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Vampires Game


????? Sinister creatures long for your life. Sharpen your teeth and make your stand! BECOME A VAMPIRE AND FIGHT WITH YOUR FRIENDS FOR THE LEADERSHIP OF THE FAMILY You will experience a thrilling adven...


The Best New Android Games of the Week – April 22, 2013 This week’s edition of the Best New Android Games of the Week brings some great new Android Games to the table. Last week saw two popular games get sequels, and we got a third game featuring the hungry little alien known as Om Nom. There’s a little something for everyone, and we hope you enjoy our picks… 1. They Need to Be Fed 2 They...

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Vampoo the little Vampire Flies onto Google Play

Vampoo the little vampire There are a lot of Vampire games out there, but being a vampire isn’t always as easy as it seems. Such is the case in SVE Games Vampoo – a Little Vampire as you’ll quickly find out Vampires can die just as easily as the rest of us. Vampoo is the tale of a lovelorn vampire who’s on a journey to get back his beloved who has a penchant for ...

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Grow a Garden full of Ghouls in YoYo Games Grave Maker

YoYo Games is getting gamers in the Halloween spirit with a great new Android game called Grave Maker. I’ve actually been following this one for a while and as a fan of all things ghoulish I can honestly say it was well worth the wait. Grave Maker is a game about planting and growing… ghouls. That’s right you won’t be growing boring old ...

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Top 10 Gameloft Android Games

Everyone loves a good Top 10 list, and for awhile now we’ve been meaning to do a few lists for a few of the Top developers to highlight their best Android Games. Well, we’re going to start today and first up is the gaming giant known as Gameloft. In my time dealing with Android games I’ve watched Gameloft grow from a knock-off dev that p...

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Weird App of the Week – Cotton Candy Cooking Game

Overview We're all about weird and quirky Android games here at, and I see a lot of bizarre stuff out there every week. We thought it was about time to do a regular column of sorts, and are proud to present our first choice for Weird App of the Week with the Cotton Candy Cooking Game from Weird name for a developers...

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Top 10 New Android Games of the Day – April 19th, 2012

Good Android Games have been coming out with alarming speed lately, and today there were well over 10 "good" new ones that dropped into Google play. We’ve covered a few games today already and whether you want to fling sharks, kill pigs, build an Island village or refine a little oil there’s a little something for everyone today. If the ne...

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app Vampires Calculator logo

Vampires Calculator


This application is a guide and calculator for your Storm8 Vampires Live game. This program has no connection to internet (except ads!) or your game, just an offline calculator that optimize your Vamp...

app Vampire Secret Diary + WDP logo

Vampire Secret Diary + WDP


What is Calculator + WDP? Calculator Plus is two apps in one, first a fully functional calculator and 2nd it is a password protected diary. The calculator replicates android's stock calculator but w...

app Full Vampire Movies logo

Full Vampire Movies


* Full Vampire Movies* Vampire Audio Books6th March 2013 - Updated interface and lots more full screen high quality movies.12th March 2013 - Archive of pre-update movies added to the "More" ...

app Zombies vs Vampires logo

Zombies vs Vampires


The world is in uproar! Vampires have unleashed the zombie apocalypse all over Earth. As the last living biological scientist, this retro arcade style game pits you against vampires, cars, survivors,a...

app Vampire’s Fall (RPG) logo

Vampire’s Fall (RPG)


Download Vampire's Fall today and experience Krime Media’s featured addition to Android’s mobile multiplayer RPGs genre.Immerse yourself in a story of dark fantasy, adventure, vengeance, and blood...

app Seventh Blood Vampire 前編 logo

Seventh Blood Vampire 前...



app Zombies vs Vampires FREE logo

Zombies vs Vampires FREE


The world is in uproar! Vampires have unleashed the zombie apocalypse all over Earth. As the last living biological scientist, this retro arcade style game pits you against vampires, cars, survivors,a...


Coming Soon on Android, Dark Legends 3D MMO Game

If you're a fan of the Legends franchise on Android, Spacetime Studios, the developer of this game wants you to know that the third installment in the game series is about to hit the Android Market pretty soon. Dubbed Dark Legends, this new game Players will embrace the secret societies of vampires to challenge the hordes of undead, werewolves, ...

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app vampires logo



A simple puzzle gameSeveral levels of difficultyPerfect for both adults and children- Different images- Batton- Added support for tabletkw: game, baby, baby game, baby games, children, kid, kids, kid...

app Vampire Avatar FREE logo

Vampire Avatar FREE


Be the hero of your own game!In Vampire Avatar you become your own hero. Take a snapshot with your camera and turn yourself into a Vampire Avatar! Classic roleplaying elements combined with modern puz...

app Vampire Runner logo

Vampire Runner


Help save the friendly vampire running for his life!. Transform him into bat or mist to move through different obstacles.Vampire Runner is a side scroller running game inspired by great games like Can...

app Avatar Fight – MMORPG game logo

Avatar Fight – MMORPG...


Avatar fight is an ingenious multiplayer online game nothing like the other MMORPG games in the app store. The game is simple yet challenging, fun and addictive. It will give you a different taste of ...

app Vampire Hunter logo

Vampire Hunter


Warning! Not for the faint-hearted. A very scary game of hunting vampires in total darkness, armed with only a flashlight blessed with special powers. To kill a vampire, just shine the light at th...

app Vampires Booster Code logo

Vampires Booster Code


Boost your Vampires game ranking today. Thousands of codes inside the app! Copy and Paste in your phone!...

app Vampire of Needham logo

Vampire of Needham


The "Vampire of Needham V1.5" is a Geocaching adventure in which you must capture the vampire and return it to its tomb. Be warned once you capture the vampire your lifeforce is draining awa...

app Quiz: Vampire Diaries logo

Quiz: Vampire Diaries


Test your knowledge of The Vampire Diaries. Answer 15 random questions as fast as possible and get top score. You can also submit question and it will be added in the game.Features:Over 250 questions ...

app Vampire Tic Tac Toe logo

Vampire Tic Tac Toe


Tic Tac Toe for one or two players. Play against the computer or with a friend. As an added bonus win ten games, and touch the cracked pot in the bottom left corner. Play on or give it to a friend to...

app Vampire Slayer Squad Lite logo

Vampire Slayer Squad Lite


Think you have what it takes to overcome hordes of vampires as your slayer squad battles through Dracula's castle in this Space Hulk (tm) inspired turn based strategy (squad tactics)?COMING SOON - Dyn...

app The Vampire Diaries logo

The Vampire Diaries


"The Vampire Diaries" app sponsored by AT&T lets users create and share videos and photos, interact with a social media based game, watch preview clips and browse through show photos. Us...

app Vampires Thirst for Blood logo

Vampires Thirst for Blood


The most entertaining online game ever! Become a vampire lord by bringing other vampires into your clan. Feed your thirst for blood by acquiring slaves to gather blood for you. Perform numerous dark m...

app Vampire Life – Bonus logo

Vampire Life – Bonus


Start clans, kill vampires, take missions, gamble & more to become the deadliest vampire on Vampire-Life!With Vampire Life - Bonus, get $1500 game money when you register on the app....

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