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HTC One is actually easy to open with a special tool, says HTC lead designer

samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one one viewing angle aaBack in March, iFixit went to work on taking the HTC One apart to give us all a better look at the phone’s insides and determine how easy (or hard) the phone would be to repair. The verdict? Just 1/10 – with 1 being ultra hard and 10 being easy as pie.The reason for the low score is that the HTC One is very hard to open without damaging the...

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Sony Xperia Z taking 999 snaps in a Minute

Sony is definitely looking forward to a grand comeback into the smartphone world. The determined company has definitely chosen the right device to lead the attack, The Sony Xperia Z. While other companies are in the mist of announcing or even revealing their flagship devices, Sony has already launched a preemptive strike. HTC M7/HTC One is probab...

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app Steve Job’s Leadership Quotes logo

Steve Job’s Leadershi...


Steve Jobs was fascinated by computers from a young age, and the first time he encountered a rudimentary mouse-based system at the Xerox (NYSE:XRX) PARC facility in 1979, he knew the future of computi...


Google taking on government censorship, Apple taking on porn for the iPhone – San Francisco Chronicle

Gadget Venue (blog)Google taking on government censorship, Apple taking on porn for the iPhoneSan Francisco ChronicleAdobe is throwing in the towel on its Flash for iPhone efforts and concentrating on the Android. Full disclosure: Google Inc. has launched a tool that ...Google Launches Satellite Navigation for Android Customers in UK and IrelandTop...

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3 Tips for Conducting Large Scale International Employee Training

With employees wearing more hats than ever in the workplace today, it’s imperative that proper training sessions be implemented. Workers in the 21st century are expected to show bigger results with less resources, know more with less educational opportunities, and work faster with less time. Basically, the more skills you can provide your employe...

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app Bumblebee Race Adventure logo

Bumblebee Race Adventure


Bumblebee Race, the most amazing obstacle racing game! A big bumblebee is dodging cars, mischievous flies and other obstacles. More tasks for you to get gold awards. Weather and time are changeable wi...


MEGA launches official client for Android

Mega-lead MEGA, the security- and encryption- focused creation of infamous internet millionaire Kim Dotcom, is taking a step towards legitimacy with the launch of an official application for Android. The app, a third-party client acquired by MEGA, offers full access to the service’s suite of features, including file upload, camera sync, folder management,...

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app The Silent Age logo

The Silent Age


It’s 1972. Love is free. Flipflops, English leather and bandanas are the height of fashion. Meanwhile the Cold War is more than lukewarm and a real one is going on overseas. Movements are happening....

app Redline Rush logo

Redline Rush


"Imagine Burnout and Temple Run had a baby, and you’ll have a good idea of what this game is all about." -Supergamedroid "It's a big heap of brainless, petrol-laced fun" - Pocket...


HTC Fetch is apparently a new tracking and locating technology for mobile devices

HTC One X Logo aa 1 1600Making its first appearance in Taiwan’s NCC filings, an upcoming HTC tracking and locating technology called Fetch has been spotted. Judging by the short description statement, Fetch may shape up to be a software and hardware combination which could help users locate various HTC-made devices and even other people.The filing is purely to register ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note III Appears on Picasa

Samsung Galaxy Note III Hold your horses, it's not the smart phone itself, just a photo sample which looks like it was made with a Samsung Galaxy Note III. If we take a look at the photo's specs,the 13 Megapixels camera sensor  that was rumored appears to be there. The Samsung Galaxy Note III was announced for September 2013 and as the date of its release comes closer...

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HTC has a new Vice President of Global PR

HTC Desire X logo aa 2 1600Let’s just get this out there: HTC makes some really awesome devices. Sense may be hit-and-miss, but the quality of their hardware is really hard to overlook. The HTC One is no exception, and may even be their best device to date.If Sense isn’t your thing, even after the new update it received when the One launched, you’ve got another avenue....

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Are smartphone component shortages here to stay?

broadcomm chips modems smartphone components [aa]  (2)We already know that the reason behind the Snapdragon 600 and Exynos Octa split in the Galaxy S4 came down to production issues, and how can anyone forget the HTC One’s component shortages. It’s obvious that there’s a growing trend with production difficulties in the smartphone market, and it seems that other component manufacturers are a...

