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The Tech World Is Making Life Easier for Everyone: But Is It?

 Life has become pretty simple compared to the past, and all thanks go to the tech advancements that continue to grow.  Everyone seems to enjoy it because who would not want to complete any task with a click of a button? Technology is good, and it goes all the way to show that man has adapted and mastered his environment by finding the bes...

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Three Smart Strategies for Designating Roles Within Your Tech Company

If you're sick and tired of wearing dozens of different hats in regard to your business roles, you aren't alone.   Unfortunately, jugging multiple roles has become an expectation of modern businesses looking to operate swiftly and keep costs down. Double-dipping duties seems like a no-brainer, right? However, consider the pitfalls of giv...

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Crossbar RRAM is the Future of Data Storage Technology

Crossbar RAM Crossbar is a high tech company based in Santa Clara, California, specialized in non volatile memory technologies, and they just announced what is to be the future in data storage, namely the Crossbar RRAM. Crossbar RRAM will revolutionize the way we store data, because it offers a huge amount of storage on a very tiny memory chip, also the ...

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4.2(11) is India's leading technology daily. We feature news, reviews, and street prices on tech products available in India, as well as forums, downloads, and newsletters about the Indian consum...

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Torrid Technologies company app helps you stay in touch with news about retirement, software updates, and product releases. You can also use the app to communicate and contact support and sales. Tor...

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ISBioTech is the official interactive mobile app for the ISBioTech 3rd Annual Meeting. This app allows you to: * View program schedules, workshops, posters, and speaker information. * Create your own ...


Network Changes and New Tech Needed to Get More From Batteries

Android phone battery drain fixThere is only so far we can go as far as having increasingly thinner smartphones with long battery life. These are the noises eminating from Qualcomm's John Stefenac. Stefenac believes that there is an enormous amount of pressure for being put on smartphone manufacturers to deliver cool, sexy, ultra-thin devices that have a long battery life. ...

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Tech Startups: Where They Thrive, Who They Are and How to Start One

CommunityIn keeping with our Fourth of July celebrations, we thought we'd write a short piece about tech startups, and in particular tech startups that connect people and create communities. So as you sit around with your family today, take a moment to think about some of the ways these innovative companies have helped bring you together, even when you...

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HTC Fetch is apparently a new tracking and locating technology for mobile devices

HTC One X Logo aa 1 1600Making its first appearance in Taiwan’s NCC filings, an upcoming HTC tracking and locating technology called Fetch has been spotted. Judging by the short description statement, Fetch may shape up to be a software and hardware combination which could help users locate various HTC-made devices and even other people.The filing is purely to register ...

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Texas Instruments MaxLife tech brings fast-charging and 30% longer Li-ion battery life

Texas InstrumentsIf I were a betting man, I’d wager that having to repeatedly charge a handset makes its way into virtually everyone’s list of top smartphone complaints, especially as processors continually step-up their power requirements in the pursuit of a little more performance.Back in late March, we initially covered some new Texas Instruments chips that...

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Nvidia CEO demonstrates innovative stylus technology at Computex 2013

NvidiaNvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has shown an interesting new stylus technology at Computex 2013.Namely, the Nvidia official has demonstrated how a non-digitizer stylus can be used to perform actions normally only possible with a digitizer one – such as the S Pen used with Samsung Galaxy Note devices and made by Wacom (a company in which Samsung has...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and S4 Zoom Tech Specs Surface Prior to Official Launch

galaxy s4 active Samsung will hold a press conference on June 20'th in which they will show off their latest devices, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and S4 Zoom; but already the tech specs surfaced online. If you are an Android fan, and you probably are since you're reading this article, stick around and have a look at this: A Russian tech website (those sneaky R...

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Rumor: Galaxy Note 3 camera to include optical image stabilization technology

Galaxy Note 3 conceptGalaxy Note 3 conceptA new report says that the Galaxy Note 3 could feature an improved camera capable to offer users optical image stabilization (OIS) features.According to etnews, Samsung is apparently working on including OIS capabilities in the unannounced Galaxy Note 3, a feature that should help improve the pictures and videos taken with the ...

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Steinigke Showtechnic Mobil...


Steinigke Showtechnic Mobile – Your Connection To The World Of ShowDiscover the assortment of one of Europe's largest distributors in the Showtechnic industry, now also mobile.Browse through over 70...

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R-Tech IQ contains collection of interview questions and answers, gathered from numerous sources including real interviews. R-Tech IQ is great for both type of learner either a student or developer r...

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pkerry12 Techshop


This is the pkerry12 productions techshop application for android check out all the latest tech news and games all from the connivence of your android phone. You can view all videos from this app and ...

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Technology N Future Videos


This app contains over 100 videos on technology and future. We have carefully hand-picked videos from various sources. The videos include:Nokia N8 TV ad It's not technology, it's what you do with itPr...

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Marine TechNews


Get instant company updates and product developments essential to the marine technology community, from the world’s largest publisher of ocean business information. Bring crucial news and data direc...


Android Tech Can Hack a Plane

android smartphone can hack plane Android Smartphones Can Hack an Airplane So if you were already afraid to fly here’s a new reason to take the bus instead. The technology on your Android smartphone can actually give you the ability to hack a plane and even control it while it’s in the air. According to Teso Hugo while speaking at the Hack In The Box Security Conference, it is...

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tech house Ringtone


tech houseTech house is a subgenre of house music that mixes elements of techno with house music. The term tech house developed as a shorthand record store name for a category of electronic dance musi...

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Veterinary Technician


This Certified Veterinary Exam review and practice module has been designed with the Veterinary student in mind. It is designed to give Veterinary students a thorough understanding of the subject matt...


Realtech VR unleashes the Brotherhood of Violence for Android

brotherhood of violence We’ve been following Realtech VR since No Gravity hit Android, and their latest game looks to be one of the coolest games they’ve released. Brotherhood of Violence not only has an awesome name, it’s an awesome game that’s jam-packed with over 400 different opponents. Brotherhood of Violence is a fighting game with a helluva storyline. I ...

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Vedic Maths Division Techni...


Handwritten notes on Vedik Mathematics by my fatherDivision - Nikhilum Division - Paravartya...


Pantech Vega No. 6… a 5.9” phablet

The phablet is heating gradually and every manufacturer is looking to dominate it. The phablet era started with the advent of the Galaxy Note series and has been a critical hit. Pantech Vega No. 6 is large smartphone aiming to catch your attention with its rather large 5.9 inch display. Pantech is a relatively unknown company when it comes to bri...

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Galaxy S IV to include Floating Touch technology

There are less than 6 days left for the official unveiling of the Galaxy S IV and yet here we are swimming in leaked info and rumors. Today we have a rumor which suggests that the flagship smartphone from Samsung will have “floating touch”, a feature which was previously seen on the Xperia Sola. Just for the sake of keeping you updated, the Gal...

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ATMtech is an app designed to support field technicians of major brands of retail style ATM's in the United States. This app provides field techs with ATM error codes, manuals, programming informatio...

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Techdico Pro Trial


25 days trial of the first application on android market for French <-> English technical translation with 25000 terms that you cannot find with google translate:automotive industry, mechanical ...

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Webradio TugaTech


Now you can listen directly from your Android device to the TugaTech Webradio - this application you can listen to your music wherever you are. You can also make their requ...

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