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Unreal Engine Game Technology Coming to Android, Dungeon Defenders Soon!

Ask any avid iPhone games enthusiasts what's the coolest iPhone game right now and I'm pretty sure they will all answer - Infinity Blade. Yes, in terms of game graphics and game physics - this is probably one of the best made iPhone game to date - thanks to the game technology employed - Unreal Engine. Now guess what Android fans? That same game te...

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Wild Blood now out on Android

Back in September, Gameloft released their all new Unreal technology powered 'hack and slash' mobile game - Wild Blood onto iOS devices. The developer has now also just made the game available to Android devices and the Android app is now available to download via Google Play. Wild Blood is an action packed role playing game (RPG) and is based a...

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app Wild Blood logo

Wild Blood


The game requires ~2Gb of free space in order to install.Gameloft has harnessed the power of the revolutionary Unreal Engine to bring unimaginable battles in real-time, full 3D graphics. Live the unfo...

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Epic Citadel


Enter Epic Citadel, the dynamic fantasy setting of the award-winning Infinity Blade.From the circus bazaar to the sweeping cathedral in the center of town, Epic Citadel dazzles with a visual parade of...

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iBoobs Original


*** This is the new version, download this one! ***Are you also tired of all these bad ripoffs of iBoobs? All these unrealistic image based wobbling apps that tried to copy the real iBoobs?Then prepar...

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iBoobs Full


If for some reason the download fails and you think you have been charged, just contact us for a refund. Google market is a bit buggy and it randomly fails some people's downloads. Please try the inst...


Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Android Game Review

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave Android Game Review [!-- INSTALL:com.trendy.ddapp --]Dungeon Defenders is a new action-RPG tower defense type of game ported over to the Android platform from its recent Apple iOS iteration. Like the iPhone and iPad versions, Dungeon Defenders for Android carrys the same great high-quality game graphics, deep gameplay and rich RPG elements. If you have played the game...

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