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ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity & FonePad Note w/ Stylus stir the pot

asus logo 2ASUS is a featured star at this year's Computex event and hasn't just stopped at presenting us with one new device. Its new Transformer Pad Infinity boasts a 2560x1600 display and 4K output. This 10-inch tablet has the brand new Nvidia Tegra 4 chip on board. The Taiwanese manufacturer's portfolio doesn't stop there: the FonePad ...

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New Transformer Pad Infinity: Tegra 4, 2,560 x 1,600 display

asus transformer pad infinity 2013 Credit: AnandTech At Computex 2013, Asus’ chairman Jonney Shih took the stage to unveil a series of exciting new Android products, including the latest generation of the Transformer Pad series – the Transformer Pad Infinity.The refresh to last year’s Pad Infinity features a souped spec sheet – boasting the brand new Tegra 4 processor and 2...

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First Impressions of the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T

As mentioned yesterday on our site, the Asus Transformer 300 is now available online from several different retailers. I also said I was picking one up, and as promised I’m back with the awesomeness that is the new Asus Transformer TF300T. I’m not going to go through a full “hands-on” review yet, as this is my first tablet so it’s going t...

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ASUS Transformer Pad 300 Coming to a Store near You Tomorrow… maybe?

For the past few weeks there’s been talk about ASUS’s new line of Tablets, mainly the Transformer Pad 300 which is supposed to drop tomorrow. Well, as someone who’s planning on picking up the tablet it’s become quite apparent that something’s not right with the new tab as it’s nowhere to be found. Articles started popping up all o...

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Asus Transformer Book Trio runs Windows 8 and Android at the same time

Transformer Book Trio Credit: Engadget Just when you were thinking that Android tablets couldn’t get more awesome, Asus comes to surprise once again with the new Transformer Book Trio, showcased moments ago at this year’s Computex show. The special thing about the Trio is that it can power two operating systems at the same time: Windows 8 and Android.This late...

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Is Asus preparing to take on the Galaxy Note series with 6-inch Transformer?

n6-te-Asus-1Computex 2013 is just around the corner, and that means now is the time when manufacturers start teasing us about what they plan to show off. For Asus, the teasing takes place in the form of an Android action-figure, which is teeming with hints of what is to come.To find the biggest hints, you don’t need to look any further than the box. Righ...

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app Go Go Biker! for Eee Pad logo

Go Go Biker! for Eee Pad


*** For Asus Transformer ***Go Go Biker is a smart phone APP game which integrated a round-the-island bike trip game with well-known scenic spots in Taiwan. By simply moving your fingers, you will be ...


The Asus Transformer TF300T Now Available for Purchase Online

Well, the day has finally arrived as the general public can now (actually) order the ASUS Transformer Pad 300 online. We along with every other site on the net have reported that the pre-orders started last week, but finding one available was near impossible. Personally, I’ve worn myself out between calling retailers, checking online, and hitti...

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app DPAD Keyboard logo

DPAD Keyboard


ASUS Transformer doesn't have DPAD Center key. This simplest app emulates the key with SPACE for games which cannot be used without it....


ASUS shows off the Padfone and Pad Infinity 700 at MWC 2012

As MWC 2012 gets underway the news is rolling in, and ASUS has finally shown of some tablets a lot of us have been waiting to see. Asus finally let people get hands-on with two new devices in the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity 700 series and the ASUS Padphone. The Pad Infinity is essentially the same tablet that ASUS showed off as the TF700 during...

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app Ultimate Transformer Prime App logo

Ultimate Transformer Prime ...


Everything you need to know about your Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime!Get the latest rumors, software updates, usage tips, apps & games, tech-support, accessories and more.? FEATURES ? Latest upda...

app Ultimate Asus Eee Pad App logo

Ultimate Asus Eee Pad App


Everything you need to know about your Asus Eee Pad!Get the latest rumors, software updates, usage tips, apps & games, tech-support, accessories and more.★ FEATURES ✓ Latest updates - stay up-...

app Androidabot Transformer logo

Androidabot Transformer


***Check out Soundify for all of this functionality plus many more features (including choosing your own sound files).***Androidabot:Turns your ASUS Transformer tablet into a real Transformer!NOTE: T...


In the market for a new Android tablet? Here are some devices worth waiting for

android smartphone shopping Has your Nexus 7 fallen in love with the concrete? Are you looking to replace that old Galaxy Tab? Looking to get in on the wonderful world of Android tablets? Making as big a decision as this can become confusing and if you want to make an educated decision on what tablet to buy, you’ll need to know what’s coming up in the next few months and...

