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Tap Tap Revenge 4 goes Android!

Easily one of the best if not the best music game for iPhone, Tap Tap Revenge 4 has just made its first Android appearance. The famous iOS game is bringing all its great features to Android phone owners. The game lets you chat with other TTR players worldwide as well as global leaderboards which is being updated every minute. It also lets you play ...

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Tap Tap Revenge 4


Get your favorite artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, B.o.B - PLUS free tracks from Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance and Benny Benassi! Features include: - Chat with TTR players ar...


Redneck Revenge Review: Blood, Brains, and Uncle Bob

Redneck Revenge Review: Blood, Brains, and Uncle Bob Redneck’s come in all shapes and sizes and Red the Hero of Redneck Revenge is just your average hick hanging out at his bar trying to have a beer. Red’s fun is short lived however as Zombies show up and start eating folks which tends to ruin a good time. Luckily Red loves his firearms just as much as he loves beer, and he seems to be fully st...

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Bulkypix gives out a Bloody Valentine with Redneck Revenge for Android

A few weeks back we previewed an upcoming zombie game from Bulkypix by the name of Redneck Revenge. Late last night the game lurched onto Google Play and if you dig zombies you're in for a bloody, yet pleasant surprise... Redneck Revenge takes place at a backwoods bar during a zombie apocalypse. You play a little redneck that’s trying to stay ...

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Eat Fish, People, and Airplanes in Harebrained Studios Jaws Revenge for Android

In 1975 Jaws made people a little leery about getting into the ocean, and thanks to Jaws Revenge from Fuse Powered you’ll get to see how the other half lives. Jaws Revenge lets you play as Jaws himself and allows you to tear ass through the water and gobble things up. Jaws Revenge is all about eating and as the shark you’re going to get to c...

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A Review of Beaver’s Revenge for Android

A Review of Beaver’s Revenge for Android Overview Like Angry Birds? If so, you’re bound to love Beaver’s Revenge. The gameplay is similar as it’s a physics based animal flinging game, but the graphics are on a totally different level. You’ll fling rabbits, skunks and fish towards the lumberjacks and take down anything that stands in your way. We all know how popular animal fl...

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Sortdecko Lite


Swipe a deck of cards as fast as possible with maximum precision to achieve as much points as possible.Sortdecko Includes: * Thrilling background music and sound effects * Flashing animations * Global...

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<div id="doc-original-text">Connect-3 game. Beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay and magic spells<p>&quot;compulsive stuff&quot; - <a href="


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – April 1st, 2011

Top 10 Android Apps -April 8, 2011 &gt;&gt;&lt;&lt; Top 10 Android Apps -March 25, 2011 We're back this week with another edition of Top 10 apps. You may have missed some of these releases in the crowded Android Market over the past week.  Here are 10 apps we think you'll want to check out.... 1. GO SMS Pro GO SMS Pro is the upgra...

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In-App Billing Goes Live on Android Market

Finally, the Android Market got what the iTunes App Store has for quite some time now, in-app billing. Google has just turned-on the switch and enabled this feature. For Android apps developers this means that you will now be able to publish your Android apps and Android games in-app billing, while for us Android phone users can now make purchase...

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Skype for Android goes flatter, cleaner with Metro-inspired redesign

Skype video messaging update Much has been said about the new trend today moving toward flatter, cleaner and more content-oriented designs. While Apple went for the skeumorphic look since the early iPhone ages, smartphones are now becoming more avant garde, with flat interfaces focused on bringing content rather than style. Some would even say this is Microsoft’s reveng...

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Take Out Malicious Meat in Burgerang for Android

burgerangSometimes a game will grab your attention with a catchy name or a flashy Play Store icon. TAPPS Burgerang Mad Burger manages to do both, and it’s pretty darned fun to boot… Burgerang follows the Burger Rebellion. It’s the war to end all wars as burgers have become tired of being tasty, and have gotten downright mean. They are out for revenge...

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app Snoop Dogg widgets logo

Snoop Dogg widgets


Customize you home screen with Snoop Dogg Widget.About Snoop DoggSnoop Dogg has appeared on television and in films throughout his career. In 1998, Snoop had a cameo appearance in the film Half Baked ...

app My Chemical Romance widgets logo

My Chemical Romance widgets


Customize you home screen with My Chemical Romance Widget.About My Chemical RomanceMy Chemical Romance started recording their third studio album on April 10, 2006 with Rob Cavallo, producer of many o...

app Star Wars FunBlast Trivia LT logo

Star Wars FunBlast Trivia L...


Are you a true Jedi? Unleash the force in this incredibly addicting and exciting quiz game covering your favorite books and Star Wars movies like New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Revenge of the Sith, R...

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Beavers Strike Back


The time has passed since the last war against the Beavers. The Frogs have been living peacefully in their swamp ... but Beavers want revenge! They will strike back and you should help them this time....

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Abula Hero Defense


A different kind of Tower Defense Game, you can build your own tower. Abula Tower Defense is set in the fantasy land of magic and collects the elements of fantasy, friendship, revenge, and self-improv...

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Abula Hero Defense Free


Magic Tower Defense Game! Abula Heroes Tower Defense is set in the fantasy land of magic and collects the elements of fantasy, friendship, revenge, and self-improvement. It breaks the mode of achievin...

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Moby Dick Ebook


Can be read offline. Fast load times, easy viewing.Book description:Moby-Dick, also known as The Whale, is a novel first published in 1851 by American author Herman Melville. Moby-Dick is widely consi...

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Moby Dick Ebook (no ads)


Can be read offline. Fast load times, easy viewing and as portable as you need it to be. No ads. No extra clicks. No signins. No permissions. Just download and start reading right away.Moby-Dick, also...

app Einstein Math Academy Gold logo

Einstein Math Academy Gold


Try the free Einstein Math Academy first. If you like it then buy this version to either remove Ads and/or to support us. Thanks!★★★★★ - "This is a really fun math game"Brain is...


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – April 15th 2011

Top 10 Android Apps - April 22, 2011 &gt;&gt;&lt;&lt; Top 10 Android Apps - April 8, 2011 1. DJ Rivals DJ Rivals is a fun new game from developers Booyah, Inc. This Android game lets you take on the role of a DJ, and you have to battle the evil Bland Corp. It’s got elements of the popular game Rock Band, as you have to tap the n...

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app Einstein Math Academy logo

Einstein Math Academy


?????? - "This is a really fun math game"Brain is a muscle, exercise it! Workout daily to keep your mind stimulated.Your child plays to learn.Your parent keeps brain age young.And for you, i...

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Finger Dance Lite


See how fast your fingers can move on the dance floor! Rock out your finger dancing passion wherever you are.GAMEPLAY:1) Start by first choosing a difficulty level. 2) Next, choose a song, or upload o...