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Sony opens up its SmartWatch platform, now allowing third-party firmware

SonyWhile the rumor mill continues to buzz about a possible Samsung or Apple smartwatch, let’s not forget that Sony has had their own watch for a while now. Sony’s SmartWatch might not have taken the world by storm, but it does seem to have a small, loyal following behind it.Probably the biggest problem for Sony’s SmartWatch was that the so...

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How Android Can Compete with Apple's Third-Party iPad Apps – eHomeUpgrade (press release)

Pocket-lint.comHow Android Can Compete with Apple's Third-Party iPad AppseHomeUpgrade (press release)The thought occurred to me that Android tablets don't need a custom tablet UI layer to compete with a device like the iPad (it would be nice, ...Google releases redesigned Gmail Web site for use with Apple iPadApple InsiderThank goodness! Go...

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BIRTHDAY PLANNER CHECKLISTDo you have a birthday party coming up that you need to prepare for? Making sure that the little birthday boy or girl has a day they will remember takes time, patience, and ...


Popular Android Apps Fall Under Security Scrutiny

The recent announcement that Google would no longer be supplying security updates for legacy Android users has caused consternation among fans of the search engine giant's smartphone operating system. With more than 930 million Android mobiles being affected, the decision highlights a growing concern over smartphone and tablet security. These days'...

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Is your Android Device Spying on You?

android device Do you ever stop in the middle of a conversation and ask yourself if your Android smartphone/tablet or whatever is spying on you? Well, the truth is that we live in a 1984'sh world in which everything tech-related has the potential of spying on its owner and the latest confirmation of this apparently paranoid assumption comes from Samsung th...

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Android Wi-Fi Direct Vulnerability Detected

android wi-fi direct The IT department from Core Security recently discovered  a DoS (denial of service) vulnerability in the Android Wi-Fi Direct feature   The Wi-Fi Direct feature allows Android devices to inter-connect directly among them/peer to peer (let's say a tablet and a smartphone) without requiring a "third party" device, like a wireless rou...

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SJ im App Review, pretty good privacy!

SJ im App Review, pretty good privacy! This Android app comes with an improbable name and it is delivered by SJ Software, but Hell, this is one of the best things  I put my hands on since sliced bread was invented back in the day. With SJ im (im stands for instant messaging I guess) you'll be able to encrypt all your online  mobile communications in a blink of an eye, sort of spea...

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The NSA & Comp Can Remotely Access Your PC Even When Turned Off or Offline

nsa I bet you did not know that, but the NSA and/or any other Government agency can get remote access over your computer, even when turned off. How about that? By remote access I mean that your privacy is zero, even if you're not connected to the internet or you have your hard drive encrypted. It doesn't matter. The Intel Core vPro CPU comes ...

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According to Security Experts, Google Knows Your Wi-Fi Password

google Guess what, according to many security experts, Google already knows your Wi-Fi password. This is another scandal waiting to happen, as Android users are discovering one disturbing fact : when you're configuring your Google account on your new Android running smartphone/tablet, you may well discover that Google magically knows all the Wi-Fi pas...

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app Windows Controller (Trial) logo

Windows Controller (Trial)


This is the unprecedented new feeling remote desktop software (Windows operation software) which pursued enjoyment. This is also the functional enhancement version of "Windows MultiTouchPad (http...


HTC One is actually easy to open with a special tool, says HTC lead designer

samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one one viewing angle aaBack in March, iFixit went to work on taking the HTC One apart to give us all a better look at the phone’s insides and determine how easy (or hard) the phone would be to repair. The verdict? Just 1/10 – with 1 being ultra hard and 10 being easy as pie.The reason for the low score is that the HTC One is very hard to open without damaging the...

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Tiny Thief coming to Google Play on July 11th, first Rovio Stars game for Android

Tiny Thief Back in May, Rovio announced plans to start publishing third party games alongside its own titles under a new brand, “Rovio Stars”. Apple iOS users have already seen the first fruit of this effort, Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage. Now it is Android’s turn. On July 11th, Tiny Thief (from 5 Ants) will arrive to Google Play. Tiny Thief is a puzzle ...

