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A Look at The Passenger Ep. 1 for Android

The Passenger Ep. 1 is a new touch-to-move adventure game from Gravity Home that drops you into a mysterious world where you’ll uncover clues and solve puzzles to advance the storyline. The 2D art and hand-drawn backgrounds are stunning, but the real question is how’s the gameplay? The game starts with a quick cutscene that gives you so...

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Airport Scanner Review: Keeping the Skies Safe, One Bag at a Time

Airport Scanner Review: Keeping the Skies Safe, One Bag at a Time One of the crappier jobs I can think of would have to be the poor souls that run the Airport Scanner – It’s a thankless job, but somebody has to do it. The Kedlin Company wanted to let gamers know what it’s like to live life behind an Airport Scanner, and thanks to Pocket Gems Publishing you're going to see what life is like on the other side...

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11 Bit Studios releases Funky Smuggler for Android

As long as we have Airports, we’re going to have smugglers. Funky Smugglers is a new Android game from 11 bit studios that puts a whole new meaning on the world “smuggler” as you’ll play an Airport security screener whose sole purpose is to find and remove dangerous objects before they get through the scanner. Smuggling in the 70s was mu...

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app New Jersey Turnpike 2013 logo

New Jersey Turnpike 2013


The 2013 refresh of the New Jersey turnpike is now available to all our paid customers as a free update! Please rate us to keep the updates coming!The latest in the series of Whizkeys Tollroads, now f...

app THALES @ APEX 2011 logo



Connect, Network and Play with the THALES APEX 2011 app. This app has everything needed to keep you informed and prepared for Thales at the Airline Passenger Experience tradeshow in Seattle. Features:...

app Penna Turnpike 2012 logo

Penna Turnpike 2012


The 2012 app refresh for Penna turnpike is now available to all our paid users as a free update! Please update now to ensure you have all the latest rates. All cash toll rates have been increased by t...

app Indiana Toll Road 2012 logo

Indiana Toll Road 2012


Happy new year to everyone! The 2012 edition of the Indiana Tollroad edition of Whizkeys Tollroads is now available as a free update to our paid customers! Please rate us to keep the updates coming. T...

app Ohio Turnpike 2012 logo

Ohio Turnpike 2012


The 2013 edition of Whizkeys Tollroads for Ohio Turnpike is now available as a free update to our paid customers! Please rate us to keep the updates coming!This is the Ohio Turnpike Edition of Whizkey...

app Geometry Quest logo

Geometry Quest


Attention All Passengers! Board the plane and begin your quest! With Geometry Quest you travel the world solving geometry problems that increase in difficulty with each city. Be careful not to lose al...


Pocket Gems releases Airport Scanner for Android

airport scannerBack in May we talked about a popular iOS game called Airport Scanner from the Kedlin Company. Pocket Gems planned on bringing it to Android in June, and today they’ve delivered as Airport Scanner for Android has gone live on Google Play. Airport Scanner lets you live the life of a security screener, and you’ll have to stop the bad guys from b...

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app Airport Scanner logo

Airport Scanner


Fun, fast paced and addictive! Work your way through five airports, upgrade your XRAY scanner and complete all 21 missions!Everyday at the airport is busy and hidden among the impatient travelers are ...

app Mercedes-Benz HD wallpapers logo

Mercedes-Benz HD wallpapers


Mercedes-Benz HD wallpapersA collection of high quality images of Mercedes.Features:- Only HD- Only the best and brightest images  Wallpapers high definition wallpapers for your Android device thata...

app Cars in motion HD wallpapers logo

Cars in motion HD wallpaper...


Cars in motion HD wallpapersA collection of high-quality images insanely dynamic racing and cars in motion.More than 70 stunning high-resolution images to your desktop android devices thatapplication ...

app BMW HD wallpapers logo

BMW HD wallpapers


BMW HD wallpapersA collection of high quality images of BMW.Features:- Only HD- Only the best and brightest images  Wallpapers high definition wallpapers for your Android device thatapplication allo...

app Flight control HD logo

Flight control HD


Feel the thrill of being aboard a fighter, a bomber or a combat helicopter, with the best images for 3D backgrounds.Customize your desktop, like a flight simulator it were, simulating the cockpit, con...

app Good Ride logo

Good Ride


Good Ride is a cool FREE real-time app that helps you manage your ride sharing and carpooling with your friends, co-workers and people you know. It is safe and secure, because you invite only people y...

app Steam locomotive wallpaper logo

Steam locomotive wallpaper


Powerful steam engine running through winter forest. Animated smoke!The earliest railways employed horses to draw carts along railed tracks.As the development of steam engines progressed through the 1...

app الشاعر حامد زيد – صوتيات logo

الشاعر حامد زي...


اشعار الشاعر حامد زيد - موسوعة اشعار الشاعر حامد زيد سعدون فارس العازمي: حامد زيد سعدون فارس العازمي: شاعر كويت...

app Singapore Flight Info logo

Singapore Flight Info


From the creator of HK Flight Info, the best flight info Android app in Hong Kong, Singapore is now the next destination!SG Flight Info shares the same Facebook page with HK Flight Infohttp://www.face...

app Car Crash Toolkit logo

Car Crash Toolkit


Be prepared with the Car Crash Toolkit!Why download Car Crash Toolkit? The Car Crash application is one of those things you don’t think you will ever need, until you do. And when you do, you’ll be...

app 嘉義公車 logo




app Trainz Driver logo

Trainz Driver


***SALE - Last days***Drive your favorite trains in this incredible 3D world. From the #1 train simulator franchise in the world, Trainz Driver really delivers the goods on your smartphone!___________...


Pocket Planes flies onto Android

Another popular iOS title has made it's way onto the Android platform. This time around it is Pocket Planes by NimbleBit that has been given the Android treatment and been turned into an Android game. The airline management simulator game has been available for iOS devices since June and has racked up 2.4 millions downloads and with an Android re...

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app Angel Worldwide Transportation logo

Angel Worldwide Transportat...


Download the Angel Worldwide Transportation App NOW and instantly be able to book ground transportation services locally and worldwide with our easy to use interface. The Angel mobile application allo...

app Neo BusTycoon V2.0 Special Edt logo

Neo BusTycoon V2.0 Special ...


You had so many popular Tycoon games completely new busBy job offers.The game itself is similar to the existing, but now on his own gameMake, and put it on the server, allowing the other party has sha...

app Blurb logo



Tap the screen and enter a quick message to display on your screen in huge red font, so that you can display it to someone else. Your phone will turn into a scrolling signboard if the message is longe...

app Sane Driving logo

Sane Driving


Can't stop typing sms while driving? Worried about your relatives that are often distracted by emails? Sane Driving helps you to drive more safely. This app will remind you if you keep typing sms, ema...

app Dark Nova Lite logo

Dark Nova Lite


FREE LITE version let's you jump in an explore the Dark Nova Universe! If you enjoy the game please give us a good rating and consider buying the Full Version with many more Ships, Quests, and Mission...

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