of sound, absolute humidity, vapour pressure and deq point, depending on altitude and speed.The pecision ...

app eSymetric SpyWebCam Standard logo

eSymetric SpyWebCam Standar...


Turns your phone into a standalone IP webcam, accessable through any web browser.Comes with a built-in web server just like a hardware IP cam.View, download or delete pictures in the archive.Motion de...

app shellSAFE Android Standard logo

shellSAFE Android Standard


Your phone hosts an array of data, both business-related and personal, that require high caution and protection. You can hide your phone in a treasure chest, hoping no one will find it. Or you can ins...

app QuipIM for Sametime Standard logo

QuipIM for Sametime Standar...


*** Ad-free, priority support ***Stay connected to your coworkers wherever you go with an innovative user interface that leverages the powerful capabilities of Android! QuipIM uses your existing data ...

app Cyclists and recreational bike riders try this unique app to document your rides.  Use your Android phone to record your rides with photos, descriptions, and maps. Even add descriptions by talking using InstEbooks voice to text.  Share your published Biking InstEbook with as many people as you like and save it for you to enjoy on multiple devices. Post to Facebook right from App, with automatic updating. Republish as you add more rides. Fun and easy to use.  Chronicle your rides with Biking InstEbook, includes:- Keep adding photos and experiences and republishing- Email your published book right from the app to as many people as you like- Custom cover produced from your photos- Add map location information to each photo or note- Enjoy viewing on any tablet, computer, or smartphone- InstEbooks are published in the industry standard ePub format, device must have eReader supporting ePub installed, if not ePub eReader software is a free download logo

Cyclists and recreational b...


Cyclists and recreational bike riders try this unique app to document your rides. Use your Android phone to record your rides with photos, descriptions, and maps. Even add descriptions by talking usi...

app Standard Tschechisch logo

Standard Tschechisch


Langenscheidt dictionaries - dictionaries, phrasebooks and reference products for school, home, office, and travel from the most internationally renowned and leading publishers in the fields of Langua...

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