Quick Review – Santa Roll for Android


As the holiday’s approach I always try to keep an out for holiday themed Android Games. They have slowly started to trickle out, and Nelpy Games dropped two Christmas themed games this week with [...]

Valuable Time


VALUABLE TIME displays a real-time counter, not unlike a stopwatch. Yet, instead of counting time, it counts money. Enter how much you are paid (hourly or salary), press start, and watch the [...]

Improve Your Bass Playing


20 Video Lessons on how to improve your Bass Guitar Playing.Includes:Basic Slapping TechniquesPlay 1-4-5 ProgressionsPlay a Blues Scale Play a Pentatonic Blues ScalePlay a Pentatonic Rock Scale [...]

Read all 'CTIA 2010' posts in Crave – CNET

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ReutersRead all 'CTIA 2010' posts in CraveCNETThe Google Android smartphones have appeared in the wild and they look like final products. A handful of pictures of the Incredible trickled [...]