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app Live Trippy Shroom Wallpaper logo

Live Trippy Shroom Wallpape...


Scrolls through tons of awesome pics of psilocybin cubensis (and other varieties) of psychedelic mushrooms.In order to give you a free app and keep developing more free apps in the future, we are inte...

app Crazy Trippy Live Wallpaper ★ logo

Crazy Trippy Live Wallpaper...


Cool crazy psychedelic effect trippy live wallpaper! WARNING: Not for people who feel uncomfortable when get dizzy!--------------User comments--------------Jami: "Love Crazy Luv it! Deleted all m...


Take a Trippy Adventure with Lucky by Twist-edgames

Tap and Click adventure games are becoming more common place in the world of Android gaming, and they’re also getting much, much cooler. Lucky is one of the newest ones out, and while it’s not a game for kids it’s definitely different and one of the slickest games I’ve seen of this nature. Lucky is the story of William, a man who trul...

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app biggs’ trippy tic tac toe logo

biggs’ trippy tic tac...


Hey, yeah. It's TicTacToe, or howeveryouspellit. And yeah, its got, like lots of colors--I mean LOTS. Yeah. 3D, too--cool.Psychedelic! Trippy! Hallucinations--ha, not really. Or maybe...The AI ...

app Trippy Hippy Live Wallpaper logo

Trippy Hippy Live Wallpaper


Trippy Hippy Live Wallpaper will turn your phone or tablets home screen to an animated personalized slide show featuring crisp vibrant images that you...

app Trippy Videos logo

Trippy Videos


Psychedelic videos sure to expand your mind!Features========¤ Updated live off the web with content in real time.¤ Watch YouTube videos directly from feedsTags====entheogen, trip, trippy...

app TrippyTrippy logo



TrippyTrippy vous permet d'apprendre à connaitre les points touristiques chauds des villes importantes du monde (actuellement Québec seulement, mais plus de contenu à venir sous p...

app Roygbiv Lite 3D Trippy LWP logo

Roygbiv Lite 3D Trippy LWP


*** Version 2.0 Update! ***I have done a complete overhaul of this live wallpaper, and it's back now better than ever. The majority of incompatible device issues should now be solved, and working fast...

app Roygbiv Pro 3D Trippy LWP logo

Roygbiv Pro 3D Trippy LWP


*** Version 2.0 Update! ***I have done a complete overhaul of this live wallpaper, and it's back now better than ever. The majority of incompatible device issues should now be solved, and working fast...

app Trippy Wallpaper logo

Trippy Wallpaper


Swirling, pretty, trippy, psychedelic patterns make up this live wallpaper.To add to your homescreen, long press the background, select wallpapers, live wallpapers.Lots of different modes and controls...

app Trippy Adventure Wallpaper logo

Trippy Adventure Wallpaper


Experience this trippy adventure through mystical woods and cities. This live wallpaper will keep you mesmerized for a very long time.To use goto Menu --> Wallpaper --> Live Wallpapers and selec...


Master Melodies with Pulse from Cipher Prime Studios

Screenshot_2013-06-19-11-56-59The Humble Android Bundle 6 dropped yesterday, and while I was extremely excited to finally play Frozen Synapse, the game that really hooked me was Pulse from Cipher Prime Studios.Pulse is a tap-based music game that’s designed around concentric circles and trippy visuals. Each level presents you with a series circles and a glowing ring that puls...

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Coming Soon: Hero of Many from Trickster Arts

HoM_PosterHero of Many is an upcoming action adventure game that lets you play the Hero of a small group of water-based creatures. It’s not due out until next week, but we were lucky enough to get a hold of an early copy thanks to the folks at Trickster Arts. After spending some time with the game, it’s pretty safe to say Hero of Many is a game you need ...

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The Best New Android Games of the Week – May 18, 2013 Sonic The Hedgehog The top spot on our Best New Android Games list this week was a no-brainer. Sonic the Hedgehog finally zoomed onto Android, and it’s the original game that started it all back in 1991. If there’s even been a perfect port of a game, this is it. It works flawlessly, and it’s a title any true gamer should have in his collec...

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The Best New Android Games of the Week – April 15, 2013 1. Scribblenauts Remix Word games are a dime a dozen, but there’s nothing out there quite like Scribblenauts Remix. If you can spell it, you can basically create it as long as you stick to nouns and adjectives. You’ll create objects to solve puzzles, and the freeplay mode will keep you busy for ages. Scirbblenauts Remix is only available v...

