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app Morganville Vampires Series logo

Morganville Vampires Series


By Rachel Caine.1. Glass Houses2. The Dead Girls’ Dance3. Midnight Alley4. Feast Of Fools5. Lord Of Misrule6. Carpe Corpus7. Fade Out8. Kiss Of Death9. Ghost Town...

app Vampires Calculator logo

Vampires Calculator


This application is a guide and calculator for your Storm8 Vampires Live game. This program has no connection to internet (except ads!) or your game, just an offline calculator that optimize your Vamp...

app Vampires Radio logo

Vampires Radio


Vampires Radio Station playing alternative and Goth music covering the classics to today, streaming 24/7! No more shuffling through the same old radio stations with nothing but annoying commercials o...

app Zombies vs Vampires logo

Zombies vs Vampires


The world is in uproar! Vampires have unleashed the zombie apocalypse all over Earth. As the last living biological scientist, this retro arcade style game pits you against vampires, cars, survivors,a...

app Vampires Game logo

Vampires Game


????? Sinister creatures long for your life. Sharpen your teeth and make your stand! BECOME A VAMPIRE AND FIGHT WITH YOUR FRIENDS FOR THE LEADERSHIP OF THE FAMILY You will experience a thrilling adven...

app Zombies vs Vampires FREE logo

Zombies vs Vampires FREE


The world is in uproar! Vampires have unleashed the zombie apocalypse all over Earth. As the last living biological scientist, this retro arcade style game pits you against vampires, cars, survivors,a...

app vampires logo



A simple puzzle gameSeveral levels of difficultyPerfect for both adults and children- Different images- Batton- Added support for tabletkw: game, baby, baby game, baby games, children, kid, kids, kid...




For the first time in her life, Autumn is free. She has escaped Claudio du Fresne, the vampire for whom she had been a feeder-slave for years. Now she wants to play and, for her, playing means wild, c...




Karen's dark, sexy vampire odyssey continues, as she findsherself pursued by John-Michael's bounty hunters by night,and by once-sexy, now-demonic Billy's restless spirit by day.In a strange turn of ev...

app Vampires Booster Code logo

Vampires Booster Code


Boost your Vampires game ranking today. Thousands of codes inside the app! Copy and Paste in your phone!...




"Overall I would rate Boys of the Bite well worth the price of entry, and a nice sampler of gay erotic romance stories that put a twist in the old tropes but never escapes or subverts them."...

app Gothic Vampires From Hell logo

Gothic Vampires From Hell


Blood sucking vampires, shady record deals, and killer soundtrack featuring Christian Death, Electric Hellfire Club, Pitbull Daycare & more. The band "Gothic Vampires From Hell" knew the...

app Vampires Live logo

Vampires Live


In the darkness under a starry sky, you awake to find a whole new world around you. The night, previously scary and mysterious, now seems familiar and comforting. The vampire who turned you is trying ...

app Vampires Thirst for Blood logo

Vampires Thirst for Blood


The most entertaining online game ever! Become a vampire lord by bringing other vampires into your clan. Feed your thirst for blood by acquiring slaves to gather blood for you. Perform numerous dark m...

app Gluddle logo



Free the Gluddle from The Supervision in this eye-catching bouncy game for iPhone and iPad! It will make you laugh! Oi! Aim and shoot springy globular characters called Gluddle. Freeze them in mid-air...

app Zombie Wallpapers Gallery HD logo

Zombie Wallpapers Gallery H...


Beware of the undead! Prepare yourself for the zombie attack on your android phone, because Zombies Wallpapers are here.This Free app is a collection of high quality scary pictures of living dead you ...


The Best New Android Games of the Week – April 22, 2013 This week’s edition of the Best New Android Games of the Week brings some great new Android Games to the table. Last week saw two popular games get sequels, and we got a third game featuring the hungry little alien known as Om Nom. There’s a little something for everyone, and we hope you enjoy our picks… 1. They Need to Be Fed 2 They...

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app Fangz logo



Fangz is Touch Arcade's forum Game Of The Week! We're getting rave reviews from all top gaming sites! TouchArcade: "'Fangz' is a Cool Beat 'em Up that Trades in Zombies for Vampires" "....

app Away Repellent logo

Away Repellent


AwayDo you need to get rid of some being? So be it! Away is here to help you on this matter. Keep someone away from your or your car, keep the thief away, keep the some unwanted parents away, keep t...

app Shadow Wars logo

Shadow Wars


Fight for survival in an alternate reality consumed by darkness. Battle demons, vampires, werewolves, and other hell spawn to fend off the apocalypse. Armed with arcane and modern weaponry, you...

app Nina Dobrev widgets logo

Nina Dobrev widgets


Customize you home screen with Nina Dobrev Widget.About Nina DobrevNina Dobrev was born in Sofia, People's Republic of Bulgaria (now Republic of Bulgaria) as and moved to Canada at the age of two, wh...


Vampoo the little Vampire Flies onto Google Play

Vampoo the little vampire There are a lot of Vampire games out there, but being a vampire isn’t always as easy as it seems. Such is the case in SVE Games Vampoo – a Little Vampire as you’ll quickly find out Vampires can die just as easily as the rest of us. Vampoo is the tale of a lovelorn vampire who’s on a journey to get back his beloved who has a penchant for ...

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Grow a Garden full of Ghouls in YoYo Games Grave Maker

YoYo Games is getting gamers in the Halloween spirit with a great new Android game called Grave Maker. I’ve actually been following this one for a while and as a fan of all things ghoulish I can honestly say it was well worth the wait. Grave Maker is a game about planting and growing… ghouls. That’s right you won’t be growing boring old ...

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app Angry Heroes Online logo

Angry Heroes Online


Welcome to Angry Heroes Online: the craziest fantasy MMORPG game of all times! Get ready for tons of great humor, comic situations and skits with the most famous RPG cliche. You will find a fascinatin...

app Hero of the Warring States logo

Hero of the Warring States


Now, it supports the Chinese language only!(????)This story is started in the last years of Qin dynasty in China. Both of Chu kingdom and Han kingdom fight to each other. The Chu king Xiang Yu orders ...

app Scary Prank logo

Scary Prank


Scary Prank is a silly joke app which helps you scare the people you know and get a good laugh out of it.Shock your friends, family and other people with a collection of terrifying and awesome looking...

app RPG Covenant of Solitude logo

RPG Covenant of Solitude


LIMITED PRICE! ($7.99 -> $2.99, 63% OFF)----------An unforgettable RPG over the blood of the genies!※ Please contact if you discover any bugs or problems in the app. We cannot re...

app Zombie killer logo

Zombie killer


Zombie Killer - Zombie Game time to kill some zombies Vinny The Viking will shoot some Zombies you are ina deadly Zombie Village and this village is full of zombies.This is not the Zombieville Game if...

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