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Defeat the Hive Queen in Strikefleet Omega for Android

Overview Space shooters are a natural fit for Android devices and we got a great new one this week with Strikefleet Omega from 6waves. Can you help save the world with your gunships and death blossoms? Well that depends on how good of a commander, and there’s only one way to find that out… Earth has been annihilated by the Hive Queen and ...

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Strikefleet Omega




Go to War in a Giant Sized Mech in 6waves Offworld for Android

The minds at 6Waves first caught or attention with the space strategy game known as Strikefleet Omega, and now they’re back with their latest Android game called Offworld. Offworld does involve space, but this game is really all about the mechs. Giant, powerful, ass kicking mechs… In Offworld you play the galaxies most feared bounty hunter, ...

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