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Keep up, with NewstalkZB’s Android app. Listen live wherever you are to your favourite NewstalkZB talkback shows. Read the latest news and opinion pieces, download our podcasts and have your say.Lis...

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Straight Spittin Real MC


First place winner of the AT&T Open Call contest in CTIA 2011! Winner in the 2011 Microsoft Fast Pitch contest!This is a salute to real MCs. The world's first true Battle Rap App. Battle rap an...

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Straight Spittin Trial


First place winner of the AT&T Open Call contest in CTIA 2011! Winner in the 2011 Microsoft Fast Pitch contest!This is a salute to real MCs. The world's first true Battle Rap App. Battle rap an...


AT&T extends its upgrade period from 20 months to a full two years

AT&TWhile T-Mobile is busy working to rid its customers of contracts through its “uncarrier efforts”, Verizon recently extended the period of time that its customers have to wait to upgrade phones, going from 20 months to 24 months. Now AT&T is following suit, with the new 24 month limit applying to any new customer or any current customer tha...

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app Musical Instruments Pro logo

Musical Instruments Pro


Musical Instruments Pro is a premium version of "Musical Instruments Free" application, it is ads free and with more ringtones for android.Musical Instruments Pro android app is here to make...

app Dolly Parton JukeBox logo

Dolly Parton JukeBox


Play Dolly Parton's songs without the need to search for it in YouTube.Simply type in the song's code from the list and play, just like a JukeBox !Also, You can choose any video of your choice, regist...


Samsung Galaxy Discover runs stock Android

Samsung has been known to apply its very own TouchWiz interface on top of Google’s Android OS. For better or for worse, the TouchWiz does impact many potential buyers. Samsung Galaxy Discover is looking to please those who don’t want to root their smartphones just to get rid of Samsung’s OS layer. The Samsung Galaxy Discover is headed towar...

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app Smozzy Beta logo

Smozzy Beta


Get the web, without the data plan!Smozzy Beta lets you use your T-Mobile* unlimited messaging plan to browse the web. No data plan required!It works just like your Android phone's built-in browser, ...

app Public Speaking Pronto logo

Public Speaking Pronto


Tips? Timer? Audio? Relaxation? Music? Get it all with award winner Terry Neason. Learn best practice on how to confidently prepare for Presentations & Speeches. Terry gives you quick and easy ...

app Presentation Skills Pronto logo

Presentation Skills Pronto


Quick & easy best practice Tips & Bell Timer to confidently deliver every time on time. Be enlightened and entertained with this Prepare, Plan & Structure guide from the award winning Comm...

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The WiFi issue affecting users during the last few days has now been fixed. We're sorry for the inconvenience.========Worldwide Internet and MMS APN settings - Now with ICS support - Tweakker is the b...

app Juggling Dynami… (? ebook ?) logo

Juggling Dynami… (? e...


ISBN?E978189741511#?Limited offer?normally 1280?640yen (50%OFF) only for one year?Juggling Dynamite: An insider's wisdom about money management, markets, and wealth that lasts?With straight talk and r...

app Juggling Dynami… (本 ebook 书) logo

Juggling Dynami… (本...


ISBN:E978189741511#【Limited offer】normally 1280⇒640yen (50%OFF) only for one year「Juggling Dynamite: An insider's wisdom about money management, markets, and wealth that lasts」With straigh...


Using your smartphone when making a presentation

If you are making a presentation away from the office you can use your smartphone as a portable drive. All you have to do transfer your files to your phone before you leave the office, using an app such as Dropbox. Then, when you arrive at the venue where you are making the presentation you just need to link your phone to the laptop provided and yo...

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AT&T reveals new GoPhone plans with LTE support

AT&T logo [aa] (3)Prepaid cell service has come a long way in the United States in the last few years. What was once near-taboo, is becoming increasingly commonplace, even for those with the credit to qualify for post-paid plans. That’s because prepaid is often cheaper, all while offering more flexibility. Not to mention that great devices like the Nexus 4 certai...

