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The Dual-Core HTC Vision?

I have to say I am thoroughly impressed and glad to see that T-Mobile will finally be bringing a true powerhouse phone into their market. It may in fact be the most powerful Android cell phone yet. Now admittedly like any speculation, the specifics of the phone are, well, speculation. I have heard everything from this being a dual-core 800 MHz ARM ...

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Cocha Inbound Chile


Chile has no geographic equal in all the world – its 4500 kilometers of coastline is home to majestic mountains, an extensive coastline, sublime lakes and lagoons, fertile wine growing valleys, an a...

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Anger Management Guide


Are You Ready To Eliminate Anger From Your Life Before It Does Even More Damage?If you have anger issue, it is killing you!Some of the bad things that come with being angry are easy to spot.You know y...


Samsung Galaxy S contains most powerful GPU in any Android phone to date – Androinica (blog)

TrustedReviewsSamsung Galaxy S contains most powerful GPU in any Android phone to dateAndroinica (blog)So, you think that the Nexus One and the up and coming HTC EVO will be the 1Ghz powered Android phones to beat? Not entirely true. ...Android Phone Samsung Galaxy S Has 3x Faster GPU Than (blog)Samsung?s New AndroidPC WorldSa...

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