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Quick Review: R.O.O.T.S from Alex Saenko

Quick Review: R.O.O.T.S from Alex Saenko R.O.O.T.S is a psychedelic new Android game with a bit of an odd premise.The game involves alien trees who are striving for domination of the solar system, and it's your job to give the green trees a little help. While there’s no real storyline behind R.O.O.T.S, it is a game about little space trees that yearn to grow. You’ll start each level w...

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The Top New Android Games of the Week – March 11, 2013

So many games, so little time. This week’s edition of the Top New Android Games of the Week is full of great games and it was quite the task to trim it down to only 10. There’s definitely a little something for everyone this week with games including dog loving sharks, pixely warriors, and two buff brothers with a love of guns. Without furthe...

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Behind the Cube: Day 112 with 22cans Curiosity

Just when I think I’m out…it pulls me right back in. 22cans Curiosity actually piqued my Curiosity since our last Behind the Cube update. Nobody’s broken into the Cube yet, and there are now new features to speak of, but there are a lot of names. Lots and lots of names… 22cans Curiosity Cube has now had 209 layers removed, and the Cube i...

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The Best Android Endless Runner Games of 2012

Best Android Endless Running Games 2012 Endless Runners made a big splash last year on Android, and there were a lot of great titles to choose from. Endless runner’s come in many shapes & forms, and after much deliberation we came up with a list of 5 we feel were the best of the bunch. Here we go with our picks for the Best Android Endless Runner Games of 2012… 1. Temple...

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Quick Review: Sony SDNA’s Motiongraph for Android

Quick Review: Sony SDNA’s Motiongraph for Android Photo Apps are always popular and Sony Digital Network Applications or SDNA for short has put out some nice ones over the past few years. Motiongraph is the latest and greatest from the developers at SDNA and if you’re looking for an Android app to “Wow” your friends Motiongraph might just be the thing for you. Motiongraph is an app that c...

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Put your Dexterity to the Test with Plant Pot’s Finger Hoola for Android

Hula Hoops are something usually reserved for people with good coordination, which leaves most of us out of the loop. Plant Pot’s Finger Hoola is a new Android game that gives people that are horrible at hula a shot as you get to use your fingers instead of your hips. Finger Hoola is a game of honor and diplomacy. Actually that’s Bat Fight, ...

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The Top 10 Android Games of the Week – December 2, 2012

Top 10 New Android Games We’re doing things a bit different with this week’s list of the Top 10 Android Games of the Week. Instead of running it on our sister-site Android-Games like we usually do, we’re bringing it back to home and will be running the Top 10 Android Apps list this Tuesday. Now that we got that out of the way we hope you enjoy our picks for the Top...

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5 Great Hidden Object Games for Android

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Tops list by genre, and we thought it was high time to cover a few hidden object games as they are very popular to say the least. With that in mind here are 5 Great Hidden Object Games for Android. 1. Tiny Bang Story The Tiny Bang Story is the newest game on the list, and we also thought it was the b...

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Free Falling Fun with Chocohero from Com2uS

Overview There are a lot of jumping games out there, and dozens that let you bounce upwards to collect coins and the like. Chocohero from Com2uS switches things up a bit by letting you go down instead of up, and it’s quite a bit of fun as well. Your job in Chocohero is to help Chipster save his friends and the world as you free-fall through...

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app Shrooms Live Wallpaper HD logo

Shrooms Live Wallpaper HD


This is one of the most trippy live video backgrounds available on the market to date. The colors glow like a rave, move and blend together and the magic mushrooms make you feel like you are on an lsd...

app Plasma Pro 5000 TRIAL logo

Plasma Pro 5000 TRIAL


(TRIAL VERSION WARNING: This version includes a very ugly and annoying message on the screen that makes it VERY UNUSABLE for day-to-day use! The purpose of the trial version is so you can try (for fre...

app Plasma Pro 5000 Live Wallpaper logo

Plasma Pro 5000 Live Wallpa...


Plasma Pro 5000 is the plasma the professionals use! It's so awesomely beautiful and hypnotic, there are rumors of secret government research into using it as a long-range hypnosis weapon for when the...

app Pop Cubed logo

Pop Cubed


Pop Cubed is a simple yet addictive bubble popping game. Your goal; to tap the bubble as many times as you can before it becomes impossible to catch. The game features a score board and customizable...

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