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app HiThink Stock App For Tablet logo

HiThink Stock App For Table...


The HiThink stock app now provides the following services to users:1. View latest stock quote (delayed for 15 minutes) from NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX;2. Monitor market activities by showing Top 10 Gainers...


Android App Review – Chaikin Power Tools Stock App

Android App Review – Chaikin Power Tools Stock App Overview If you’ve ever wanted to dabble in the Stock Market a new Android App called the Chaikin Power Tools Stock App may be just for you. This handy little app provides you with the research tools you need to help you invest like the pros. The app runs off the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating system which gives you an in-depth analysis of a st...

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app Galaxy Stock Apps Uninstaller logo

Galaxy Stock Apps Uninstall...


** ONLY FOR ROOTED DEVICESGalaxy Stock Apps Uninstaller. You can uninstall stock, default or system applications on Galaxy devices. During the uninstall the backup is created automatically. Backup is ...

app HiThink Stock App logo

HiThink Stock App


The HiThink stock app now provides the following services to users:1. View latest stock quote (delayed for 15 minutes) from NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX;2. Monitor market activities by showing Top 10 Gainers...

app Hankyung Stock App logo

Hankyung Stock App


Get the fast and the most reliable stock info ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!This App provides :Realtime stock quotes with visual charts, Hankyung Economic on-line news, Starwars Best traders' stock picks, Persona...

app Stock App logo

Stock App


This is a simple stock application which will allow you to keep track of your stocks.The first update highlights include:1) Integrated Charts2) Adding Multiple Stocks3) Enable/Disable Auto-Refresh4) M...


Three Great Android Apps for Simulating the Stock Market

chart-594212_1280In recent years, the stock market has seen its fair share of lows and highs. From the sub-10000 days following the 2008 financial crash and the Great Recession to the peaks we are now seeing today, there is plenty of adventure (and money) to be had in the world of stock trading. Many people have thought about trying their luck at trading stocks onl...

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app Penny Stock Prophet APP logo

Penny Stock Prophet APP



app Penny Stock Egghead APP logo

Penny Stock Egghead APP


The Penny Stock Egghead can show you how to retire a multi millionaire starting with only $1,000. Now with gains like 1,150% on your investment even if you have never traded anything in life before, o...

app database apps "CardStock" logo

database apps "CardSto...


"CardStock" is a card type database application. You can define the fields yourself and can import from RSS, KML or CSV file and export to CSV file.If you have entered a URL, telephone numbe...

app M-Stocks App logo

M-Stocks App


M-Stocks App provides updated quotes, your own stock's list, alerts, portfolio profits, world markets (Nasdaq, Bovespa, CAC 40, DAX, AEX, HSI, KOSPI, MERVAL, NIKKEI, etc) and more!...

app Shopping App logo Shopping App


Find brand-name products at up to 70% off when you use the app on your Android device to browse, search, select, and purchase any item that's available on the website. ...


Google To Launch Business App Market For Android? – BloggingStocks (blog)

TelecomTalkGoogle To Launch Business App Market For Android?BloggingStocks (blog)Google, Inc. (GOOG) has been on a mobile tear recently with its Android mobile operating system, and the Android Market may become a more potent competitor ...Android Market for Business to Launch Next Week? DoubtfulAndroidGuys (blog)Petition to improve the Android Mar...

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New Forex Trading App Puts Macroeconomics First

New Forex Trading App Puts Macroeconomics First The foreign exchange (forex) markets have been of great importance ever since the 19th century, when currencies were pegged to the price of gold. However, given recent events in the US, Europe and China, the forex markets are under intense scrutiny, something that many traders have been able to use to their benefit, not least through apps.  ...

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Top Binary Options Android Apps

anyoptionBinary options are intriguing trading methods. Thanks to Internet and web applications, it is now possible to trade in these derivatives from anywhere using smartphones. However, it is necessary to install a few binary options apps. For Android users, such apps are available in Google Play Store. Sophisticated binary options apps for Android device...

