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app Roller Toaster Lite logo

Roller Toaster Lite


Tilt your phone or tablet to roll the android ball, collecting donuts and finishing each course as quickly as you can, without falling off!Inspired by games like "Super Monkey Ball" and &quo...

app Toast SMS Lite logo

Toast SMS Lite


Notifies you of a new SMS with the "Toast" popup. Lets you know who sent you a message even during a game. Displays "SMS: sender" where sender is the name if its in your contacts ...

app PersonalToast logo



Applicazione Open Source. Come creare Toast personalizzati con immagini. Sorgente su

app Toasts and Greetings logo

Toasts and Greetings


A huge collection of "toasts and congratulations" on all occasions!On a holiday you will always be able to deliver the best toast to congratulate or to play the hero for the day!...

app Demo Toaster logo

Demo Toaster


このアプリは、株式会社ウェブストリームが提供するAndroid 端末向けダウンロード配信用のDRMソリューション“Android Toaster”のデモ用アプリです。And...

app ToastT_Test logo



It's Application to study Application...

app Toast Time HD FREE logo

Toast Time HD FREE


- HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR TOAST? FLYING? -Challenge your reflexes with Toast Time!Did you know that the average reaction time to a visual stimulus for a college-age individual is 190 milliseconds? Test...

app ToastBuddy logo



Must have for Toastmasters club. Use timer, amCounter, organize meetings and more.Everything is organized by the meetings and the app keeps a complete history of all your activity to track your progre...

app LeapNToast logo



Climb higher and higher with Hubert...

app Champagne toast Live Wallpaper logo

Champagne toast Live Wallpa...


Champagne toast is a Live Wallpaper.After you have downloaded and installed it, You need in order to set it as a Live Wallpaper:- go to your home screen;- press the menu button on your device;- sele...

app Fatal Toast logo

Fatal Toast


click on screen to see a very short animated video I hope you will like....

app MovieToaster logo



Indian Cinema News, Movies and Celebrities covering Hindi aka Bollywood/Telugu aka Tollywood for now....

app Toast Clock Widget logo

Toast Clock Widget


Toast Clock WidgetThe Toast Clock Widgets are placed on the home screen. To in install a widget to you home screen,Hold down a empty space on you home screen then you will get the ADD TO HOME PAGE men...

app SMSToaster – Notification logo

SMSToaster – Notifica...


This app will provide you a way to read your SMS in the form of a Toast.You will be able to continue playing game, reading books or any other activity and reading your received message at the same tim...

app moldytoaster logo



Now you can watch your favorite Moldytoaster shows on the go on your android device with the official Moldytoaster app!** Watch Your Favorite Shows **With the official Moldytoaster app we've made it q...

app GERMAN Drinking Toasts logo

GERMAN Drinking Toasts


hundreds of GERMAN Drinking Toasts for your next visit at the beerfest in germany or your private beer pong battle. You can play it as a drinking game or just for fun at the oktoberfest or wiesn. Beer...

app ToastDroid logo



1.1.2: BACK returns to Main MenuA powerful tool for rehearsing speeches! Set delay before recording so you can set the phone up and prepare yourself. It beeps to alert you as it is about to begin vide...

app SMS Toast logo

SMS Toast


While you are watching a moview or playing game, if you recieved sms you should pause your program to check your sms.So If you got sms, it shows name and contents by toast(popup) shortly.It is very LI...

app Enjoy With Toast logo

Enjoy With Toast


Toast. Is there any comfort food easier to make? You pull it out of the toaster and plop on your favorite topping. Presto! Breakfast!There are many ways describe in application on how to enjoy with to...

app BLOCCO Toast & Window Plug-in logo

BLOCCO Toast & Window P...


This is the Toast & Window plug-in for BLOCCO.This plug-in shows a Toast pop-up or Dialog Window with BLOCCO's INPUT data.** This plug-in requires "BLOCCO" from Android Market **...

app Toast SMS Pro logo

Toast SMS Pro


A simple popup that can displays the senders name if they are in your contacts of just their number if they are not. This even displays over a full screen game, but it does not steal the focus so you...

app Log Toaster logo

Log Toaster


LogToaster is an easy and powerful log reader tool for application developers.By using this Log Toaster,you can:1. Check your application log on the android phone.2. Toast log on the screen while test...

app HITE Beer Toast logo

HITE Beer Toast


It gives you various toast for Korean....

app Toast logo



Use your phone to toast in the New Year or for any occasion where you need to toast! Simply recite the random toast message and tip the phone to make a "clink" sound, then straighten your ph...

app Flying Toast Live Wallpaper logo

Flying Toast Live Wallpaper


A Classic Retro Flying Toaster Live Wallpaper Clone for Android.Once installed, long press on your Home Screen and select,Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> Flying Toastv1.5 - Thanks for your comm...


iPhone OS 4.0 fallout: Is RIM toast? – ZDNet (blog)

BlackBerry Rocks! (blog)iPhone OS 4.0 fallout: Is RIM toast?ZDNet (blog)The survey was about Android vs. Apple smart phone use but RIM users were in the mix. Nearly 40 percent of Blackberry users continue to prefer Apple's ...Double-edged sword of smartphonesIrish TimesBlackBerry Ahead in Smartphone Content (subscrip...

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Cut, Crush, and Flick Creepy Creatures in Lumos: The Dying Light

lumos android  We cover our fair share of Indies here at Android-Games, and it’s always nice to stumble across hidden gems. Lumos: The Dying Light certainly falls into the Indie category, and it’s one of the coolest “Tap & Destroy” games we’ve seen in some time. Lumos: The Dying Light puts you in charge of a little orb of light that’s ...

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app PicSounds Teletubbies logo

PicSounds Teletubbies


This sound app is BETTER than the other Teletubbies soundboards!Top sounds from Teletubbies.Sound Effects:-custard / tustard-custard / tustard machine-sun-toast-windmillTeletubbies:-big hug!-again aga...

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