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app Nexus Defense (Tower game) logo

Nexus Defense (Tower game)


Portable tower defense war has arrived on your android device! Nexus Defense comes with the following features:* Mobile Sci-Fi tower defense* Very detailed high resolution graphics (up to 1080 x 720 n...

app Armored Defense II: Tower Game logo

Armored Defense II: Tower G...


LIMITED TIME OFFER: 50% OFF + 2 additional free maps in FULL version! ** FEATURED ON GOOGLE PLAY'S FIRST PAGE **Reviews- "Armored Defense II is a great tower defense game, it might even be one of...

app 7PK by gametower logo

7PK by gametower


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app Blocks:Tower free puzzle game logo

Blocks:Tower free puzzle ga...


Tower is made of colorfull blocks in our puzzle game. What happens when You remove some blocks from the Tower? It should collapse. Fortunately, no construction disaster will happen here. Instead of th...

app 麻將 明星3缺1 -16張 gametower logo

麻將 明星3缺1 -16張 g...


=榮獲App Store BEST of 2012 遊戲類下載no.1=全球華人千萬下載 麻將遊戲第一品牌Top1 GooglePlay「最新熱門免費」下載排行蟬連冠軍1週!TOP1 iOS版上架首週突...


Hexage releases New Tower Defense Game Radiant Defense for Android

It’s been a while since the game makers at Hexage have released a game, but fans of their vibrant games can rest easy as they’ve just released Radiant Defense for Android. If you’ve enjoyed the company’s other games, you’ll definitely dig this one so prepare your eyes for the visual assault that is Radiant Defense. Radiant Defense...

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Pyra Tower Defense – Android Game Review

Pyra Tower Defense – Android Game Review Overview Anyone who’s followed our site knows I’m a fan of Tower Defense games, and there’s a great new one in town called Pyra Tower Defense from Local Space. It’s got a nice retro feel with its colorful shapes and simple looks, but don’t be fooled as Pyra Tower Defense is a game that’s anything but simple. Gameplay In Pyra Towe...

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The Best Android Tower Defense Games of 2011

As 2011 came to a close and 2012 is underway, we thought it was the perfect time to break out our Best Android Games of the 2011 lists. After several debates, arguments, and a few hurt feelings the staff at & has managed to put together several Top 5 lists of the best games to drop in 2011. We’ve done i...

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Star Wars Tower Defense – Android Game Review

Star Wars Tower Defense – Android Game Review Overview A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. There was a game called Star Wars Tower Defense. Before you get excited, the only thing this game has in common with Star Wars is the fact its set in space. Cat Studio makers of Crayon Cannon have released a new tower defense game, and being a huge fan of that genre I had to check it out. ...

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app ShakyTower (physics game) logo

ShakyTower (physics game)


"ShakyTower starts out simple but can often offer a fiendish challenge." -"One of a kind", "Many-faceted game with a lot going on. Very fun and addicting&quo...


Top 5 Tower Defense Games for Android

Tower Defense games have always been popular, and the Android Market has plenty of them to choose from. We scoured the Market to bring you 5 of the best. 1. Armored Defense Lite This is a full featured Tower Defense game put out by Armoredsoft. There’s a lot of depth in this game with two different difficulty levels, three military careers, and...

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app Towers Puzzle Game logo

Towers Puzzle Game


The objective of the game is to put towers on the board so that the challenge is met. The challenge is displayed in the outer part of the board and it tells you how many towers you should be able to ...

app Gem Tower (Columns game) logo

Gem Tower (Columns game)


Gem Tower is inspired by the classic "falling block" games like Columns and Tetris. Line up 3 or more matching gems and create high scoring combos. -New graphics, online high scores, and s...


The Best OUYA Games

ouya games Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the OUYA Android console has finally hit retailers nationwide. Some of the reviews have been less than kind, but we’re not here to talk about the hardware or interface… we’re going to take a look at their games. If you’ve just gotten your system and aren’t sure what to play we’ve...

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Quick Review: Treasure Tower Sprint from Sava Transmedia

Quick Review: Treasure Tower Sprint from Sava Transmedia We’ve seen Runner games galore, and we even got an Endless Driving game of sorts earlier in the week. Ready for an adventure-based running game? Treasure Tower Sprint touts itself as the first adventure-runner, and you’ll take control of the coin collecting Prince who searches towers for piles of gold. The game has an Arabian Nights kind of vib...