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Inkifi – Instagram Printing App for Android

Inkifi – Instagram Printing App for Android Thanks to the new Android app from Inkifi, now available for download for free from the Google Play Store, you will now benefit from the Instagram Printing App from Inkifi directly on your Android running smartphone or tablet. Just click here, download and install the new Android version of the Inkifi app and start printing Instagram photos!...

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BLU Dash 4.5 smartphone runs stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, sells for $139 unlocked

BLUThe BLU Dash 4.5 is a smartphone running stock Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which happens to be available for only $139 unlocked and which it’s ready to ship, according to a fresh press release from the handset maker.At a time where we keep talking about smartphone prices, the BLU Dash 4.5 is certainly an interesting device. It may not have those high-...

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Sony SmartWatch 2 apparently shipping starting with the week of July 15 in the UK

Sony SmartWatch 2 Sony’s recently announced SmartWatch 2 is apparently going to arrive in stock with Clove starting with July 15, according to the UK retailer. The device is already available for pre-order with Clove, which basically said in a blog post that it will ship the first units as soon as they arrive. Furthermore, Clove’s pre-order page now lists the n...

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Nexus 4 Completely Disappears From Carphone Warehouse

lg_nexus_4_official-580x461Looking to pick up a Nexus 4 in the UK? Well, you have one less option today. Carphone Warehouse, one of the largest online mobile retailers in the UK, has removed the Nexus 4 from the site. There isn't even an 'out of stock' notice – it's just gone. The Nexus 4 is getting on on toward late middle age now, and the limited edition white Nexus 4 ...

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Stock up for the Apocalypse in Doomsday Preppers for Android

doomsday.preppers-android If you think the world is going to end any second, you’ve probably seen National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers. It’s a show about stocking up for a mega-disaster, and thanks to G5 Entertainment there’s now an official Doomsday Preppers Android game. The Doomsday Preppers game puts you to work building an underground bunker so you’ll b...

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T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z support documents appear on carrier’s website

T-Mobile Sony Xperia ZThe T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z seems to be getting closer to its release date, or at least that’s what could be understood from support documents present on the website of the “uncarrier.”Just days ago, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai said during the All Things D D11 conference that there was “still a lot to do” for the company in the ...

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Android Authority On Air – Episode 65 – The HTC One Stock Android ‘Senseless’ Rumor Is True

Android Authority on AirThis week on Android Authority On Air we covered the latest and great Android ecosystem rumors to hit the web since Google IO last week. Will we see Android 4.3 announced and a few new devices come June 10th? We’re not sure but, a white Nexus 4 has been spotted again and a new, Google branded media player pass through the FCC.During IO13, a f...

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Google will Sell the Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 with Stock Android for $649

unlocked.galaxys4While it’s not a huge surprise, it’s a welcome one for folks wanting an unlocked device. Google is going to sell the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 through the Play Store and you’ll be able to snag it in a little over a month on June 26 for $649. Excited? The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available to use on AT&T and T-Mobile in the US, ...

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app Stock Today – Free logo

Stock Today – Free


Stock Today app is a great tool to follow day to day market changes. It gives you each and every specific details of stock market that includes: Last, Open, High, Low, Volume, Previous Close, Change P...

app Stock Bears logo

Stock Bears


the best collection of images of bears, browsing the entire collection, choose which you like and share it with your friends using the top right button, you can do it via Whatsapp, Facebook, Line, Vib...

app Soccer Stock Shields logo

Soccer Stock Shields


the best collection of images of coats of football, browse the complete collection, choose which you like and share it with your friends using the top right button, you can do it via Whatsapp, Faceboo...

app Bob Marley Stock logo

Bob Marley Stock


the best collection of images of bob marley, browse the complete collection, choose which you like and share it with your friends using the top right button, you can do it via Whatsapp, Facebook, Line...

app My Stocks Charts Widget PRO logo

My Stocks Charts Widget PRO


This widget allows you to quickly flip through your favorite stock charts right on your homescreen.??? Mainly for US & Canadian listed stocks + international ADR ???1.) Choose a timeframe:Daily ch...

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