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The Best New Android Games of the Week – June 8, 2013 This week’s list of the Best New Android Games of the Week include a rampaging quadropus, a famous superhero, and a sheep with a talent for jumping. Those are just a few of the new Android Games in this week’s roundup, and we hope you enjoy our list. 1. Quadropus Rampage Numero Uno on our list of the Best New Android Games of the Week goes to...

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Gameloft unleashes the Official Iron Man 3 Game

iron.man3-androidGood old Shellhead is back. Gameloft released Iron Man 3 in the wee hours of the morning, and we finally get to see their take on another Superhero. They knocked it out of the park with Batman & Spiderman, so how does Iron Man 3 game stack up? Read on to find out… The Iron Man 3 game will impress you from the first time you fire it up and see...

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app Iron Man 3 – The Official Game logo

Iron Man 3 – The Offi...


Become billionaire Tony Stark as Iron Man in this free, fast-paced, endless runner, the official game of the upcoming movie!After the events of Iron Man 3, Tony has become a peacekeeper, but new threa...


Phosphor Games Studio launches Project Awakened on Kickstarter

We’ve covered a few of Phosphor Games Android titles in the past, and a few days ago I noticed an interesting Kickstarter of theirs called Project Awakened. While Project Awakened is only a PC based concept at the moment, it’s one of the more interesting and ambitious gaming concepts we’ve seen in quite some time. Project Awakened is a game ...

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app SuperHero logo



SuperHero is an Augmented Reality application that lets you enter the fantastic world of superheroes. Using your phone's camera, you will see the superhero hidden in each of us. Choose your team from ...


Name that SuperHero in Pixel Perfect for Android

Some folks like their Android Apps & Games with stunning 3D graphics while other prefer a Pixelly approach as they consider Pixels perfect. Square-One’s Pixel Perfect will show you the perfection behind the pixel as you’ll try to guess Pixelated SuperHero’s  as they pop up on the screen. Pixel Pefect is a guessing game where you’re ...

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app Flying Superhero Action Granny logo

Flying Superhero Action Gra...


? THE FUNNIEST FLYING SUPERHERO GRANNY GAME FOR ANDROID ?Granniac is an action launcher game that will bring you to the world of one of the most extraordinary superheros ever. In the game, our Grandm...

app Superheroes logo



The Superheroes game is truly one very fun game which includes 18 levels filled with fun and excitment. In each level the user must guess with what clothes the superheroes are wearing. Be careful you ...


Captain America Sentinel of Liberty – Android Game Review

Captain America Sentinel of Liberty – Android Game Review Overview Captain America may not be as cool as Wolverine to some folks, but he’s always been a favorite of mine. Marvel put out a Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty over the weekend to promote the new Captain America movie that dropped on Friday. The movie was awesome (Kudos to Chris Evans), and the game is pretty damn fun as well. While t...

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app Make Me A Superhero logo

Make Me A Superhero


Have you wanted to be a superhero? Have you imagined what your costume would look like? And what kind of superpower - control over fire, wind, or ice? Do you like creating costumed figures? Well, thi...

app Make Me A Superhero Lite logo

Make Me A Superhero Lite


Have you wanted to be a superhero? Do you like creating costumed figures? Well, this game is for you. You can select your character and outfit him or her with a costume, weapons, accessories, and supe...


5 Presents Guaranteed To Impress The Techie On Your List

With a list as long as Santa’s, we’re willing to bet you’re shopping for at least one techie this holiday. It doesn’t matter if they’re an Apple addict always upgrading to the latest generation or a gadget-obsessed shopper looking out for the next smart gizmo, there’s something for everyone on this list. Take a look at this guide for in...

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Raiders Of The Fridge

This is not the title or a new superhero movie. Like we do not already have a lot of them. Neither is it the name of a latest online casino game. Raiders of fridge is the term that is being used to describe the people that frequent the fridge for snacks. By regular we do not mean once or twice a day. We mean getting up in the night to find food, so...