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NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 not selling as fast as expected

Nvidia Tegra 4Recent successes by mobile processor makers such a Qualcomm and the Taiwanese fab-less semiconductor company MediaTek seem to be putting pressure on the sales of NVIDIA’s latest ARM based processor the Tegra 4. Although NVIDIA has managed to attract some big clients for its new processor, it seems that the high price of the SoC is causing s...

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AA Weekly: top Android news of the week, June 9, 2013

aa-weeklyIn the AA Weekly, we recap the most significant events that happened over the past seven days in the world of Android. We look at new devices, major news, leaks, and everything else you should know to stay on top of your favorite operating system.Asus goes tablet crazy at ComputexThe Computex trade show took place in Taiwan last week, the perfect o...

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Asus “We Transform” Computex 2013 event available to watch in its entirety [video]

Asus We TransformThe Asus “We Transform” event, during which the company has shown its most recent products, is available to watch in its entirety on YouTube.ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih has done a real tour de force, making sure everyone in the audience was impressed by his company’s latest range of products. You may remember that Asus has started p...

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Roundup: Asus devices at Computex 2013 – what you need to know

Asus mobile Now that the official Asus press conference for Computex 2013 has come and gone, it’s time to check out the highlights. This of course means looking at the latest batch of Android-powered products that will soon hit the market courtesy of Taiwan-based Asus itself.Asus Transformer Pad Infinity Asus kicked off its Computex press conference by ...

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CyanogenMod 10.1 RC3 available for download

CyanogenMod 10.1 RC3In the push towards a stable release of CyanogenMod 10.1, the development team has published its third release candidate (RC) with a boat load of bug fixes including a fix for the preview issues seen after using the camcorder.In software development circles release candidates are used for public testing and to squash bugs. The idea is that the so...

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Quick Review: R.O.O.T.S from Alex Saenko

Quick Review: R.O.O.T.S from Alex Saenko R.O.O.T.S is a psychedelic new Android game with a bit of an odd premise.The game involves alien trees who are striving for domination of the solar system, and it's your job to give the green trees a little help. While there’s no real storyline behind R.O.O.T.S, it is a game about little space trees that yearn to grow. You’ll start each level w...

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app Oil Rush: Free Demo logo

Oil Rush: Free Demo


Oil Rush is a 3D naval strategy game that takes place in a world where nuclear war has melted the ice caps, changing the face of the planet forever. It features unique gameplay focused on group contro...

app LightMeter (noAds) logo

LightMeter (noAds)


I've made this app for real old school photographers or advanced amateurs shooting analog photography. For the price of a soda you will support hundreds of hours of work and will get more features and...


Com2uS releases Oven Break for Android

Gingerbread men are well known to be cute and quite tasty, but I bet you didn’t know they’re fast. Oven Break is a new game from Com2uS that shows you just how fast a Gingerbread man can run as he tries to run, jump, and slide his way to safety away from the witch’s oven. Oven Break is a very simple running game that will put your refle...

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app NoteLynX Outliner logo

NoteLynX Outliner


Outliner, Hierarchical Tree Note Editor and Information Manager for text, data and images. Multiple Parents feature allows a child note to be linked to more than one parent although defined only onc...

app Move Apps – App 2 SD logo

Move Apps – App 2 SD


Do you want to be notified automatically that an app can be moved or tell you which apps are movable to the internal or external SD card? Then this is the app for you.MoveApps(apps to sd) helps you to...


Gala Bingo, Play Mobile!

Gala Bingo, Play Mobile! If you like Mobile Slots, Games and Bingo, Gala Bingo is the website for you, especially if you're using a smartphone or a tablet. It's a one stop mobile shop, offering you over 30 of your favorite slots and games, that are easy to find now, in one place, all together. Using the portal is easy as pie, you will have to login with your regula...

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app App Review Latest Apps Free logo

App Review Latest Apps Free


This app contains video reviews for latest and top mobile apps. The videos have been hand-picked by us. The videos include:iOS 7 App Switcher Concept: Multitasking RedesignReview of Rotago for iPhone,...

app Star wall pro live wallpaper logo

Star wall pro live wallpape...


Live wallpaper with pretty, twinkling stars and fun ways of interacting with these!Pro features? Set a gradient of any two colours you can think of as background!? Send fireworks to where you touched ...

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