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LG Comes Clean, Announces Timeframe on Android 4.0 Rollout for its High-End Models

In a recent post on their official Facebook account, LG announced when numerous Android smartphones will be receiving the coveted Android Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade.  Unfortunately, the Facebook post makes little to no mention of American LG smartphones, but instead focuses on European and global models.  Hopefully, LG will issue a separate pos...

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HTC sets timeframe for Hero Android update – Register (blog)HTC sets timeframe for Hero Android updateRegisterBy Register Hardware • Get more from this author HTC's anticipated update that will take its Hero smartphone to Android 2.1 will now not appear until June. ...Android 2.1 For European HTC Hero Coming In June, Sez HTCSoft Sailor (blog)Android 2.1 for HTC Hero gets delayed t...

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Robin Rath of Pixel Press speaks to Android Authority about, well, Pixel Press!

Pixel PressAfter a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Pixel Press team is hard at work, building out their new baby. Such a radically new concept begs a lot of focus from Robin Rath and his team at Pixel Press, but the upside is huge. We balk at calling it a game, because it’s so much more than that.For the uninitiated, Pixel Press allows us to tak...

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What’s left for Samsung to announce at its Premiere 2013 event?

Samsung Premiere 2013On June 20th, Samsung will host its “Premiere 2013” event in London, where it is expected to reveal new Galaxy and ATIV devices. This is certainly exciting news, save for one problem, Samsung doesn’t seem to have much left to announce on the Android front.When we first caught wind of the event, it seemed obvious that we would see the Gala...

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Why is the NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily?

NSA BuildingEvery call, every day.That is the “metadata” the NSA asks of Verizon. Through a court order, which was obtained by The Guardian, Verizon must turn over all telephony records, in their entirety, to the NSA. There is no discrimination, or noted target. There is no geography the NSA is interested in, nor is there any specific reason given for why ...

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Chrome security features in Android? The boss, Sundar Pichai, says yes.

Sundar PichaiWhen Sundar Pichai took over as Android chief, it led so many of us to wonder what it all meant. Our initial concern was that Google would combine the two services. We tried to wrap our head around it, and figure out how it would work out. A Chrome-Android merger… was it possible? Would it make sense?After the initial dust-up, cooler heads pr...

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app My Stocks Charts Widget PRO logo

My Stocks Charts Widget PRO


This widget allows you to quickly flip through your favorite stock charts right on your homescreen.??? Mainly for US & Canadian listed stocks + international ADR ???1.) Choose a timeframe:Daily ch...

app My Stocks Charts Widget logo

My Stocks Charts Widget


This widget allows you to quickly flip through your favorite stock charts right on your homescreen ??? Mainly for US & Canadian listed stocks + international ADR ???1.) Choose a timeframe:Daily ch...

app Math Tables by tinytapps logo

Math Tables by tinytapps


The eggs are ripe for squashing and slicing as you answer randomly selected Math questions to quench your thirst of becoming a multiplication table champ. This is seriously great fun as you test your ...

app NYCPlanIt logo



Planning a trip around New York City? How do we start with so much to do, and so many places to see? Want to maximize the most of your time here by being able to see and do the most within your timefr...

app US Census Map logo

US Census Map


This application was created during MoDevDC Hackathon event (12/03/2011) and uses the USA TODAY Census API, which allows to show on map data concerning ethnicity, housing, population and race (availab...

app Dead Rising 2 Boss Guide logo

Dead Rising 2 Boss Guide


Tips and Tactics on how to beat the bosses!Includes Location, Timeframe and Item Drops.Don't let the game win, Own it!...

app Forex24 Trader logo

Forex24 Trader


<div id="doc-original-text" >Forex24 Trader - an app for brokerage companies that want to offer mobile trading<br>Forex24 Trader is an Android compatible trading platform, design...

app CNBC Real-Time for Tablets logo

CNBC Real-Time for Tablets


The CNBC Real-Time App for Android gives you free access to real-time stock quotes - before, during and after market hours, directly from both the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ Marketplace. Addit...

app Silence Them Lite logo

Silence Them Lite


Silence Them app automatically changes your call/SMS volume to silent when certain users call. **** This free app allows you to add one contact. Check out our full app if you want to add more than one...

app Silence Them logo

Silence Them


♥♥♥Silence Them app automatically changes your call/SMS volume to silent when certain users call. ♥♥♥You can set a schedule for each user so their calls and text messages automatically goe...

app Audio Speed Changer Pro logo

Audio Speed Changer Pro


Audio Speed Changer Pro allows you to modify the playback speed or pitch of your audio files "on the fly" (realtime), fitting their audible characteristics to your needs. It can be used to h...

app Panda iTrader logo

Panda iTrader


Panda iTrader is an Android compatible trading platform, designed especially for brokerage companies that want to offer mobile trading. Enhance your trading services and go mobile with the Panda iTrad...

app WeightWatch logo



A simple application for recording your personal weight and monitoring your weight loss/increase in different timeframes. Features:- No advertising.- Record of your personal weight.- Quick preview of ...

app Work Watch logo

Work Watch


You have a flexible working hours, but You can't monitor your working time?Here You are... Simple timesheet application for recording your "in's" and "out's" :)Easy to configure. M...

app CellULog logo



Have you ever wondered... Who makes more calls: you or your wife?How many times your mother has called to ask: "Why haven’t you called?"Whether the charges on your invoice are completel...

app RatWTH logo



Easy access to L2P and Campus System for RWTH Aachen University Students!The RatWTH Application allows fast and easy access to the L2P elearning System and the Campus Course-planing System.* Browse L2...

app Curaca Lite logo

Curaca Lite


Curaca is a multiplyer round-based online strategy game. The aim of the game is to conquer a complete island. for achieving this goal, the following actions can be taken:* take land* build villages* b...

app CF-Bench Pro logo

CF-Bench Pro


!! This is an "upgrade" / "license file" for the normal CF-Bench program, you must already have the free version installed or nothing will happen !!CF-Bench is (mainly) CPU and mem...

app CF-Bench logo



CF-Bench is (mainly) CPU and memory benchmark tool specifically designed to be able to handle multi-core devices, produce a fairly stable score, and test both native as well managed code performance.I...

app Batterest logo



Batterest automatically enables the airplane mode (flight mode) daily during a specified timeframe (the resting period). Because the airplane mode disables every communication channel of your phone or...


Rumor: HTC Thunderbolt to Receive Gingerbread by June 30

HTC Thunderbolt owners are anxiously awaiting the day that HTC and Verizon decide to push out the Android 2.3 upgrade, but both parties have been relatively quiet regarding a possible timeframe for the important update. Fortunately, AndroidandMe received a tip in the form of an internal Verizon Wireless screenshot that posits the Thunderbolt wil...

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app Silent Droid logo

Silent Droid


Have you ever turned off sound on phone before going to sleep, and forgtot to turn it on in the morning?Or you need to off the sound at class times?In any case this app is for you. Just specify the ti...

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