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Supreme Heroes gets a Soft Launch on Google Play

supreme heroesSoft Launches seem to be all the rage these days, and apparently EA loves them. Tetris Blitz saw a soft launch last week, and this week it’s a new Android game called Supreme Heroes. Supreme Heroes is a new card battling game that lets you create your own superhero so you can battle against villains and become a paragon of justice. You’ll get ...

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app Q英雄 logo




app Finger Slayer Escape logo

Finger Slayer Escape


Welcome to the coolest reaction time game. From the creators of Finger Slayer comes this fun action packed tilt reaction time game.See if you can help Fingoo survive the various challenges & deadl...


Mobage releases The Powerful: NYC for Android

The Powerful NYC is a new Android Game from Mobage involving superheroes, gangsters, angels, and an eclipse. It’s an RPG hybrid of sorts instead of a straight up TCG which is a welcome change of pace, and it also has some of the coolest artwork you’re likely to see in a mobile game. The Powerful NYC is a graphic novel style of RPG that has y...

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Marvel finally releases the Avengers Initiative for Android

Marvel snuck the Avengers Initiative onto Google Play a few days ago to very little fanfare. I assume they didn’t want anyone to notice their poor handling of the game or the fact they put out a broken game 3 months late… who knows for sure. Either way it’s out now so keep reading to see what I think of the debacle of a game. Have you ever...

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app KiKORiKi: Platformer logo

KiKORiKi: Platformer


Help! The Kikoriki have decided to join TV superstar Lucien in his quest to vanquish evil. But joining the ranks of superheroes takes hard work. Could you give the Kikoriki a hand?Kikoriki: The Beginn...


Quick Review – Hero Identity: Dark Knight for Android

Quick Review – Hero Identity: Dark Knight for Android Overview As I finally caught the new Batman movie last night (awesome) I thought it would be fun to look at a few Dark Knight related Android Apps. Being as Gameloft’s sweet looking Batman game isn’t compatible with my new Quad-Core tablet we’re going to take a look at Hero Identity: Dark Knight from Juan Carlos Fabian. Have you ever wo...

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app Animori Card_FreeHD logo

Animori Card_FreeHD


- Animal + memory = Animori! - Pair Card Game! (Memorization)Together with children is very important to the game.Animori first kids series!Animori Kids pair card game is back! Cute animal characters ...

app 超ヒーロー皇牙 logo




app Batman Arkham city Wallpaper logo

Batman Arkham city Wallpape...


Batman Arkham city HD Wallpaper for all Batman fansGame info: Batman Arkham City is a 2011 action-adventure video game developed by Rocksteady Studios. It is the sequel to the 2009 video game Batman: ...

app MASH Elite logo

MASH Elite


Who will you marry? How many kids will you have? Where will you go to college? Let our MASH game predict your future! MASH is the classic grade school game done right! Fun for girls, boys, and kid...

app Backgrounds logo



Backgrounds:Enjoy thousands of HD Wallpapers:Over 60,000+ high quality wallpapers and backgrounds for your Android device.Categories:?Abstract?Animal?Anime?Artistic?Cartoon?Celebrity?CGI?Comics?Dark?E...

app Wonder Pants logo

Wonder Pants


Join the caped cat crusader Darrell, as he starts out his career in the super hero business!★★★★★ Addictive like crazy. awesome graphics!★★★★★ I was hooked after the first level, i...

app Launch Boy logo

Launch Boy


Launch Boy is a superhero who soars through the air to crash down on criminals everywhere! Bounce on hoodlums and robbers to gain momentum, but watch out for Mom and Dad, though — if they catch him,...

app Trivial Wiki : quiz & enigma logo

Trivial Wiki : quiz & e...


Bugdroïd is a clumsy droïd, help him to re-read his Wikipedia book stained with ink !A Wikipedia page is displayed with some hidden content. You have to guess which subject it is (characters...

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