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Cryptographic bug in Android lets hackers create malicious apps with system access

cryptographic binary codeSecurity researchers have found a bug in Android which allows them to create malicious Android apps which appear to be genuine with the correct digital signatures. In computing, digital signatures allow any piece of data, including an app, to be checked to see that it is genuine and actually comes from the author. Now, due to a bug in Android, it i...

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Would a “kill switch” help prevent smartphone theft? NY and SF prosecutors think so

emergency kill switch Credit: dumbledad Possibly one of the best upgrades shown off at the iOS7 unveiling was the enhanced security features which help prevent thieves from using stolen iPhone’s. Extra security is certainly a deterrent to would be thieves, and we were also recently wondering what other manufacturers could do to improve the security of their own hands...

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Samsung’s CEO denies that the Galaxy S4 isn’t selling well

Samsung LogoThe other day we heard that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 sales figures were disappointing some investors, leading to a big stock sell-off which wiped around $12 billion off the value of the technology giant in a single day.A report by J.P. Morgan led the charge, suggesting that sales of high-end smartphones were lagging behind expectations across the boar...

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Amazon announces its new “Login with Amazon” service for Android

login with AmazonTired of remembering dozens of usernames and passwords for each e-commerce website and gaming service? I know that I certainly am, and so does Amazon, as the company has just announced its all new “Login with Amazon” service. The new functionality will be making its way to Android, iOS, and other websites as soon as developers can implement it....

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Samsung Galaxy Note III Will Run on Snapdragon 800

Samsung Galaxy Note III I just told you yesterday about the new system on chip from Qualcomm which kicked Octa's behind in benchmark tests, now it appears like the Koreans will use the Snapdragon 800 platform to equip their Samsung Galaxy Note III phablet, or what do you want to call it. This report comes from South Korea, and it clearly states that the new Samsung Gal...

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app Torch – No ADS logo

Torch – No ADS


Torch measuring level of battery, switch on the light of camera flash if your mobile phone is provided and change in white screen for softly light.Ideas, Tips, Comments ... Contact me by e-mail to: a...

app Sports live tv logo

Sports live tv


Live sports channel Live streaming without use of a flash player Use mx player available for free in market for streaming in all mobileDisclaimer:This app doesn't actually stream the content, instead ...

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app 我是歌手吧 logo



紅遍兩岸三地的大陸歌唱比賽節目「我是歌手」, 大陸歌唱比賽節目「我是歌手」本周舉行總決賽,楊宗緯與大陸歌手李泉合唱,林志炫則找蕭敬騰搭配...

app Contract  4 Cash logo

Contract 4 Cash


A real estate directory app, that deals primarily with owner finance, rent to own , contract for deeds and lease options. nationwide, for sale by owner , owner-finance contacts and note-b...

app Jelly Bean StatusBar Pro logo

Jelly Bean StatusBar Pro


This key unlocks all pro features in the free version. You must have both apps installed in order to access these new features!Get the new Jelly Bean StatusBar on any Android device without waiting fo...

app SpaceTrap UCCW skin logo

SpaceTrap UCCW skin


This HD skin is editable (colors, hotspots) :)REQUIREDUCCW (Ultimate Custom Clock Widget) free.Before Downloading this skin, make sure UCCW 2.1.2 or higher is already installed on your device : http:/...

app Elegante UCCW skin logo

Elegante UCCW skin


This skin is editable (colors, hotspots) :)To get the skin Elegante Plus (with more date stuff) it's here : (Ultima...

app TV Live India logo

TV Live India


Watch Live TV online on your Android Mobile Phones and Devices.*streaming live Indian TV Channels free * Most Popular Entertainment Channels available.Disclaimer:This app doesn't actually stream the c...

app Bicycle Planner logo

Bicycle Planner




PlayJam and Android Try to Take the Console Out of Gaming

playjam-androidPlayJam has introduced its new Android based game system that boasts a great deal of what we take for granted in console gaming without the bulk of an actual console. This lightweight gaming system runs an Android OS, is the size of a large cell phone, and can plug into any TV with a HDMI port. The package includes a wireless game controller and th...

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