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Ibotta Android App Review

Ibotta Android App Review Did you ever think that someone would pay you for buying your favorite products? Ibotta is an app that offers an easier and fun-filled method of earning money for buying products. How does this app make this possible? How it works? Before you start shopping, it would be required to select offers and complete a few tasks. The amount of money y...

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Microsoft, Samsung keen on doing glasses, prices to range from $200 to $500

Google Glass VisionWatch out, Google. Even with a headstart in developing wearable computing devices through Glass, there are two major competitors possibly on the horizon, waiting for the right opportunity to pounce.Reports indicate that Microsoft and Samsung are both keenly interested in competing against Google in its Glass efforts. Even as Google is already testi...

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Former Executive Reveals Shady Google Tax Scheme

google tax scheme Barney Jones,  34 years old, who used to work for the tech giant Google between 2002 and 2006 in an executive position, just revealed some of the "immoral" practices of the company when it comes to tax avoidance, the Google Tax Scheme, as he calls it. If you are a regular Joe, a law abiding citizen, you know that two things in this life are sure...

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app Yo La Tengo Jukebox logo

Yo La Tengo Jukebox


Play Yo La Tengo's songs without the need to search for it in YouTube.Simply type in the song's code from the list and play this virtual JukeBox !Yo La Tengo (YLT), is an American indie rock band form...

app Nhật Quang Ái Nhân(18+Cực Hot) logo

Nhật Quang Ái Nhân(18+C...


Dương Quang nhân vật chính trong truyện đứng thứ hai trong bảng xếp hạng bài danh sát thủ thế giới với sát hiệu: "Tận Thế Thẩm Phán" nổi tiếng vớ...

app Solitaire Hearts logo

Solitaire Hearts


Are you a lover of card game?Are you bored with playing same kind of card game?Tired with playing solitaire, pyramid, spider solitaire, slot machine and casino games?Do you want to play different card...

app Meagan Good widgets logo

Meagan Good widgets


Customize you home screen with Meagan Good Widget.About Meagan GoodGood was born in Panorama City, Los Angeles, California. Her mother, Tyra Wardlow-Doyle, worked as Good's manager into her teens, and...

app Halle Berry widgets logo

Halle Berry widgets


Customize you home screen with Halle Berry Widget.About Halle BerryBerry has been married twice. Her first marriage was to former baseball player David Justice, from 1993 to 1996. Their divorce was fi...

app Gwyneth Paltrow widgets logo

Gwyneth Paltrow widgets


Customize you home screen with Gwyneth Paltrow Widget.About Gwyneth PaltrowPaltrow was born in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of actress Blythe Danner and the late film producer/director...

app Ngược Ái 18+ (Cực HOT) logo

Ngược Ái 18+ (Cực HOT...


Ngược Ái – Vương Gia Tàn Bạo Tuyệt Ái Phi Tác giả: Ngạn Thiến Nguồn:, Thể loại: Ngôn tình tiểu thuyết – Cổ ...

app Daniel Craig Live Wallpaper logo

Daniel Craig Live Wallpaper


Get the best Daniel Craig wallpaper on your phone with this unofficial live wallpaper app! If you like a particular image, you can set it forever as a wallpaper!Daniel Wroughton Craig (born 2 March 19...


Google Play closes the gap with Apple App store

googleplayvsapple During November last year the Google Play store was literally 4 times behind in the struggle for mobile app distribution dominance. Since then Google Play has closed the gap in download and revenue generation to almost nothing. The Apple app store continues to grow. The game changer, however,  is that Google Play grew incredibly fast and has now...

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app Stick Cricket Premier League logo

Stick Cricket Premier Leagu...


Your ticket to the bright lights of Premier League superstardom is here! From the creators of the most popular cricket game in the world, Stick Cricket Premier League offers you the chance to:CREATE Y...

app Lee Hyori Wallpaper logo

Lee Hyori Wallpaper


Lee Hyori wallpapers and photos. Stunning pics high resolution HD quality. Set pictures as wallpaper and share with your friends via SMS!This is an unofficial free fan / parody app. Any content not o...

app dalshabet Wallpaper logo

dalshabet Wallpaper


dalshabet wallpapers and photos. Stunning pics high resolution HD quality. Set pictures as wallpaper and share with your friends via SMS!This is an unofficial free fan / parody app. Any content not o...

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