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Popular Android Apps Fall Under Security Scrutiny

The recent announcement that Google would no longer be supplying security updates for legacy Android users has caused consternation among fans of the search engine giant's smartphone operating system. With more than 930 million Android mobiles being affected, the decision highlights a growing concern over smartphone and tablet security. These days'...

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Three Great Android Apps for Simulating the Stock Market

chart-594212_1280In recent years, the stock market has seen its fair share of lows and highs. From the sub-10000 days following the 2008 financial crash and the Great Recession to the peaks we are now seeing today, there is plenty of adventure (and money) to be had in the world of stock trading. Many people have thought about trying their luck at trading stocks onl...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumored to Be Available Starting from Q1 2014

galaxy s5 According to the Korean news site ETNews, Samsung is working relentlessly on their new Android flagship, the Galaxy S5. According to industry insiders, Samsung is already preparing its  assembly lines for the new smart device, which is rumored to begin mass production starting from January 2014. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to hit the she...

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Inkifi – Instagram Printing App for Android

Inkifi – Instagram Printing App for Android Thanks to the new Android app from Inkifi, now available for download for free from the Google Play Store, you will now benefit from the Instagram Printing App from Inkifi directly on your Android running smartphone or tablet. Just click here, download and install the new Android version of the Inkifi app and start printing Instagram photos!...

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New App Allows Piloting A Drone With Google Glass Using Head Movements

google glass Google Glass has been around for quite a few months now and, while some people are still wondered by it, there are others who have been busy little bees and didn’t just explore it, but expanded its capabilities. Blaine Bublitz, a developer and co-founder of IcedDev, a coding company, used his extensive knowledge and did what he does best: usi...

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Palestinian Hacks Zuckerberg’ Facebook Account to Expose Vulnerability

facebook A funny thing happened yesterday, when a Palestinian white-hat hacker named Khalil had to go the extra mile in order to reveal a Facebook vulnerability. This guy stumbled upon a serious bug in Facebook and tried to alert the social network's security team about the issue. Obviously, the well-trained monkeys from tech support ignored him (tha...

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Famous Japanese Poker Player Arrested for Distributing Android Malware

android malware If you're a poker aficionado, you probably heard about Masaaki Kagawa, a celebrity poker player from Japan who won over $1.5 million in poker tournaments all around the world and apparently made himself a new career in distributing Android malware. Just a few days ago, Mr. Masaaki was arrested by the Japanese police under the suspicion that ...

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app Animating Heart Livewallpaper logo

Animating Heart Livewallpap...


Animating Heart Live Wallpaper is cute live wallpaper in which a cute heart is rotating in random order . This live wallpaper is simple and good locking for our mobile screen .This have many settings,...

app Activating Prosperity Hypnosis logo

Activating Prosperity Hypno...


Activating Prosperity - Attracting Wealth and Abundance Into Your Life Hypnosis and Audio Entrainment Program - Brought to you by internationally recognized Brainwave Audio Entrainment Specialist Leig...

app Parenting Tips & Tricks logo

Parenting Tips & Tricks


Attention: All full-pledged, would-be, and aspiring parents who want to give only the best for their children!"Who Else Wants to Become the World's Greatest Mom or Dad Without Putting Yourself to...

app Argentina HD Photos logo

Argentina HD Photos


Argentina HD Photos is a Live Wallpapers.Free Argentina HD Photos application is a photo collection of the BEST COUNTRY in the world. Personalize your homescreen with the most beautiful pictures of Ar...

app Slingshot Shooting logo

Slingshot Shooting


Practice your slingshot skills by playing this shooting game. Todd finds his bananas missing from his bag, looks up to discover monkeys are the culprits. Fed up with the monkeys' taunting, he decides ...

app Email Marketing Campaign logo

Email Marketing Campaign


Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising for small businesses. In order to be successful on the internet and maximise the benefits of the internet, a small business needs to i...

app Christina Aguilera lyrics logo

Christina Aguilera lyrics


Christina Aguilera lyrics. The most complete information available on Google Play. Access to everything with this App:- Lyrics (from LyricWiki site)- Wikipedia information- Latest news (from Google Ne...

app MDWFP Hunting and Fishing logo

MDWFP Hunting and Fishing


The Mississippi Department of Wildlife Hunting and Fishing Android application contains a variety of useful tools and information for hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts. Features of this app inc...

app FireFighters Fighting Fire 2 logo

FireFighters Fighting Fire ...


