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app Flashlight – FastTorch logo

Flashlight – FastTorc...


Incredibly simple and handy flashlight. Use your smartphone's camera flash as a flashlight, and if your smart phone has no camera flash white screen then use your smartphone as a flashlight.- flashlig...


Samsung Galaxy S3 Takes After The Human Torch

gs3 explode"I'm such a hot phone even until now, baby!" "Flame on!" was most probably the phrase that a certain Samsung Galaxy S3 owned by a Reddit user exclaimed at approximately 3.15am EST, where it burst into flames approximately an hour after it was plugged in to recharge its drained battery in order to have it be ready for a brand new day's...

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app Torch – No ADS logo

Torch – No ADS


Torch measuring level of battery, switch on the light of camera flash if your mobile phone is provided and change in white screen for softly light.Ideas, Tips, Comments ... Contact me by e-mail to: a...

app My Torch logo

My Torch


Want to have an easy to use Torch?Want to have a fast and accessible Torch?Here you are, download this application which will work as a torch in an easy and fast way.This application uses your Camera ...

app ET Torch logo

ET Torch


Useful and funny flashlight inspired by the most famous alien. Now, you can have your own ET finger light!...

app Quick Torch logo

Quick Torch


Quick Torch provide an easier way to use your camera's LED as a torch. Besides the general widget toggle, Quick Torch provide another easier way than other torch apps. To light it, you only need turn ...

app Widget Auto Torch logo

Widget Auto Torch


This is simple widget for your home screen which allow you using camera's flashlight as torch. Also you can control torch by motion.Absolutely ADs-free.To use the motion detection is necessary so that...

app Flash Torch logo

Flash Torch


Fast Torch, it is activated touching continued the search button, if the phone allows it, or with the icon....

app Simple torch logo

Simple torch


Simple torch application for android phone. The application is as simple as possible, without any advertisement. Start of the application is quicker than other torch application available on android m...

app Torchlight Skill Calculator logo

Torchlight Skill Calculator


Version 1.0This is a Torchlight Skill Calculator for the awesome game Torchlight which was developed by Runic Games. This app is in no way affiliated with Runic Games, I just loved the game so much th...

app Ultra simple torch logo

Ultra simple torch


This torch application (maybe the 100th on the market) has the characteristic of being extremely simple and low resources consumption:- no advertisements- starts with one click- stops with one click- ...

app xLight -Simple Torch App logo

xLight -Simple Torch App


Ad Free VersionxLight is a simple torch app for your Android device.Giving a choice of 5 colours, xLight provides simple illumination for a variety of situations you may encounter.Supports Android ver...

app Torch Light logo

Torch Light


Turn your phone into a torch.Uses your camera's flash light as the torch light.Torch stays on until you turn it off.Use other apps whilst torch is on.Handy notification icon for instant access to swit...

app 500+ bulb Torch wow!! logo

500+ bulb Torch wow!!


A Simple and Amazing Light Torch, with 500+ LED glowing towards screen side and Camera Flash on the Back side..Main Screen looks amazing when Torch is switched on and even when switched off.Anybody lo...

app Nexus One torch Flashlight logo

Nexus One torch Flashlight


This application is aimed for Nexus One, it has not been tested on other devices.Flashlight application, wich offers you to use your Nexus One as a torch thanks to its camera LED flash.Adfree and does...

app Mad Torch 2.0 – Free logo

Mad Torch 2.0 – Free


[ CameraFlash ] - ? Mad Torch ?SuperBright small-Torch-Light ????????????????????1. after installation, icon placed on HomeScreen.2. Click Applications ? Camera Flash On / Off???????????????????? Over...

app Torch II logo

Torch II


This is the second and improved version of Torch. It can do more : especially sending in two ways and transmit morse signals like SOS and other self-written messages....




This is a easy lighting and free1.Lighting(LED & SCREEN All Brighten)2.s.o.s signal3.check paper money Fluorescence reaction...

app Screen Flashlight – Torch logo

Screen Flashlight – T...


A torch/flashlight alternative. For those out there without cameras or are worried about the camera permission, this is the torch/flashlight for you. This simply lights up your SCREEN ONLY at full bri...

app Torch LED Flashlight logo

Torch LED Flashlight


Torch is an open source utility which uses your device's LED camera flash as an LED flashlight. For devices without a camera flash, Torch will turn the screen white.If Torch previously worked on your ...

app Flashing Morse LED Torch 4 SMS logo

Flashing Morse LED Torch 4 ...


Codes and decodes texts and SMSs in morse code of sound, light, vibration and symbols. Allows for custom encryption codes shared with your friends for an encrypted SMS communication.NOTES:This applica...

app Human-Powered Torch logo

Human-Powered Torch


Технологии и современное искусство. Настоящий стимпанк фонарик.Вы должны производить энергию, чтобы заряжат...

app Galaxy Torch logo

Galaxy Torch


A simple torch application. Free, with no ads.This app controls your device's camera LED to make it act as a torch (flashlight). That's it.Now, with widget support!Tested on:* LG Nexus 4 (with Jelly B...

app FlashLight Torch logo

FlashLight Torch


Made for the HTC Incredible!Use your camera's LED as a strobe light to signal cars or as a flashlight.When android 2.2 update comes, you will be able to have the flash always on.*Added new backgrounds...

app Torch & Strobe – LED Torch logo

Torch & Strobe – ...


Use your smartphone flash light as a torch or a strobo.You can set the strobo speed via the central knob.You can use Torch & Strobe also to send SOS morse message.Torch & Strobe also as colorf...

app MK QuickLight Brightness/Torch logo

MK QuickLight Brightness/To...


MKQuickLight (MKQ) is small and extremely usefull app to quickiest modification of display brightness. U can map it to your Search button for quickiest access.MKQ also offers quickiest access to Torch...

app Torch+ logo



Use your phone as a torch / flashlight. Features include: - ability to use the screen as a reading lamp - set the screen brightness - set the screen colour - use the camera's flash to illuminate a roo...

app Free Torch logo

Free Torch


Do you want to turn your phone into a torch? This app provides a classic and most effective flashlight. It can help you find things, read books, light up a dark room at night, or dozens of other task....

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