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app Treasure Tower Sprint logo

Treasure Tower Sprint


★★★ EXPERIENCE THE FIRST ADVENTURE RUNNER ON ANDROID! ★★★Deep inside the desert, the secret treasures of the Djinn are waiting in a magical tower! But the tower is filled with mazes and to...


The Best New Android Games of the Week – May 25, 2013 1. Combo Crew The Combo Crew is a new touch-based brawler from the fine folks known as The Gamebakers. You’ll have to beat down hundreds of bad guys as you attempt to climb to the top of the tower, and you can even get a little help from your friends in using the games asynchronous multiplayer mode. You can read a little more about Combo Cre...

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The Game Bakers release Combo Crew for Android

combo.crew-androidThe Game Bakers first caught our attention with the awesome Android game known as Squids, and now they’re back with a new game called the Combo Crew. Ready to put the beat down on Mr. Boss? Combo Crew is an Arcade style brawler that pits you against scores bad guys with the goal of breaking out of a giant tower. The evil Mr. Boss is the villain o...

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The Best New Android Games of the Week – May 11, 2013 1. Blitz Brigade Gameloft’s Blitz Brigade finally made its way to Google Play a few days ago, and if you’re in the mood for some FPS action it’s just the thing for you. There are five different classes to choose from to go along with 120 missions and well over 100 weapons. Did we mention you can battle online with 12 of your buddies? It’s ...

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Go on a Dungeon Crawl with Gamevil’s Dark Avenger for Android

dark.avenger-android You don’t have to look hard to find a Dungeon Crawler on Google Play, and the latest is called Dark Avenger. Gamevil released this last week on iOS, and now it’s our turn to hack and slash our way through the deadly dungeons of Dark Avenger.There’s no real backstory with Dark Avenger aside from the fact that you are fighting evil that has r...

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Hope: Other Side of Adventure brings a different kind of Adventure Game to Android

hope.adventure-androidI'm always on the lookout for interesting Android Games, and this morning I stumbled across one called Hope: Other Side of Adventure. It’s a game set in medieval times, and there’s a princess involved, but it’s unlike any “Adventure” game you’ve ever played. Hope: Other Side of Adventure follows the tale of a princess whose been kidnap...

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The Best New Android Games of the Week – April 29, 2013

best new android gamesAs another Monday rolls around, we've got another list of the Best New Android Apps of the Week. Last week saw a slew of sequels released along with a highly anticipated movie tie-in game. We tried to include a little something for everyone, and hope you enjoy our picks... 1. They Need to Be Fed 2 They Need to Be Fed as an awesome platform game...

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app Magic Towers logo

Magic Towers


Magic Towers Magic tower defense games... Two Magic towers are ready to destroy each other and you should support one of the sides to help it win. Select the weapon and start the fire to damage the e...


The Best New Android Games of the Week – April 22, 2013 This week’s edition of the Best New Android Games of the Week brings some great new Android Games to the table. Last week saw two popular games get sequels, and we got a third game featuring the hungry little alien known as Om Nom. There’s a little something for everyone, and we hope you enjoy our picks… 1. They Need to Be Fed 2 They...

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app Tower Bridge Exhibition logo

Tower Bridge Exhibition


Fancy playing an addictive and challenging game while learning a bit more about the Most Famous Bridge in the World? Then have a go at the Tower Bridge Exhibition game! This fun, sliding puzzle game s...

app Angry King Shooter – kidsgame logo

Angry King Shooter – ...


In this fun arcade game for children you are the angry king, the angry king is not happy he has been waiting for his food for quite a while. But it seems the food isn’t coming from the kitchen. He i...


First Wood War brings a Unique RTS Game to Android

first.wood.war-androidIf you’re looking for a great RTS game, there’s a new one called First Wood War that you’ll want to check out. It’s an epic game involving little wooden soldiers, but not the type of wooden soldiers you’re probably thinking of… First Wood War is all about the trees. You control an army of wooden warriors with the goal of capturing your ...

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app Tower Blocks logo

Tower Blocks


The humans have wanted to reach the sky since the old days. Can you construct an ultimate skyscraper which rises above everyone and everything else? In this game, your target is to release the hoisted...

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