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Samsung tightens its grip on China, sells 12.5 million handsets in Q1

china androidThe Chinese smartphone market is a tough one to crack, especially for premium handset manufactures. The market is dominated by more budget orientated handsets, and companies like Apple have been struggling to match their Western markets performances due to the higher price point of their handsets.However, it appears that Samsung is going strong in...

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app Tighten Body logo

Tighten Body


Tone up while lying down in 10 minutes!!You can perform training while watching TV, before bedtime, and so on.This 10-minute workout once a day can easily carry on.Building muscle can help for weight ...

app LockItTight for Android logo

LockItTight for Android


LockItTight, the most popular Monitor Software on Windows has come to Android! The comprehensive, all-in-one Monitoring Software helps you monitor your Android devices from multiple perspectives. You ...

app Sexy Girl Oiling Tight Body logo

Sexy Girl Oiling Tight Body


<div id="doc-original-text">Sexy College Girl Oiling Tight Body. Two scenes available. Swipe down/up to hide wallpaper when not appropriate (check settings first).<p>TAGS: Video ...

app Tight Ass Hotels logo

Tight Ass Hotels


Find, compare and book the cheapest price on thousands of hotels worldwide and save your hard earned cash, because deep down your just like us... A Tight AssInstantly compare hotel details, rates, ava...

app Tightometer logo



Tight -adjective: characterized by strong situational tension. angry; unfriendly; uncomfortable.Tightometer is a mobile application that can be used to visualize, convey, and even broadcast the "...

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NOTE: requires Beetight Pro account, which costs $15 per year.Beetight is a web application for beekeepers and is the best way to manage your hives and track them online. Beetight for Android lets you...


Apple's Tightening Grip: This Could Be Android's Big Chance – ReadWriteWeb (blog)

ReutersApple's Tightening Grip: This Could Be Android's Big ChanceReadWriteWeb (blog)If there ever was a time when the Android world had a chance to out-innovate Apple, this could be it. Each day this week, developers have pointed out ...iPhone OS 4.0: The great Android 2.1 imitatorIcronticApple launches ad system for mobile devices in race...

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Report: Google looks to tighten up Android platform – FierceMobileIT

CNETReport: Google looks to tighten up Android platformFierceMobileITGoogle is looking to put a stop to the fragmented use of its Android mobile platform, according to the blog Engadget, which cited unnamed sources. ...Google Android Is Apple iPhone's Biggest Threat: ReportChannelWebReport: Android-based devices threaten iPhone's dominanceT...

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ETX Trader Pro on Android

Trading is a full time occupation for many, and sometimes traders can find themselves glued to a computer for hours, which can be uninspiring. The ETX Trader Pro app can be used on both Android smartphones and tablets, allowing you the freedom to take your trading with you. Here are some benefits of the app. Access Your Platform Anywhere As t...

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Step by step instructions to Succeed at Exposition Composing

Step by step instructions to Succeed at Exposition Composing It's the minute each guardian fears: when your tyke stays there, sad confronted, taking a gander at a clear bit of paper before them. They have a quickly drawing nearer due date for their exposition, and nothing, yet nothing you do as a guardian appears to offer them some assistance with getting any closer to consummation. What would you be able to...

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Video Conferencing: Open Source Online Chat Software

Remember the days when a business person had to travel if they wanted to have a face-to-face meeting with their partner or client? Thanks to the incredible innovation that is video conferencing, those days are over. Professional software like BlueJeans Video Conferencing App, as well as more casual ones like MyGreenPC, are making it easier to have ...

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Happy Stork : Pregnancy Support App Review

Happy Stork : Pregnancy Support App Review Here comes the Happy Stork: Pregnancy Support app for Android, courtesy of amane factory inc. , a bunch of the nicest people in the world if you ask me. I'm not "just sayin'" that, I am that kind of guy who considers pregnancy and child birth as an once in a lifetime experience, both for the mother and the father. And an Android app that helps ...

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app Happy Stork :Pregnancy Support App Review logo

Happy Stork :Pregnancy Supp...


Here comes the Happy Stork: Pregnancy Support app for Android, courtesy of amane factory inc. , a bunch of the nicest people in the world if you ask me. I'm not "just sayin'" that, I am that kind ...


