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Urara-Works releases Pixel Rooms for Android

pixel.rooms-androidEscape The Room style games have been extremely popular over the past couple of years, and Pixel Rooms is the latest Android game to take a crack at the room escape genre. It’s Pixely, and it’s from the folks at Skipmore & Urara-Works, so there’s bound to be some quirk thrown in for good measure. Pixel Rooms lets you step into the shoes ...

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Strain your Brain with Hemoglobin Hospital for Android

Overview Blood. It’s exciting and new, come aboard we’re expecting you… wait a minute that’s the love boat. No matter, Hemoglobin Hospital is an “exciting and new” Android game from the folks at Urara-Works, and to my knowledge it’s the first blood-based action puzzler out there. Hemoglobin Hospital is an Android game all about ...

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Put your Fingers to the Test with Hurdle Hell for Android

Put your Fingers to the Test with Hurdle Hell for Android Overview I was browsing for Olympic themed Android games on Google Play yesterday when I stumbled across an interesting game called Hurdle Hell from Urara-Works Co. Hurdle Hell is a quick play game that has you leaping over hurdles and tapping like hell as you try and make it to the next stage. Gameplay When you hit Play in Hurdle Hell the fu...

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app Popcorn Hands logo

Popcorn Hands


Presenting a brand-new game genre: a popcorn action & shooting minigame!Tap the screen repeatedly to rapidly launch corn kernels into the pan!Collect the 16 rank titles and earn acclaim as a popco...

app Hurdle Hell logo

Hurdle Hell


The two runners' hearts beat as one! If just one of the runners trips, it's game over! Control both runners and clear an endless hell of oncoming hurdles! How to Play * Jump the endless onslaught of h...

app Salmon Roe logo

Salmon Roe


Here's a fun little time-waster introducing a new sensation -- popping salmon roe with your finger!Introducing a slightly unusual twist on the typical app!Who knew that popping salmon roe could be so ...

app Rotten Tangerines logo

Rotten Tangerines


Tap to collect! Trace to build chains!If you leave the rotten tangerines in the crate to sit, they'll spread and make the fresh ones around them moldy!Presenting an all-new fantasy-action tangerine ba...

app Mysterious Creatures logo

Mysterious Creatures


Find the mysterious sea creatures lurking in the shirasu!What's shirasu, you ask?Shirasu, also known as whitebait in English, are the small young of fish like sardines and anchovies.They are very smal...