????? FireFighters Fighting Fire ...

app dating search Newscastle logo

dating search Newscastle


Meet people who are up for fun or dating in Newcastle. Our app will let you search 5 sites and thousands of profiles in the Newcastle area.Even if you are not from Newcastle and are maybe there on a s...

app Komik Nasrettin Hoca Fıkraları logo

Komik Nasrettin Hoca Fıkra...


En komik nasreddin hoca fıkraları..Fıkralar her seferinde rastgele gelecektir. İstediğiniz fıkrayı favorilere ekle diyerek daha sonra okumak için kaydedebilir yada tek tuşla fıkrayı paylaş...

app Casual dating online logo

Casual dating online


The Best Casual Dating & Sex Dating Sites APP Online USA and Europe Dating Site Local USA Dating ServiceAn interaction between two people who are looking to get to know one another better, withou...

app valentines and lovers gifts logo

valentines and lovers gifts


Valentines gifts - A FREE app designed to provide you with the top online sites to shop for Valentines gifts. This handy app will save you time and money by providing you with direct GO TABS to brows...

app Investing For Dummies logo

Investing For Dummies


Welcome to Investing For Dummies!Understanding The Emotional Dynamics Of Investing - Investing can be an emotional roller coaster for many people. This holds true whether you are investing in real est...

app Cake Decorating Tips logo

Cake Decorating Tips


Do You Like To Cook?Learn to be an Expert Cake Decorator...Your cakes taste good. It...

app Painting cartoon girl logo

Painting cartoon girl


Photoshop mice painted refreshing cartoon beautiful illustrations rat painted preliminary idea is very important, especially in drawing a line draft, we should want to be realized are simple drawn. So...


Crazy Taxi, Tiny Thief and Pacific Rim available in the Google Play Store

Crazy TaxiAndroid users looking for new games should check out three new games that are now available in the Google Play Store including Crazy Taxi, Tiny Thief and Pacific Rim.Crazy TaxiWhether you have enjoyed playing Crazy Taxi on a different platform so far, or whether it’s the first time you hear about the game, you’ll certainly have a great time try...

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Rovio Stars “Tiny Thief” now live on Google Play

tinythiefIt seems not too long ago that Rovio burst through the scene with the release of Angry Birds and making it a worldwide phenomenon. Now, it seems they're changing the pace a bit and are taking off the developer hat for a bit and putting on the producer hat. Under their new publishing unit, Rovio Stars, they've released their latest title Tiny Thief....

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Samsung and HTC may be supporting ZigBee home automation

Zigbee home automationHome automation sounds sublime; everything we want, at the push of a button. Whether at home or away, we could control the lights, set the temperature, and who knows how many other household tasks can be accomplished remotely.ZigBee or not, an industry standard moving forward would be ideal.The problem? We don’t have a unified service. Samsung ap...

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Samsung showcases new video on wearable computing

google glass brille2The technology of portable computing has definitely been picking up the pace over the last year. Google Glass made its debut to the participants who were selected and who had the cash to get in on the action. Pebble Smart watches are hitting the streets and are trickling into retail stores. Even Apple is rumored to start getting in on the action. ...

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Tiny Thief coming to Google Play on July 11th, first Rovio Stars game for Android

Tiny Thief Back in May, Rovio announced plans to start publishing third party games alongside its own titles under a new brand, “Rovio Stars”. Apple iOS users have already seen the first fruit of this effort, Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage. Now it is Android’s turn. On July 11th, Tiny Thief (from 5 Ants) will arrive to Google Play. Tiny Thief is a puzzle ...

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