Sony Reveals 2 New Android Walkman Players :the ZX 1 and the F880

android walkman Whenever you think that your iPod is cool, the alfa and omega like, you're forgetting one basic fact : before Apple and the iPod "revolution", the Sony Walkman ruled the world! I remember those cassette player Sony Walkmans since the 90's, yes, I am that old folks. And the first Walkman was invented back in 1978, when Steve Jobs was still th...

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Rumors on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

samsung galaxy note 3 There аrе rumоrѕ аbоut the Sаmѕung Galaxy Nоtе 3 аnd whаtеvеr information is available оn thiѕ рhоnе iѕ mere ѕресulаtiоn. Evеn the Sаmѕung Mobile is tight lipped, whеn questioned about thе release dаtе оf this Smаrtрhоnе. Iѕ it juѕt a Smаrtрhоnе that реорlе are wаiting fоr? Nо nоt аt аll. I...

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app Crazy Fist II VS logo

Crazy Fist II VS


Crazy Fist II new version is coming! Added new leaderboard system, there are two way to compete with your friends:1 One time run highscore.2 Total life time distance.Why parkour style always means esc...


Google Glass FAQ page leaves the most important question unanswered

Google-Glass-logo.jpg&q=90&w=640&zc=1 Admit it: whether you want them or not, you’re curious about Google Glass. What do they do, really? Are they heavy? Is Google concerned about privacy? It’s such a radical shift in technology, we’re naturally curious. Google is cautious to implement Glass, so those who have actually worn a pair are a rare breed. Even though I had them for a n...

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Ivanovitch Games brings Crazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel to Android

crazy.bill-androidSeveral months back I tried to piece together a series of gaming articles with a “Coming Soon” theme. It didn’t work out quite like I’d hoped as release dates change constantly, and we just never had enough time to work them in. One of the games left out in the cold was Crazy Bill: Zombie Stars Hotel from Ivanovitch Games, and last week it ...

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app Gangstar Vegas logo

Gangstar Vegas


Roll up on a dangerous new trip through the City of Sin in the latest episode of the acclaimed open-world action game!Get ready for fun, immersive, and wild gun wars!* Because of the high-quality grap...

app Pulse Infiltrator logo

Pulse Infiltrator


Follow Shoot a Ray: out development updates: us on Facebook:


Samsung Galaxy S4 Active AT&T pre-order process has started

Samsung Galaxy S4 ActiveThe Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, which AT&T announced as part of its smartphone lineup yesterday (after teasing it in a video) is now available for you to pre-order from the carrier’s website.The device is available in two color versions, Urban Gray and Dive Blue, and can be yours for $199.99, with a two-year contract. If you decide to purc...

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The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Is Now Official, Running on JellyBean 4.2

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Just yesterday, I showed you pictures of the rumored Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, today it's official, as Samsung just made it public. This device is the latest  in the mid-range portfolio of Android running smartphones from the Korean company. As I told you before, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is looking very similar to its predecessors and its kin fro...

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Madfinger teases Dead Trigger 2, promises more at E3

A screenshot from Madfinger's Dead Trigger 2 gameMadfinger’s Dead Trigger, a zombie survival horror game for mobile devices, was a big hit on Android for a couple of reasons: one, the Tegra 3 edition was graphically impressive, and two, Madfinger decided to drop the title’s price from $1 to free. With Dead Trigger 2, the company’s looking to capitalize on the success of the first game by ag...

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Samsung officially announces Galaxy S4 Active

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active It has been barely a month since the first bits of info about it started to surface on the Internet, but now we finally have definitive proof of its existence. Samsung today officially announced the Galaxy S4 Active, the “rugged” version of its latest flagship Android smartphone. It carries many of the same features flaunted by the ori...

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Do you manage Google Apps for your business? There’s an app for that

Google Admin logoGoogle has changed the way enterprises run their IT resources. For one, Google Apps for Business lets organizations run their productivity and collaboration apps on the cloud, whether they’re small firms or big enterprises. This includes mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, and this also involves various platforms.Android has an adva...

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Samsung Sells 12.5 Million Android Smartphones in China in Q1

samsung Yes, you got that right, Android rules Communist China, as the tech giant Samsung sold an impressive 12.5 million Android running smartphones in China in the first quarter of 2013. Samsung's performance is even more impressive if you're taking into account the structure and the type of the Chinese market. HTC, ZTE and Huawei are the top dogs the...

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app HEAVY sword logo

HEAVY sword


"HEAVY – sword is a good-looking game with plenty of quirky sprites and detailed backgrounds. However it’s the exploratory nature of the levels and the ability to acquire an unnaturally gigan...

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