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app USB Mass Storage Watcher OTG logo

USB Mass Storage Watcher OT...


--- For Root Users With Proper Kernel Only ---Frustrated by the lack of mass usb storage mounting in your android device? Well look no further. Now you can. You'll now recieve standard android notific...




THIS APP IS FOR ROOTED PHONES ONLY!Requires*XPERIA ARC - 4.0.1.A.0.283 LT15i Generic global 2.3.4 ROM (tested)*XPERIA ARC - 4.0.2.A.0.42 LT15i Generic global 2.3.4 ROM (tested)*Only tested on stock ke...


No USB peripherals for the Nexus 4

Nexus 4 USB Earlier today we came to notice a simple yet powerful change to the Nexus 4’s online manual. It looks like Google has stealthily changed some of the parts of the manual and removed parts about the Nexus 4 USB connectivity with accessories like keyboards and mice.. Previously the online manual stated that the users can connect mice and keyboards...

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app USB MIDI Monitor logo

USB MIDI Monitor


The USB MIDI Monitor lets you view all incoming MIDI events from your USB MIDI interface. The events are timestamped and the event type, MIDI channel and values are displayed in a scrollable table. Fo...

app USB Host Diagnostics logo

USB Host Diagnostics


USB Host Diagnostics determines your device's USB host capabilities. USB host is a very powerful feature of recent Android based smartphones and tablets, but on many firmwares (both stock and custom) ...

app USB/BT Joystick Center 7 logo

USB/BT Joystick Center 7


Comment from:A Google User, 18.04.2013 (Samsung S3): ***** AwesomeTom Waters, 17.04.2013 (Samsung Galaxy Note): ***** Works PERFECTLYJoe Ryan, 16.04.2013 (Samsung Galaxy Nexus): ***** Works great!Plea...

app SerialTool logo



SerialTool is Designed for Android Operating system , It can aid engineer to debug there Hardware System which USING serial port, SerialTool Can communicate with other device by serial port , It also...

app BSPlayer logo



This is full, ad-free version of BSPlayer multi media player with added functions.BSPlayer is media player for Android smartphones and tablet PC's, supporting hardware accelerated video decoding, auto...

app Helicon Remote logo

Helicon Remote


Helicon Remote is a utility for tethered shooting compatible with all recent Nikon and Canon DSLRs.USB OTG adapter is required if your device doesn't have full size USB socket!Key features:- Automate...

app Standard Android ADK Demo Kit logo

Standard Android ADK Demo K...


This is the standard Android ADK Demo Kit. It is recompiled by the DIY Phone Gadgets community for easy tests.This application supports all the Android devices above 2.3.4 including tablets. Please vi...

app PowerAMP Status Bar Controller logo

PowerAMP Status Bar Control...


*Now compatible with latest PowerAMP version (v2.x)*Hi everyone, PowerAMP Status Bar Controller (formerlly PowerAMP Controller + Kinect) is an external add in for the famous PowerAMP music player.This...

app DIY Phone Gadgets Free logo

DIY Phone Gadgets Free


Add DIY Phone Gadgets or follow it on the Google+ Page: is the home for everything about DIY hardware gadgets integrating your Android phone or other mobile devices.Come join us...

app Open Explorer Beta logo

Open Explorer Beta


Open Explorer - an open source file manager for all Android devices! (Tablets, Large Phones, Small Phones, Google TV)- Complete file system management- USB, SD and other external media- Network Connec...

app BSPlayer FREE logo



BSPlayer FREE is top hardware accelerated video player for Android smartphones and tablet PCs.Main features:- Android 4.2 Jelly Bean MR1 compatibility- multi-core (dual and quad-core) HW decoding supp...

app Dave Matthews JukeBox logo

Dave Matthews JukeBox


Play Dave Matthews's songs without the need to search for it in YouTube.Simply type in the song's code from the list and play, just like a JukeBox !Also, You can choose any video of your choice, regis...

app PS3 Controller Pairing Tool logo

PS3 Controller Pairing Tool


Comments fromDave Haigh, 13.04.2013: ***** Works flawlesslyGarnet Ferguson, 16.01.2013: ***** Perfect (Galaxy Note 2)With this app it is possible "to write a MAC-Address of a bluetooth device/ada...

app [root] StickMount logo

[root] StickMount


Automatically mount and dismount USB sticks on various devices like the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. The Nexus 4 is not supported - this is an issue with the device, not with StickMount !!!! RE...

app Send to Framebuffer logo

Send to Framebuffer


Requires root, a kernel with USB host/OTG mode, dalvik.vm.heapsize=42m and a DisplayLink monitor/adapter!Send photos from any app to an attached Linux framebuffer device like a DisplayLink monitor/ad...

app Oscilloscope Pro logo

Oscilloscope Pro


NFX Oscilloscope is a simple signal vs. amplitude analyser.Currently there are two input options for the application. **** PLEASE ENSURE THE GABOTRONICS DEVICE IS UP TO DATE!!***** USB SUPPORT ****** ...