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app Show Me Your Tongue logo

Show Me Your Tongue


Show Me Your Tongue is the best app for sending your tongue around the world. Simply stick out your tongue and the advanced built-in face detection system will take care of snapping the perfect photo ...

app Guarding The Tongue logo

Guarding The Tongue


Guarding The TongueFrom the book of Al-Adhkaar of Imam An-Nawawi...


Mojo Bones releases Tongue Tied for Android

Overview A very cool physics platformer crept into the market last week in the form of Tongue Tied! from Mojo Bones. Tongue Tied is the story of two dogs named Mick & Ralph that have to travel around tied at the tongue. The title says it all with this one as you’ll quickly find out when you flick Mike by his tongue… Tongue Tied! has...

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app Tongue Tied! logo

Tongue Tied!


Mojo Bones are pleased to introduce Mick & Ralph in their debut adventure: Tongue Tied!Join the loveable canine duo as they hang, swing and ping their way across 80 levels of slapstick madness in ...

app English Tongue twister logo

English Tongue twister


A tongue-twister is a phrase that is designed to be difficult to articulate properly, and can be used as a type of spoken (or sung) word game. Some tongue-twisters produce results which are humorous (...

app Frogs Tongue logo

Frogs Tongue


When it comes to flies, frogs will do everything they can to gobble them up. No different with our frog. His tongue is his means to survival, and you control it with one button. Press it and the frog'...

app Frogs Tongue Lite logo

Frogs Tongue Lite


When it comes to flies, frogs will do everything they can to gobble them up. No different with our frog. His tongue is his means to survival, and you control it with one button. Press it and the frog'...

app Tongue Twister logo

Tongue Twister


Enjoy this collection of over 280 tongue-twisters.activate brain by a tongue twister and have prevention of aging, concentration improvement, a flowing eloquence exercise, the diet of the face.■oper...

app Eyes n Tongue In Your Screen logo

Eyes n Tongue In Your Scree...


All our Live Wallpapers have the following characteristics:*Speed of execution: from 1 to 25 frames per second;*Size of resolution: from 240x320 to 600x1024 pixels;*Memory used: smartphone or SD.For m...

app Tongue Twister Deluxe logo

Tongue Twister Deluxe


"Six sick hicks nick six slick bricks with picks and sticks"Check over 100 Tongue Twister for your android device!...

app BKS Tongue Twisters logo

BKS Tongue Twisters


You know what tongue twisters are: those crazy phrases that tie your tongue in knots when you say them ten-times-faster and make whoever's listening collapse with laughter. Next time someone suggests ...

app Dr. Tongue logo

Dr. Tongue


Tongue consult Chinese medicine practitioners to provide professional consulting services, through user self-tongue photos to analyzing the user's health. Many human diseases can be manifested through...

app Tongue Smile Live Wallpaper logo

Tongue Smile Live Wallpaper


Tongue Smile is a Live Wallpaper.After you have downloaded and installed it, You need in order to set it as a Live Wallpaper:- go to your home screen;- press the menu button on your device;- select...

app Red Tongue Digital Clock logo

Red Tongue Digital Clock


<div id="doc-original-text">Red Tongue Digital Clock<p>This is Clock Widget<p>Taking up a 4x1 slot in your homescreen.<p>To use this clock:<br>- Go to your home...

app SmarTongue SMS Voice logo

SmarTongue SMS Voice


SmarTongue is the over-all voice based manager for your messages. SmarTongue SMS is simply...WOW!!! Wonderful, Overexciting and always Working! Try it now, you won't regret it! Everyone will like to ...

app Vocal Warmups, Tongue Twisters logo

Vocal Warmups, Tongue Twist...


Warming up your voice is important before musical theatre auditions or other vocal performances -- not only will it help you hit those high and low notes, but thoroughly warming up your voice brings y...

app Long Tongue logo

Long Tongue


Help the little puppy to eat all bones that fall from the sky with his tongue!!!Defeat the bosses and be carefull to not fall into the water!!...

app Tongue2 Chameleon logo

Tongue2 Chameleon


v1.2Bug fixed: tap control problem in high resolution display.-----------This is a fun game for your free time now available on Android Market!!A hungry Chameleon came to the forest in search of food....

app Tongue Twisters logo

Tongue Twisters


Android Text To Speech (TTS) Tongue Twisters. Can also be used to create voice notes. Make sure TTS Voice Data is installed on your phone (Preferences Menu) and use "Always use my settings"...


How to Make Friends With the Pal App for Android

How to Make Friends With the Pal App for Android If you're an Android user looking to make real friends over the "interwebz", boy, do we have good news for you? Enter the Pal App, a brand new tool aimed at helping you ditch Mark Zuckerberg's digital ghetto, also known as Facebook. I am only kidding, a little bit, but seriously speaking, there's a big difference between social media and Pal. Wh...

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app Learn Russian Phrasebook Pro logo

Learn Russian Phrasebook Pr...


Learn Russian is an easy to use mobile Russian Phrasebook that will give visitors to Russia and those who are interested in learning Russian a good start in the language. Learn Russian is recorded usi...

app Indian Facebook logo

Indian Facebook


This is lite facebook version for mobile users and select the language of your own mother tongue....


Tip: Add A Phonetic Name To Contacts Voice Recognition Just Can't Get Right

VoicePerhaps the most time-saving key on the Android keyboard is the microphone, but using it is more hassle than it's worth when certain words just refuse to be recognized. More often than not, these words are contact names. Luckily, there is a way to trick your phone into recognizing even the most tongue-twisting of names. If you're tired of your phon...

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HTC and Samsung trade blows on Twitter, while LG plays the neutral

samsung galaxy s4 vs htc one standings aaThe bitter smartphone wars have gone up a notch, after HTC turned to its Twitter account to celebrate its victory at the Mobile Awards. HTC had just won the award for “Hottest Phone of 2013” and celebrated with a tongue-in-cheek tweet, calling out Samsung Mobile UK.Now Samsung wasn’t about to back down from a challenge, replying that it alrea...

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Duolingo for Android makes Learning a Foreign Language Fun

duolingo-androidA lot of people would love to speak a foreign language, but it can be costly and time consuming if you have to take classes. Duolingo for Android can change that as it teaches you foreign languages, and it does it all for free. Duolingo for Android takes a different approach to teaching you to speak in a foreign tongue. Instead of boring lessons y...

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Replay Games releases Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold for Android games were all the rage in the 90s, and Replay Games looks to bring that classic style of gaming back with Fester Mudd: Curse of the Gold. It’s a tale of brothers, gunslingers, and gold; it’s also a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously as Fester isn’t your typical adventurer… Fester Mudd is an old school adventure game th...

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app Shar Pei Puppy logo

Shar Pei Puppy


Start your day by looking at the picture of a cute, adorable puppy.The Shar Pei is a breed of dog known for its distinctive features of deep wrinkles and a blue-black tongue. As puppies, Shar Pei have...

app Chow Chow logo

Chow Chow


Start your day by looking at the picture of a cute, adorable puppy, or a grown-up dog.The Chow Chow is a sturdily built dog, square in profile, with a broad skull and small, triangular, erect ears wit...

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