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Carve Pumpkins with the Peanuts in The Great Pumpkin Festival

Anytime I hear The Great Pumpkin I immediately think of the Peanuts and Halloween. Thanks to Loud Crow Entertainment we now have The Great Pumpkin Festival to enjoy and if you’re a Peanuts fan you’ve got to check it out. The Great Pumpkin Festival lets you celebrate Halloween by carving Pumpkins, but this is no ordinary pumpkin carving ...

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app iPumpkin: HMB Pumpkin Festival logo

iPumpkin: HMB Pumpkin Festi...


All New for the 2012 Pumpkin Festival!- The Best Festival App is Even Better!- Includes full iCoastside app, too!- Incredible! And Free!Experience the 42nd Annual Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festiva...


The Top New Android Apps of the Week – October 28, 2012

As Sunday rolls around it's time for another edition of our Top New Android Apps of the Week. This weeks list includes apps that help you remember important things, upload images to the cloud, and carve a few Halloween pumpkins... 1. The Great Pumpkin Festival The Great Pumpkin Festival puts you to work carving pumpkins and as the name implies ...

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