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app Timer and Stopwatch Premium logo

Timer and Stopwatch Premium


Do you use our software CTimer (Timer and Stopwatch).We made it free for you.However, to develop and maintain the program without investment impossible.Buying Premium version CTimer you not only suppo...

app Krono Stopwatch & Timer logo

Krono Stopwatch & Timer


Stopwatch and timer app which is multi-themed, full featured and has a simple elegant interface. If you like the app, do consider leaving a short review. - No Ads!- 5 stopwatch and timer themes in thi...

app StopWatch Xtreme Free logo

StopWatch Xtreme Free


StopWatch Xtreme integrates with the popular app Alarm Clock Xtreme to solve all your timing needs. Use StopWatch Xtreme to keep track of split/lap times and total times down to 1/100 of a second. Use...

app Stopwatch for Coaches Plus logo

Stopwatch for Coaches Plus


-Keep times simultaneously on up to 4 stopwatches.-Export stopwatches to device memory.-Toggle between laps and total time on the run.-Easy scroll through laps while and after stopwatch have been acti...

app Analog Interval Stopwatch Ex logo

Analog Interval Stopwatch E...


Extended version of Analog Interval StopwatchDifferences between the basic and extended version:...

app Stopwatch Timer Alarm Ad-free logo

Stopwatch Timer Alarm Ad-fr...


Precision Timer includes: Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm and World Clock.Easy, simple and clean with the new Android Holo theme and loads of options, you will love this app.With simple and intuitive interfac...

app Stopwatch Sketcher logo

Stopwatch Sketcher


Love playing Pictionary? Then use Stopwatch Sketcher as your drawing pad for it's the only sketching application on the Android Market which includes a timer. Add another dimension to your creativity ...

app Master Stopwatch Pro logo

Master Stopwatch Pro


This is a great stopwatch tool, that can measure multiple times and is looking good at it. Choose between race and lap mode, depending on how you want to use it and personalize the app to match your f...

app MultiTrack StopWatch logo

MultiTrack StopWatch


MultiTrack StopWatch Timer Lets you run multiple stopwatches simultaneously in Seconds or Milliseconds. YES! A Virtual Stop Watch that does everything you need! This App is Great for individuals &...

app Master Stopwatch logo

Master Stopwatch


This is a slick and easy to use stopwatch, that can handle multiple measures and is looking especially good at it. Choose between race and lap mode, depending on how you want to use it and personalize...

app Stopwatch / Lap Timer Pro logo

Stopwatch / Lap Timer Pro


Stopwatch / Lap Timer features full history, email export, configurable display precision and multiple lap timer views. * Resizable text* Runs in background* Laps* Splits* Elapsed time* Current lap ti...

app Stopwatch / Lap Timer logo

Stopwatch / Lap Timer


Stopwatch / Lap Timer has received praise from engineers, race coordinators and motor sport professionals for reliability, features and ease of use.This free stopwatch has lap time, split time, fastes...

app Talking Stopwatch Pro logo

Talking Stopwatch Pro


Stopwatch with time interval speech, history, email, configurable precision, current lap time, laps, splits, fastest, slowest, average, delta, point time, range, notes, side button operation & scr...

app StopWatch 4 all Lite logo

StopWatch 4 all Lite


************** StopWatch 4 all Lite *************This app works as a stopwatch and timer, and can therefore be used for any sport.The number of visible stopwatches depends on the current height of the...

app Stopwatch Widget logo

Stopwatch Widget


This is a simple stopwatch widget that sits on your home screen. Press once to start, again to stop, again to reset.Multiple stopwatches can be running at once.Does not lose track of the time while p...

app mini Stopwatch logo

mini Stopwatch


A stopwatch that support up to 5 time measurement at the same time, such as 100-meter sprint race. Calculate of average/diff. is available for all/selected items. History is available now. Fetal bug ...

app Stopwatch & Timer Pro logo

Stopwatch & Timer Pro


Ad-free version.Simple stopwatch and timer.Simple and quick controls.Intuitive interface.Can be customized freely.Accurate?and reliable.(You can open the menu by pressing MENU button on your phone.)Ve...

app Stopwatch+ logo



NO ADS!Have you ever need to quickly measure the time and there was no watches on your hand? Or are you on your Android device searched in vain for built-in stopwatch?With this little application it w...

app Obama STOPwatch Free logo

Obama STOPwatch Free


Count down the days until Barack Obama is no longer President of the United States with this handy Barack Obama STOPwatch! The stopwatch will show you how many days remain until Inauguration Day 2013...

app Stopwatch, countdown AD FREE logo

Stopwatch, countdown AD FRE...



app Stopwatch, countdown logo

Stopwatch, countdown



app Tablet Timer & Stopwatch logo

Tablet Timer & Stopwatc...


Honeycomb Timer is a professional timer tool for Android 3.0 tablets. Use this handy tool when you are reading, working, training, napping or more...Support English (en) | français (fr) | 中文(...

app History Stopwatch logo

History Stopwatch


A simple stopwatch with the following features:* Start and stop, but no lap-timing.* Previous stopwatches are stored in history.* It's possible to group history stopwatches by day, week, month or year...

app +Stopwatch logo



+Stopwatch is a simple and straight forward stopwatch app, good for timing events like sport, game, work, etc....

app J.A.W StopWatch logo

J.A.W StopWatch


Press Start to start the timer. Press Stop to stop. Stop button will changed to reset if the watch has been stopped. Press reset to start from 0 time again.The timer is accurate to 1/10th of a seco...

app Stopwatch for Coaches logo

Stopwatch for Coaches


-Keep times simultaneously on up to 4 stopwatches.-Toggle between laps and total time on the run.-Easy scroll through laps while and after stopwatch have been activated.-Multi-touchStopwatch for Coach...

app Stopwatch One logo

Stopwatch One


Stopwatch One, a timekeeping app, offers an advanced stopwatch. Whether you're a single athlete wanting to time yourself, or you're in charge of a participant, this versatile app is up to the challeng...

app Stopwatch/Countdown Timer logo

Stopwatch/Countdown Timer


stopwatch/countdown timersource: licenseoriginal source: copyright:Daniel Bostwick...

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