Hands On: Twitter for Android – PC Magazine

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TechTremor.com (blog)Hands On: Twitter for AndroidPC MagazineThe Twitter for Android app may not unseat other apps already popular and in use on Android phones, but it does provide an alternative [...]

New Android App: Fynch for Twitter

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Rn Software has just released a new app called Fynch for Twitter. Fynch is not a standalone app but actually integrates with Twitter to enhance you experience by managing how you interact with [...]

Search on Android for Twitter


You can search for twitter.It is not necessary to sign in.- Advanced search- Trends- Find friends- Search photos- Save search : Twitter or Local- Favorites- New tweet- Timeline (User streams)- [...]

3 Great Twitter Apps for Android

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Twitter and Facebook… you can’t really go anywhere these days without one or the other popping up in some way, shape or form. There are dozens of Twitter related Android Apps out there, and with [...]

Twitter Android App Updated to Version 2.0

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The folks at Twitter.com has just released version 2.0 of their Twitter Android app. It’s been a much awaited update actually and a lot has already happened to this nice Android app. In [...]

Official Twitter app for Android – ABH News

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Pocket-lint.comOfficial Twitter app for AndroidABH NewsUntil now, Android Users rely on third-party Twitter applications. Twitter now has an official Twitter app, created by the programmers [...]

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