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Just 30 seconds


This game is a simple game of the world.This game does not take more than 30 seconds.First, press the "START" button.And touch "NOW!" button every 3 seconds.Repeat 10 times.For eac...

app Brain Colors (English) logo

Brain Colors (English)


Brain Colors is a mental skill game where you have a minute and a half to test your brain.The game is simple. You have to guess as many colors as you can in one minute and thirty seconds.Colors Brain...

app Chronomètre chess clock logo

Chronomètre chess cl...


Pendule , double chronometres pour jouer aux échecs.Le but de l'application est de simuler une pendulette pour jeu d'Echec.Ce double chronomètre peut être utilisé avec d aut...

app Chronomètre chess clock logo

Chronomètre chess clock


Pendule , double chronometres pour jouer aux échecs.Le but de l'application est de simuler une pendulette pour jeu d'Echec.Ce double chronomètre peut être utilisé avec d autres jeux , comme le scr...

app DUI kNOw Timer logo

DUI kNOw Timer


DUI kNOw Timer helps you test your level of intoxication quickly and simply. It is similar to a portion of a field test that law enforcement uses to determine if you are too intoxicated to drive. Th...

app Fart Prank Machine By SL logo

Fart Prank Machine By SL


Fart Prank Machine Free By Seven LeafSometimes you just need a fart machine! Treat yourself to the best free farting application on the market. This app contains a plethora of fart capabilities that w...

app Speed Tapper Lite logo

Speed Tapper Lite


Tap away for up to thirty seconds to find out your score. Post it on the global leaderboards to find out how well you've done!*Ad supported*...

app Procedure Tracker logo

Procedure Tracker


Track all medical procedures for any specialty - Best known procedure log for the AndroidThis is an application to assist medical professionals to track and log their procedures. It is perfect for the...

app Fruit Drop logo

Fruit Drop


Fruit Drop is a highly entertaining game that will keep you playing for hours. The purpose is to touch the apple in the tree and perfect your timing to have it land in the bucket. You will have thirty...

app Find me (easy to use GPS) logo

Find me (easy to use GPS)


Shows your current location on a satellite map, zooms in to street level to see exactly where you are (or zooms out to see the surrounding area) and even tries to find the postal address for your curr...

app MoleWar logo



Please touch the mole that appears on the screen.but Your point decreases if it touches the frog.The time limit is thirty seconds....


HTC Desire HD Showed Off in Video

The HTC Desire HD, also known as the HTC Ace, has been noted in a few recent rumors. Just a few days ago, an image of the HTC Desire HD was leaked and now a video has been leaked courtesy of 247Android. The video doesn't really show any new features, but it does spend a minute and thirty seconds showing off its sleek, thin design and double LED...

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app Privacy Protect for "WhatsApp" logo

Privacy Protect for "W...


WhatsApp is a trademark of Whatsapp Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Whatsapp Inc. is not affiliated with the developers of this app.Do you know that any application with Access to yo...

app Doubling And Halving logo

Doubling And Halving


Vedic Mathematics is a system of calculation aimed at speed and accuracy which increases counting and computational abilities. It improves the speed of calculations and develops good understanding of ...

app Happy Brain Free – Memory Game logo

Happy Brain Free – Me...


An easy playing match pairs memory puzzle game. There are three image set in this demo version with thirty-three image sets in the full version. In this demo version you can customise the game by sett...

app It’s a Clock. logo

It’s a Clock.


In a world obsessed by accuracy, human beings are the weakest link. We've invented machines that are more precise than we can relate to.It's a Clock humanises the measurement of time to provide us wit...