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Stock Market Simulator Plus


Welcome to the Stock Market Simulator Plus application. Start with $50,000 and work your way to the top. No ads also. The only app on Google Play that allows penny stock trading.The application is a s...

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Stock Market Simulator


Welcome to the Stock Market Simulator application. Start with $10,000 and work your way to the top. The application is a simulation of the real US stock market based on the 15-20 minutes delayed quote...


Pawn Store Tycoon – Android Game Review

Pawn Store Tycoon – Android Game Review Overview Ever want to run a Pawn Shop? Whether your answer is yes or no, if you like simulation games you have to admit it’s a great idea for a game. Well, that idea has been made real by the folks at WMD Entertainment with their new game Pawn Store Tycoon. Gameplay When you fire up Pawn Store Tycoon you’re given the options to ru...

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app Hedge Fund Trader Game logo

Hedge Fund Trader Game


Test your mettle as a trader in an ever-changing market. Hundreds of funds each with a different structure and therefore risk. How good are you? Play against real people worldwide from your phone or t...

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Stocks & Shares Strateg...


Companies listed across 17 sectors, constantly open for business. Play against real people worldwide from your phone or tablet.All the companies react in a unique manner to events around them and have...

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Market Millionaire Enhanced


A fun multi-player Stock Market Simulation Game featured by Apple on iPhone that became the #2 finance app!Start with $100,000 and reach first place by obtaining the highest net worth of any player.Fe...

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Market Millionaire Classic


Market Millionaire is a stock-simulation game, using real-time quotes. Buy and Sell stocks to see if you can beat the market! Everyone starts with $100,000. How quickly can you make your first milli...

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Trade Storm


Trade Storm is a stock market simulation game allowing you to trade stocks from the NYSE and NASDAQ. Get your feet wet investing in stocks without risking your hard earned money to become a virtual mi...

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Trends and Tycoons


The Wall Street tycoons have made a mess of it... I bet you can do better! Make squillions wheeling and dealing in this challenging stock market simulation. Buy and sell stocks, commodities, resources...

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Enchanted Realm


Enchanted Realm isn't just a game, but a captivating fantasy adventure. The setting is a far-away and wondrous realm, where magic flows as freely as the winds of trade through the market's merchant an...