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Tapjoy Test App


Tapjoy test app...

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Tapjoy is a better way to love the apps you have and find the apps you'll love. Earn rewards for your favorite apps and discover more with our Tapjoy community ratings and reviews.For help with all t...

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Revenue Monitor for Tapjoy


Track your earnings from the Tapjoy advertising network. This app uses the Tapjoy reporting API to display details about your registered apps in real time.Stats include:* Revenue* Active Users* New Us...

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Tapjoy Device ID Tool


Use the Tapjoy Device ID Tool App to get your device info without having to dig through all the menus to find it. For Tapjoy users, send us this info if you're missing currency and we can help you get...


Quick Review – Evofish for Android

Quick Review – Evofish for Android I love any Android game involving Evolution, and the “eat to evolve” games are always a hoot. Evofish is the latest game to try its hand at the evolving fish genre, and it pulls things off smashingly for the most part. Evofish lets you play as lowly little fish, and you’ll have to track down and eat smaller fish if you want to make it out of ...

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The Sandbox Review: Play with Pixels until you Pop

The Sandbox Review: Play with Pixels until you Pop Last week we talked about an awesome new Android game called The Sandbox by Pixowl, and as promised we’re back with a full review. The game’s had quite a ride on Android since its release with gripes about the IAP setup and differences from the iOS version (there aren’t any), but I’m happy to report that playing God in a pixelated world is ...

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Fight Hippos and Crush Castles in Battle Cats for Android

Battle Cats is a bizarre capture the castle game from Ponos that pits cats against their eternal canine nemesis along with the sleeping people of Japan and some really mean hippos. Yes, you just read that correctly and the Japanese are helpless because Battle Cats are so darned cute. Welcome to Battle Cats for Android...The premise behind Battle Ca...

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app Love Notes Personalizer logo

Love Notes Personalizer


Valentine's Day .99 cent sale!This app allows you to order a customized Love Notes App that you can give to that special someone. You get to choose the app name, background, and messages that appear. ...

app Spectrum Tunnel logo

Spectrum Tunnel


"We loved the 8-bit graphics and how easy the game is to pickup and play." - Famigo.comSpectrum Tunnel is a fun and colorful 3D tunnel speed racer game. It combines accelerometer controlled ...

app City Legends HD logo

City Legends HD


Welcome to City Legends where you and your friends can create your new civilization on this and decorate your city with Stadium,Business Center,Town Hall and Arch. Check the screenshots for...

app The Clones of Corpus logo

The Clones of Corpus


From the makers of smash hit Last Stand comes a brand new zombie defence adventure. Battle your way through hordes of zombies in this stunning film noire style survival shooter. Blending fast pac...

app Rocket Craze logo

Rocket Craze


Have you already smashed all the bad pigs in Angry Birds Rio? Or have you already sliced all the fruits in Fruit Ninja? Are you sick and tired of yet another tacky clone based on top rated game? If so...

app Death Rally FREE logo

Death Rally FREE


Played more than 120 million times by more than 11 million gamers worldwide! FREE to play for as long as you like! A thrilling career mode where you can upgrade and level up your cars and weapons with...

app 無料懸賞サイトPlayPoint(ぷれぽ) logo




app GPS Widget logo

GPS Widget


This widget simply shows your current location in numbers. GPS coordinates are received from the GPS location provider or from the network location provider if GPS is not available.The altitude is que...

app Smooth 3D free logo

Smooth 3D free


Stunt. Adrenaline. Challenge. Roll the dice in this smooth 3D Jump'n'Race game!Control the cube to pass platforms, ramps, loops and tracks. This game is a mix of classical jump'n'run and racing game. ...

app Velox 3D Free logo

Velox 3D Free


Demonstrate your skills in challenging Speed- & Stunt-Tracks. Race, jump and fly in beautiful scenarios with smooth 3D graphics. Play against time, CPU controlled enemies or beat your personal bes...

app DrunkGreenRobots Drinking Game logo

DrunkGreenRobots Drinking G...


Drunk Green Robots takes the classic drinking game of high/low or red/black and spices it up with crazy dares. Guaranteed to be the most fun you can have drinking with your phone.Want to start a party...

app Peasman Run and Jump logo

Peasman Run and Jump


<div id="doc-original-text" >A jump and run game in the style of Super Mario Bros, Sonic and similar games.<p>Peasman Run and Jump is a classic platform game with a nice and fun ...


Animoca releases Pizza Picasso for Android

Overview Android games that let you make food have become quite popular, and there’s a new one out called Pizza Picasso from Animoca that puts you in charge of making pizzas. There are no goals, time limits and there’s really no point to the game except to make pizzas in almost every conceivable way. Gameplay When you first fire up Pizza P...

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app Putous 2012 soundboard Premium logo

Putous 2012 soundboard Prem...


Täysin uusittu versio, vihdoin se on täällä!- Täysin uusittu käyttöliittymä!- Tapjoy integraatio- Lukitus järjestelmä- In app billing- Koko enä&a...

app Gaslight logo



PixoFactor and Tapjoy are excited to welcome you to the new and exciting Steampunk universe of GASLIGHT!Clans are in constant war over the natural resources in the world of Eastland. Much of Eastland...

app Cave Run 3D logo

Cave Run 3D


Features:? Endless gameplay? Multiple obstacles? Multiple game modes? Multiple Chars? Power Ups? Store? Easy pick up and play gameplay? Stunning graphics and silky smooth animation? Swarm integration ...


Swingworm – Android Game Review

Swingworm – Android Game Review Overview The developers over at 10tons ltd. have given us some great Android games over the past year with Joining Hands, Grim Joggers, and Sparkle. Well, it looks like they’ve just added another solid title to their lineup with a little game called Swingworm. Gameplay Swingworm lets players control a worm named Swingy who just want...

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app Overkill logo



Overkill is about shooting. Overkill is about loving and upgrading your gun. Overkill is about shedding the blood of your enemies and not having yours spilled. You will need quick reflexes and superio...

app Crazy Santa: Xmas Gift Smasher logo

Crazy Santa: Xmas Gift Smas...


Santa's gone crazy!Is he overworked? Tired of Christmas time? It's already way too late for him!Help Santa to destroy all the nice presents for good children and save only the ugly ones!Beat online re...

app Battery Live Wallpaper logo

Battery Live Wallpaper


With the Battery Live Wallpaper you see the battery status of your phone at the first glance. Your custom image(*) is colored or saturated accordingly to the battery status.Features:● use your custo...


Dead on Arrival – Android Game Review

Dead on Arrival – Android Game Review Overview Zombies crave brains like gamers crave a good game, and there’s a new Zombie shooter that can make the living and dead both happy in the form of Dead on Arrival by N3V Games. This slick top down shooter has killer graphics, fast paced gameplay, and a whole lotta’ zombies to take out. All zombie shooters are not created equal, so h...

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