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Trigger Games releases Warlock Defense for Android

They eyes of the enemy are over your lands, you must defend it! That’s the opening line in the description for Warlock Defense, a new Tower Defense game from Trigger Games. We know there is Magic involved and it’s a Tower Defense game, but is it a good one? Warlock Defense is a TD game set in olden times where you’ll have to use towers and...

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Madfinger teases Dead Trigger 2, promises more at E3

A screenshot from Madfinger's Dead Trigger 2 gameMadfinger’s Dead Trigger, a zombie survival horror game for mobile devices, was a big hit on Android for a couple of reasons: one, the Tegra 3 edition was graphically impressive, and two, Madfinger decided to drop the title’s price from $1 to free. With Dead Trigger 2, the company’s looking to capitalize on the success of the first game by ag...

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The Best Android Zombie Games of 2012

Best Android Zombie Games of 2012 Anyone who regularly reads my articles knows I’m a Zombie fan, and doing a Best Android Zombie Games of 2012 list is a no brainer. If you love a good Zombie game get ready as the 10 games below are our picks for the best of the bunch from last year. 1. Infectonator Armor Games made a splash this year when they released a very popular fla...

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Square Enix brings Chrono Trigger classic RPG to Android

Despite my addiction to Final Fantasy games, I've never played the equally compelling RPG called Chrono Trigger before. It's also one Squaresoft's classic RPGs loved by many games in the SNES and Nintendo DS platform. So, it's quite interesting to know that Square Enix has brought the game to Google and is now available for a premium price of $9.9...

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Shoot Endless Waves of Zombies with MadFinger's Dead Trigger Android Game

From the same people who brought Samurai II: Vengeance and Shadowgun, comes another action-packed, gun-blasting game for Android - MadFinger's Dead Trigger. Available now for only $0.99 on Google Play, grab this game and have a blast shooting endless waves of zombies. Your main objective - to survive for as long as you can. Dead Trigger is of co...

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Shoot Endless Waves of Zombies with MadFinger’s Dead Trigger Android Game

From the same people who brought Samurai II: Vengeance and Shadowgun, comes another action-packed, gun-blasting game for Android - MadFinger's Dead Trigger. Available now for only $0.99 on Google Play, grab this game and have a blast shooting endless waves of zombies. Your main objective - to survive for as long as you can. Dead Trigger is of co...

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5 New Android Games you Should be Playing… Zombie Edition

    Zombie games are just like the undead… they just keep coming. You can’t stop them or really even slow them down as developers just keep pumping them into the market. Not that I’m complaining as we’ve gotten a lot of great ones already this year, and I’m a Zombie fan just like a lot of our readers. With that in...

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app Football Games – Soccer Juggle logo

Football Games – Socc...


This season, play a unique twist on the usual football games juggling challenge. Juggle up to 3 balls!Do you have what it takes to lift the world cup of football juggle?"One of the best and fun f...

app SureFire Alarm Clock logo

SureFire Alarm Clock


Now with widget! Inspiring design, features such as game and math wake challenges, music player with sleep timer, a great library of built-in alarm tones and ambient sounds, or use your own music. S...

app Smart Statusbar+ logo

Smart Statusbar+


Smart Statusbar+ is the first and only Status bar enabler in full screen app. You can now reveal status bar in any Full screen app with gesture. The Paid version provides more features for video game...

app AppKicker logo



**This app is a widget**AppKicker provides quickstart icons for the apps you most likely launch next. The list is automagically updated while you use your apps or games.You can configure different mod...

app Android Trek – Star Defense logo

Android Trek – Star D...


Android Trek for fans of star trek, star wars, and space based defense games.Android Trek - Galaxy DefenseUse your compliment of torpedoes and power to defend your ally’s ships and space stations ag...

app Mystic Genie Slots logo

Mystic Genie Slots


Experience the exotic delights of ancient Arabia in Mystic Genie Slots! Make a wish on the Mega-Wish wheels and seeif it comes true! There are 5 amazing bonus upgrade wheels to play. Unlock the wheels...

app Reward Hunter Slots Machine logo

Reward Hunter Slots Machine


This exciting multi line, 5 reel casino slot machine game with multiple bonus games is designed for professional slot machines and provides the same playing experience as the best state-of-the-art sl...

app Amazing Broken Display logo

Amazing Broken Display


"Amazing Broken Display for Android is an easy to use casual app, allowing you to make fun of your friends. This app is a great amusement for people of all ages, I play tricks with my friends all day ...

app Major Mayhem logo

Major Mayhem


Meet the newest recruit in the Adult Swim Games army: Major Mayhem. He's got an itchy trigger finger, some scratchy stubble, and a fondness for shooting dudes in the face. Run and gun your way through...

app Dodeca (Rubik’s Cube Variant) logo

Dodeca (Rubik’s Cube ...


Magic Dodecahedron is a variant of Rubik's Cube, widely known as Megaminx. This application is a 3D model of Megaminx with 12 colors, which supports Meffert's Color Scheme, MF8's Color Scheme and User...

app Snake Galaxy logo

Snake Galaxy


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SNAKEGALAXY REVIEW OVER THE WEB "PocketGamer Review 8/10 + Silv...

app Gears of War 3 logo

Gears of War 3


******************************************** Gears of War 3 Application ****************************************************** by *****************************************************...

app Around Sound Pro logo

Around Sound Pro


Around Sound Pro allows you to listen to music, watch movies and play games while still being aware of your surroundings.?What it does:Pro Street Mode:?+Walk down the street and only hear the noises a...

app Fruit Rush HD logo

Fruit Rush HD


Now you can play this classic thrilling board game on your Android Phone or Tablet.Throw in fruits at the top of the board and watch them slide. You then collect the fruits that drop out at the bottom...

app Negev Machine Gun logo

Negev Machine Gun


You can simulate Negev just shake your phone or just by clicking on the weapon. If you run out of bullets is just click on the charger that charges the Negev again. √The phone vibrates when shootin...

app Chrono Soundboard logo

Chrono Soundboard


Plays sound tracks from the popular games, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Join us on Facebook to request new tracks.NOTE: If something isn't working or is causing problems, rating the application a ...

app Hey Listen! – Sound activated logo

Hey Listen! – Sound a...


Do you ever miss Navi from the Zelda games?Now you can get annoyed by her 24/7! Just start the app and she will interrupt you whenever she hears a sound nearby.Tested on:-Nexus One-LG Optimus 2X-Asus ...

app Gunslingers logo



How quick are you on the draw? Which of your friends has the fastest trigger finger? Have you got the nerve to face them down in a head to head stand off?Experience the thrills of a wild west show dow...

app Monster Puzzle RPG logo

Monster Puzzle RPG


Follow Soleil's story as you battle it out through ancient caverns governed by the power of the Gods. Slash through monsters in this hybrid of adventure RPGs and Puzzles games, inspired by Knightfall ...

app Super Paper Duck Hunt HD FREE logo

Super Paper Duck Hunt HD FR...


READY FOR THE ULTIMATE MOBILE DUCK HUNT? *** RETRO FUN ****** OPTIMIZED FOR TABLET AND MOBILE ***SUPER PAPER DUCK HUNTER is a one of the best duck-hunting games on the market! Squirt down paper ducks...

app USB/BT Joystick Center 7 logo

USB/BT Joystick Center 7


Comment from:A Google User, 18.04.2013 (Samsung S3): ***** AwesomeTom Waters, 17.04.2013 (Samsung Galaxy Note): ***** Works PERFECTLYJoe Ryan, 16.04.2013 (Samsung Galaxy Nexus): ***** Works great!Plea...

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