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app Moby Dick: Ahab’s Struggle logo

Moby Dick: Ahab’s Str...


Requirements for Game:- High End Android Device for Flash Content- Latest Flash Player from Adobe- GGDroid Flash Game EngineAuthor:- Victor (VicBiss)- Game Ported From Original Flash Game- Please Emai...


Crush the Monsters Review

Crush the Monsters Review Crush the Monsters is another Android game made for those of you who love medieval times, monsters and dragons, sorcerers and kings. As you can imagine, this is a fun game to play when boredom strikes, being very well designed and with awesome graphics. This funny looking arcade game monetizes on the eternal struggle between good and evil an...

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app قصص منوعة logo

قصص منوعة


إقرأ أروع القصص الممتعة والمسلية والمتميزة بأروع المعاني ويشمل التطبيق الأنواع التالية:-قصص ومعاني-تنمية ذات...

app Utah Basketball *FREE* logo

Utah Basketball *FREE*


Do you love the Utah Jazz? The Utah Basketball Rush is now available to you for FREE but for a *Limited Time*! Now you can catch the Jazz games easily!Features of this app include:* Utah Jazz News* Ut...

app ICC Cricket WC 2011 Trial logo

ICC Cricket WC 2011 Trial


Experience the drama, intensity and excitement of World Cup Cricket! Great challenges to play when the game reaches its peak point. Struggle to get those quick runs from those few last balls. Get to p...

app Toronto Basketball *FREE* logo

Toronto Basketball *FREE*


Do you love the Toronto Raptors? The Toronto Basketball Rush is now available to you for FREE but for a *Limited Time*! Now you can catch the Raptors games easily!Features of this app include:* Toront...

app Sacramento Basketball *FREE* logo

Sacramento Basketball *FREE...


Do you love the Sacramento Kings? The Sacramento Basketball Rush is now available to you for FREE but for a *Limited Time*! Now you can catch the Kings games easily!Features of this app include:* Sacr...

app New York Basketball *FREE* logo

New York Basketball *FREE*


Do you love the New York Knicks? The New York Basketball Rush is now available to you for FREE but for a *Limited Time*! Now you can catch the Knicks games easily!Features of this app include:* New Yo...

app Minnesota Basketball *FREE* logo

Minnesota Basketball *FREE*


Do you love the Minnesota Timberwolves? The Minnesota Basketball Rush is now available to you for FREE but for a *Limited Time*! Now you can catch the Timberwolves games easily! Go Twolves!Features of...

app Dealing with Depression logo

Dealing with Depression


>>>>> Learning About How To Defeat Depression Can Have Amazing Benefits For Your Life And Success! <<<<<Discover ways of dealing with depressionYou Can Have Better Succ...

app Rich Dad Poor Dad logo

Rich Dad Poor Dad


If you truly desire to be rich and wealthy, rich dad, poor dad authored by Robert T. Kiyosaki is one book you need to read and have on your book shelf. This book is a good guide for those who want to ...


Opera browser goes Chromium for its newest version

Opera Browser goes Chromium With browsers, we have both the most important and subjective decision of our digital life. An increasing dependence on web-based software makes the browser crucial, and the myriad of choices leaves us wanting for very little. Usually coming down to IE or Chrome, since Safari is happy to stick with Macs, the other choices often aren’t even consi...

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Google Interns make more money than you

internWhile most people might associate an internship as the toil and struggle, usually unpaid, that young students or recent grads need to go through in order to make it in the business world, there seems to be a silver lining in some companies. Most notably, companies based around Silicone Valley seem to not only treat their interns well, but they'...

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Tim Cook not worried about Android’s market share, says Apple still makes the best devices

Tim Cook If you’ve ever wanted to hear Apple CEO Tim Cook’s thoughts on the fact that the combined effort of all the players in the Android market is practically showing the iPhone and iPad out the door, well, now’s your chance. Cook recently sat down with Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal for D11 at All Things D, and it is here th...

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HTC One Hits 5 Million Sales Figure Says Exec

htc one A HTC Executive just revealed that HTC One sales are very good, as they managed to reach 5 million units sold within the first month of its launching. The announcement has been made by an anonymous HTC Executive in an interview for the Wall Street Journal, and this result is impressive since HTC struggled with various technical issues regarding...

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Apple stands to lose tablet market dominance

appleloss2 Apple, the pioneer of the modern day tablet movement stands to lose its majority market dominance in the tablet arena very soon. This is disastrous for apple after its recent loss of the smartphone market majority. As Android powered devices gain popularity and momentum, Apple is staring at a bleak future as iPad sales are expected to plummet. An...

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Crush Monsters to save Munchers in Monster Smasher from Playscape

monster smasherMonster Smasher is a new Android game from Playscape that’s about the eternal struggle between creatures called the Munchers & Gombies. It’s not a game about battling for land or gold though, instead you’re squabbling over food as the Munchers & Gombies both love to eat. Munchers are cute little creatures that love to gorge themselve...

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app Parenting 101 logo

Parenting 101


Parenting (or child rearing) is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Parenting refers to the aspe...

app Hardest Game Ever 2 logo

Hardest Game Ever 2


Ranked #1 (Overall) in US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, ... for HARDEST GAME EVER 1, HARDEST GAME EVER 2 is definitely a game you don't want to miss out!From the developers that brought you the wor...


MetroPCS will merge with T-Mobile

merger It has been confirmed that the shareholders of MetroPCS have agreed to the proposed merger with T-Mobile. MetroPCS’s parent company, Deutsche Telekom, has made an impact in the mobile market but has struggled due to sub-par data rates and lack of mainstream smart phones. MetroPCS’s based their marketing on their low rates, contract free signu...

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app DoctorO logo



Dr. O (S. Andrei Ostric, MD) is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with a passion for creating beauty through the pursuit of total health & wellness. He received his medical degree and subsequent r...

app Cincinnati Football *FREE* logo

Cincinnati Football *FREE*


Do you love the Cincinnati Bengals? The Cincinnati Football Rush is now available to you for FREE but for a *Limited Time*! Now you can catch the Cincinnati Bengals game!Features of this app include:*...

app Avernum: Escape From the Pit logo

Avernum: Escape From the Pi...


"Avernum: Escape From the Pit is an amazing game which will provide hours of fun. I would even go so far as to say it’s a nearly perfect example of a role-playing game." -AppleTell"8/...

app GlopDroid logo



¿Qué es GlopDroid?GlopDroid es una aplicación que hará del bloc de notas y del bolígrafo en el bolsillo de la camisa una cosa del pasado en el mundo de la hosteler&i...

app Final Fantasy Wallpapers logo

Final Fantasy Wallpapers


Although most Final Fantasy installments are supposedly independent stories with different settings and main characters, they feature identical elements that define the franchise. Recurring elements i...

app Thor: Lord of Storms logo

Thor: Lord of Storms


Use the awesome power of Thor, God of Thunder, to push back the forerunners of Ragnarok in this unique, highly stylized interpretation of the classic myths! Dark magical portals have appeared througho...

app Libro: Jane Eyre logo

Libro: Jane Eyre


TÍTULO: Jane EyreAUTOR: Charlotte BrontëIDIOMA: EspañolTIPO: LibroUna de las novelas más famosas de estos dos últimos siglos, se suele guardar la imagen ultrarrom&aacu...


Google Play closes the gap with Apple App store

googleplayvsapple During November last year the Google Play store was literally 4 times behind in the struggle for mobile app distribution dominance. Since then Google Play has closed the gap in download and revenue generation to almost nothing. The Apple app store continues to grow. The game changer, however,  is that Google Play grew incredibly fast and has now...

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