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app Cleveland Football *FREE* logo

Cleveland Football *FREE*


Do you love the Cleveland Browns? The Cleveland Football Rush is now available to you for FREE but for a *Limited Time*! Now you can catch the Cleveland Browns game!Features of this app include:* Clev...

app Fergie widgets logo

Fergie widgets


Customize you home screen with Fergie Widget.About FergieFerguson was a member of the female trio Wild Orchid, which she fronted with Stefanie Ridel and fellow Kids Incorporated star Renee Sandstrom. ...

app Planet Hip Hop FREE logo

Planet Hip Hop FREE


✪ We got straight hip hop for you all day, for FREE!Ever wonder how Gucci Mane is holding up in jail? What’s going on with Lil Wayne? Who’s Drake new girl? What’s the newest Wiz Khalifa song? ...

app Magic Fluids Free logo

Magic Fluids Free


Fluid animation in your pocket! Touch the screen and create beautiful motion of colorful smoke and water.Key features of Magic Fluids:- Highly configurable fluid behaviour and look- 10 configuration p...

app Pittsburgh Baseball *FREE* logo

Pittsburgh Baseball *FREE*


Do you love the Pittsburgh Pirates? The Pittsburgh Baseball Rush is now available to you for FREE but for a *Limited Time*! Now you can catch the Pirates games easily! Go Bucs!Features of this app inc...


The Top New Android Games of the Week – February 18, 2013

Last week saw lots of slick releases from creatures that fling themselves through blocks to shotgun wielding rednecks and giant battle turtles. There's a little something for everyone so and we hope you enjoy our picks for the Top New Android Games of the Week... 1. Yumby Smash Yumby Smash is a smashing new game that lets you blast through...

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The 10 Best Android Widgets

One of the cooler things about the Android OS is the ability to use Widgets. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and are a great way to get the information you want right on your homescreen. With that in mind we thought we’d make a quick list of some of the more useful ones out there, some are standalone apps while others come as part o...

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Top New Android Apps of the Week – January 13, 2013

Top New Android Apps January 2013 1. EasyNote Notepad | To Do List Looking for a new Notepad or To Do List app? If so you should check out EasyNote Notepade | To Do List from Perfectionholic Apps. The app lets you quickly put together important notes or task lists, the notes can be organized by color, and you can even sticky a note to your home screen as a widget. It’s a sli...

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app Bingo multiplayer game logo

Bingo multiplayer game


This game is for two or more people playing(It needs two or more phone to play this game and it can't connect data between phones, but play by talking to each other). Each person can choose one number...


Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week – August 19, 2012

We missed last week, but this week we’re back with a vengeance and 10 New Android Apps for you to peruse. Whether you’ve got high blood pressure, like to color, or want to Pin things we have you covered. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Sunday while you browse our list of the Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week… 1. Pinterest Pinterest...

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Top New Android Apps of the Week – July 16, 2012

This week's edition of the Top New Android Apps brings quite a bit to the table. There are apps that help you stay productive, apps that keep you up to date, apps that save your battery, and a talking tom cat. Without further ado, we proudly present our Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week... 1. beZee If you stay busy or get a lot of phone ...

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Top 3 Music Streaming Apps

The problem that people had with the CD Walkman was that you had to carry around the CDs that you wanted to listen to. This meant that if you didn’t take a certain album or single out with you, you didn’t have the option to listen to it. Taking your entire CD collection just wasn’t practical. The evolution of mp3 players and iPods addressed ...

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Unofficial Samsung Galaxy S III Battery Tests Reveal Promising Results

One of the pressing concerns of many smartphone buyers is not only will it be upgraded to the latest software in the future, but how does its battery fare under real world conditions?  The Samsung Galaxy S III is definitely a great phone on paper, but can it be separated from its charger for more than a couple of hours when using LTE and running...

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