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Twitter updates: Tweets are now larger than life on mobile

new twitter logo 88Coming in on the heels of the news that Google has updated their Google Calendar App, Twitter has also released an update for their official app. Some new changes in the update include some notification features and an improvement to the way Tweet Preview works on your mobile device. Twitter has released their update 4.1 across Android and iOS d...

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app LiberTweet : Make long tweets. logo

LiberTweet : Make long twee...


[Note that this is an extension to the Official Twitter Client].The only app that allows you to make long tweets in a seamless manner, via the official Twitter Android app.More than 1.000.000 tweets m...

app Tweets search logo

Tweets search


Search last 20 tweets with the #tag or to @someone.You don't need a Twitter account....

app TV Tweets Free logo

TV Tweets Free


Live tweets over your Live-TV or any other app you have running on Google TV, your mobile phone, tablet, or TV Stick or Box.Search using hashtags, @ users, keywords and combos. Follow sporting event ...

app NHK Tweets Notifier logo

NHK Tweets Notifier




Twitter for Android updated, with push notifications, expanded tweets and more today has released the updated version of its Android app. The updated brings in several feature enhancements including push notifications, expanded tweets, search auto-complete and more. So, the next time you log-in to your Twitter account using your Android device, you'll notice that for Tweets with links to content from Twitter's p...

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app Local Tweets logo

Local Tweets


*** NOW FREE! ***Find out what's going on around you!Pulls the 15 most recent tweets in a 5 mile radius.Change the radius by clicking the position at the top of the screen.I can't respond to comments!...

app Justin Bieber Tweets logo

Justin Bieber Tweets


This application is perfect for the fans of Justin Bieber who follow him on Twitter! Now you can follow all Tweets posted by this celebrity teen sensation on your Android mobile phone with only a few ...

app Wrist Tweets (demo) logo

Wrist Tweets (demo)


Wrist Tweets is a Twitter notification app for the Sony LiveView. It has more useful features than the default Twitter plugin that comes with the LiveView Manager, and does it's best to be reliable so...

app LED Banner Scroll Tweets logo

LED Banner Scroll Tweets


Display text and tweets in a stylish scrolling text view. You can show a message across a room, to a loved one, or as a tease to a classmate or workmate. Choose any color for the LED effect text and a...

app FanChatterMobile Scores&Tweets logo

FanChatterMobile Scores&...


FanChatterMobile app brings live sports conversations to your mobile phone. There are plenty of other apps that show you box scores and stats, but with FanChatterMobile you can see what fans are actua...

app Indian Cricket Tweets logo

Indian Cricket Tweets


Get the latest tweets from your favorite Indian cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Zaheer, Raina, etc. It's super easy to use, and you don't even need to have a twitter account....

app Tweets on Map logo

Tweets on Map


See tweets near you! Follow your location or browse in map. Click the tweet bubble to see more about it....

app VoiceTweets Twitter App logo

VoiceTweets Twitter App


Basic Twitter app designed for ease of use without looking at the screen. Compose a tweet using your voice, and it will read it back to you before you decide to post it. Listen to your tweets read to ...

app Leonardo Dicaprio Tweets logo

Leonardo Dicaprio Tweets


This apps catches and monitors all the Tweets from Leonardo Dicaprio's Twitter account. Join the conversation if you want to....

app Twouter: Tweets + Klout logo

Twouter: Tweets + Klout


Twitter account not needed. Twouter can present your Klout score and also finds the most influential Twitter users such as musicians (Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Rihanna), athl...

app Twouter Lite: Tweets + Klout logo

Twouter Lite: Tweets + Klou...


Twitter account not needed. Twouter presents your Klout score and finds the most influential Twitter users in over 20 categories such as musicians (Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Harry Styles), at...

app Political.Tweets logo



The number one Android application for tracking politicians' tweets. With this application, you can view official US Senators, House of Representatives, State Governors and Federal Agencies twitter ...

app Soccer Tweets logo

Soccer Tweets


Follow your favorite soccer players on Twitter. If u have account with Twitter you will also be able to Reply or re-tweet the tweets. This app displays Tweets only from verified accounts....

app Tech Tweets logo

Tech Tweets


Follow breaking news and tweets from leading tech publications and bloggers. If u have account with Twitter you will also be able to Reply or re-tweet the tweets. This app displays Tweets only from v...

app Cricket Tweets logo

Cricket Tweets


Keep up with your favorite cricketers , commentators as they tweet about cricket matches and everything else about cricket. Now If u have account with Twitter you will also be able to Reply or re-twee...


500,000 Android Activations Daily With No End in Sight Tweets Rubin

A telling statistic was announced by Google's Andy Rubin today on Twitter: there are now 500,000 daily activations of Android devices taking place. This just goes to show how popular tablets and smartphones have become with the public at large. In fact, the rate of activations is growing at 4.4% each week, so the overall trend for Android is po...

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app TweetSearch logo



Simple application that searches latest five tweets with the text insearch box...

app CoolTweets Editor logo

CoolTweets Editor


Express your feelings and emotions using unique symbols. Play with CoolTweetsEditor and get the most out of Twitter! Include icons in your tweets, use decorated fonts, "paint" with block cha...

app JimmyD Tweets logo

JimmyD Tweets


Now native Russian speakers can read translations of Jimmy Dushku's tweets. I hope this those who do not speak English as first language....

app Telugu Actors Tweets logo

Telugu Actors Tweets


Displaying telugu actors tweet with ad as its a free app.Please use paid version to avoid ad....

app Tamil Actors Tweets logo

Tamil Actors Tweets


Displaying latest tamil actors tweet with ad as it is a free verion.You can read around 20 tamil actor's tweets.Please the the url

app Love Tweets logo

Love Tweets


When you fall in love, it is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake, and then it subsides. And when it subsides, you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots are bec...

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