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Static Motion – Android Game Review

Static Motion – Android Game Review Overview Static Motion is a new “Tap & Destroy” game from Founder’s Hill Entertainment. I noticed it when it came out yesterday morning, and have been playing around with it since. It’s one of those games that’s frustratingly fun, and you just can’t seem to put it down. It's a blast to play even though it drove me a little nutty (in...

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MMD-AR Viewer for Android


MMD-AR Viewer for Android is an AR (Augmented Reality) software based on marker detection method. This software ovarlay MikuMikuDance Model object on the video camera image. This software run on table...


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – July 15, 2011

1. Spirit HD We ran a full review of this little gem yesterday, and it's also at the top of this weeks list of best Android apps. Spirit HD is a great new game from developer Marco Mazzoli and publisher Jakyl that let's you become the master of space and time by opening up Worm Holes to destroy your enemies. The controls are unique as there's no bu...

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Use your Android as a simple mobile webcam, gsm camera or cloudcam via WIFI or Mobile Network!The picture stored in the cloud can be watched from everywhere with a browser or for example my App WebLiv...