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The Guardian updates their Android news application

UK based newspaper the Guardian has just released an update to their own Android app with the aim of making the application more user friendly for those users looking for the latest news and social media from within the app. There are a number of new features that have been added to the app along with several tweaks to make the overall user exper...

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Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light returns to Google Play

A little over a week ago we saw that the recently released Square Enix "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light" game had been pulled from the Google Play Store. The game was released as an exclusive for select Sony Xperia phones, including the Xperia Play. However there were reports that the game wasn't actually compatible with the Xperia Play. ...

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app The Guardian Anywhere logo

The Guardian Anywhere


The Guardian Anywhere app gives you the acclaimed Guardian newspaper offline and out of network range with this original but unofficial application.It provides all the stories and galleries from the G...


Android lifts UK market share – The Guardian

GeekzoneAndroid lifts UK market shareThe GuardianGoogle's Android mobile phone platform seems to be taking off in the UK, with sales of mobile phones using the software platform increasing fourfold in the ...Vodafone builds own AndroidThe SunVodafone 845 Android phone hands on video and imagesIntoMobile (blog)Vodafone 845 May launch confirmedAn...

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HTC Legend v Nexus One v Desire – The Guardian

The GuardianHTC Legend v Nexus One v DesireThe GuardianHTC has three new Android-based smartphones on the market – but which of them is the most Desirable? I've just spent 20 minutes on a conference call, ...HTC sets timeframe for Hero Android updateRegisterEvidence Of Android 2.2 Froyo SpottedInformationWeek (blog)HTC Scorpion—The Most Pow...

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app Taptu Guardian Environment logo

Taptu Guardian Environment


Taptu Guardian Environment App is a social news reader dedicated to the environment. It puts all the news from the most popular environmental web sites and blogs with a spotlight on the Guardian...

app Rolling Guardian logo

Rolling Guardian


Game Description ★ ★- Rolling Guardian skill mounting system, seven different types of maps, 30 different character, with a variety of terrain that can play a strategic game.- Up until now could n...

app Apk Guardian logo

Apk Guardian


1.Display the mobile phone memory and SD memory situation2.Backup and restore contacts feature Contacts3.Batch install and uninstall applications, and backup applications that the machine had installe...

app Guardian Monkey logo

Guardian Monkey


Full version is now free!You are the Guardian Monkey and you must protect your castle! Fight off endless waves of enemies while flying above ground! Throw bananas at the enemy or even special bananas...

app Guardian Monkey Free logo

Guardian Monkey Free


Full version is now free! Get the full version instead!You are the Guardian Monkey and you must protect your castle! Fight off endless waves of enemies while flying above ground! Throw bananas at the...

app Sheep Guardian logo

Sheep Guardian


Defend your sheep against 12 waves of sheep-eating goblins. Your helpless, fluffy pink sheep graze innocently within their fenced home, but the green goblins lurk nearby. Using your finger, launch sto...

app a1-Guardian Angel logo

a1-Guardian Angel


It's the waiting staff ♪ ° ★ mystical world management mysterious sinking in deep water dolphins...

app SIPS Texting Guardian logo

SIPS Texting Guardian


Hart Technologies is a GPS tracking manufacturer providing vehicle tracking and asset management for both families and commercial fleets. Knowing where your vehicles and family members are at all tim...

app Guardian Patrol: Zap GPS Lite logo

Guardian Patrol: Zap GPS Li...


The Guardian Patrol, at the request of the Galactic Federation, placed Earth under surveillance. They deployed numerous satellites to accomplish this. Android phones can track, target and fire on the ...

app GuardianSentral logo




app Network Guardian logo

Network Guardian


Ever been wondering whether somebody was stealing your wireless connection? Or needed to check when your network-connected devices, such as a Xbox, TV, cell phone have been turned on without your appr...

app SIM Guardian logo

SIM Guardian


1.2: Added HelpThis is a SIM Checker application. It will check your SIM Card every time the phone is switched on, if your SIM Card has been removed from your phone you will receive a SMS to the alter...

app Vodafone Guardian logo

Vodafone Guardian


Vodafone Guardian (Vodafone Safety Net in Ireland & Greece) is a free and easy to use App that helps to keep children safe when using their smartphones.With Vodafone Guardian you can:...

app Add-on for Vodafone Guardian logo

Add-on for Vodafone Guardia...


**This is a supplementary app which protects the Vodafone Guardian app from being forcibly closed and sends a text message to the Parental Contact if Guardian is uninstalled, or if its settings have b...

app Dungeon Guardian logo

Dungeon Guardian


Are you tired of defense games that you only build along premade paths? Create your own maze as you place towers to defend your dungeon. Share scores online with ScoreLoop to challenge your friends a...

app Dungeon Guardian – Free logo

Dungeon Guardian – Fr...


This is the free version of Dungeon Guardian. Try the easy and normal game modes out Ad-Free. I am a lone developer making games in my spare time, so if you like the game, consider helping me out by...

app Guardian Droid logo

Guardian Droid


Guardian Droid allows to browse requested permissions of all installed android applications.User can identify unwanted information disclosure or suspect permission requests more easily than browsing t...

app Guardian Credit Union Mobile logo

Guardian Credit Union Mobil...


Guardian Credit Union has gone Mobile. Can’t come to the Credit Union? Take the Credit Union with you! Our Android web-app gives users the ability to: Check Balances View Recent Transactions Transfe...

app My Guardian Angel logo

My Guardian Angel


My Guardian Angel could save your life and the life of your loved ones. There...

app Sheep Guardian LITE logo

Sheep Guardian LITE


Sheep Guardian Lite is sort of a cross between a Galaga-style down-scroller and a tower defense game. You...

app Holy Holy Guardian logo

Holy Holy Guardian


Finally! An app that can guard you from any demon that comes your way! No powers of darkness can resist the holiness of this app!Once you have this app in your arsenal, you're guaranteed piece of mind...

app My Guardian logo

My Guardian


My Guardian is a personal alarm for your Android phone. This application can help keep you safe in dangerous situations. If you need help fast, your friends and family can be notified at the press of ...

app York Guardian logo

York Guardian


The York Guardian is the York communities...

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