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Android Apps and Sites: Different Strokes for Different Folks

android apps"This is how I feel right now..." (CC BY 2.0) by jnyemb In the mobile arena, the battle between apps and sites is one that seems as if it will never end. On one side of the divide, some developers believe the best way to exploit the features mobile devices is to have a native app. While on the other side of the argument, some contend that the f...

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app Golf Stroke Counter logo

Golf Stroke Counter


Golf Stroke Counter is an 18 hole golf stroke counter. No need to speed money on getting electronic stroke counters or beeds for tracking your score. This can be used to keep track of your strokes for...

app Strokes Table Golf logo

Strokes Table Golf


Strokes Table GolfNine holes of golf played like pool on a 3D game board! No cue involved, you advance the carom with your finger! Lakes, sand traps and the dreaded red lava pit are all hazardous trap...

app Sexy One-stroke Puzzle-Minori- logo

Sexy One-stroke Puzzle-Mino...


You will erase an obstructive blocks Let's get a sexy picture!!**trial is free**7 levels tend to play the free trial version!!Please touch and experience the One-stroke Puzzle.1.The feature of this ap...

app CAT STROKE logo



Cat StrokeGet your stroke on!checkout the trailer here: Rate and Review if you want a sequel!Thanks Flickr users for their awesome content:notsogoodphotography, casey_d...

app Stroke Rate Counter logo

Stroke Rate Counter


Very basic stroke-rate calculator. Can be used as a strokecoach for rowing or swimming coaches.Calculates strokes per minute from a 1, 2, 3 or 4 stroke interval.*Long press to show settings...

app Stroke Rate for Swim Coaches logo

Stroke Rate for Swim Coache...


This app features a stroke rate calculator, integrated with a chronometer. It also estimates the number of strokes given when the stopwatch is used.(Frequência de braçada para treinadores...

app Stroke logo



Stroke is a medical emergency that happens when a blood clot blocks an artery, or a blood vessel ruptures in the brain. When blood flow is interrupted, brain cells begin to die and the resulting damag...

app Stroke nage logo

Stroke nage



app valistroke logo



*Have a problem with the app starting and staying blank with Samsung Galaxy S3.Work around by turning on Developer options and checking the box for 'Disable Hardware overlays'.--------This game is the...

app 2 Stroke exhaust calculator logo

2 Stroke exhaust calculator


A simple 3 stage two stroke exhaust calculator based on formulas of G.P. Blair from the book: The Design & Simulation of Two Strokes.You can also save and load the data by using the provided funct...

app Stroke Order 2.2 free logo

Stroke Order 2.2 free


Test your writing Quality<< Japanese >>1) hiragana2) katakana...

app Stop My Stroke logo

Stop My Stroke


Stop My Stroke provides users with helpful information on recognizing the symptoms of a stroke as well as the risk factors that contribute to stroke. The goals are to save lives of those at risk and i...

app Stroke Counter for Golf logo

Stroke Counter for Golf


This very simple golf stroke counter was designed to be used as a temporary way of keeping track of your score before entering it in your GolfShot type app.How it works:Click on the button to increase...

app 2 Stroke Gas Oil Mix Calc Pro logo

2 Stroke Gas Oil Mix Calc P...


Do you always forget the mixture ratios of the 2 stroke engines you have? You don't want to forget your gas/oil mixtures over the winter?This app allows you to add devices with their ratio and notes...

app 2 Stroke Gas Oil Mix Calc logo

2 Stroke Gas Oil Mix Calc


Gas Oil Mix: 2 Stroke.This calculator determines the exact quantity of oil required for a given ratio of gas and oil suggested by the manufacturer of the 2 stroke/cycle engine. That calculated number ...

app 2 Stroke GasOil Mix Calculator logo

2 Stroke GasOil Mix Calcula...


This application accurately calculates the quantity of oil required to mix with gasoline when premixing is required. It has the ability to calculate by ratio or percentage. This application converts f...

app Stroke Your Ego Free logo

Stroke Your Ego Free


Having a rough day?Feeling a little down?It's time to STROKE YOUR EGO!Stroke Your Ego is an app that tells you nice things about yourself just when you need to hear them most. Delivers four distinct ...

app Golf Strokes Free logo

Golf Strokes Free



app Golf Strokes logo

Golf Strokes



app NIH Stroke Scale logo

NIH Stroke Scale


This is a simple version of the NIH Stroke Scale, complete with question-by-question guidance as to the proper method of testing. Simply choose the button that best corresponds to the patient you are ...

app My Heart&Stroke Health logo

My Heart&Stroke Health


The My Heart&Stroke Health App allows you to use the My Heart&Stroke Risk Assessment, Blood Pressure Action Plan, and Health Check Recipe Helper tools....

app 2 Stroke Mixture logo

2 Stroke Mixture


With this tool you don't need any mixture-tables for 2 stroke motors!...

app Stroke The Sausage (Lite) logo

Stroke The Sausage (Lite)


A unique and addictive game of target shooting featuring a sausage, a hand, mayonnaise and beautiful girls in bikinis. Use an image on your phone or camera shot to set a custom target image...Aim and ...

app Stroke The Sausage logo

Stroke The Sausage


A unique and addictive game of target shooting featuring a sausage, a hand, mayonnaise and beautiful girls in bikinis. Use an image on your phone or camera shot to set a custom target image...Aim and ...

app eStroke logo



Shows Stroke Order of every Chinese Character.- Dictionarieso Chinese/Englisho Chinese/German- Flashcards- Writing and Writing TestWhen first started, it will need to download another ~100MB of databa...


Apt for Catastrophe: How Mobile Apps Are Killing Your Cybersecurity

More and more companies are embracing ‘work from anywhere’ and ‘bring your own device’ policies to reduce operating costs, boost productivity and give employees the opportunity to work in a way that makes sense to them. But while mobile devices are a great for working on the go, they could be putting your business at risk of cyberattack....

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app BridgeCall logo



Calling conference calls from phone is painful as too many keystrokes - the phone number, the meeting number, the special characters... This bridgecall app makes joining your conference calls easy! It...

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