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Mobile Connectivity Drives Online Gambling Revenue

Online gambling first launched in the 90’s and has been slowly but steadily increasing its revenue each year. Although, there are certain events that fuel surges in online gambling revenue, which are mostly tied to technological breakthroughs. Like, in the 2,000’s when Google became the preferred search engine, online gambling saw a spike in re...

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app NewsManiaPro:Search at once logo

NewsManiaPro:Search at once


Anniversary sale 10000 download free version! Now only 50% OFF!NewsMania is Real Time google Search News Widget App.Set Search Keyword. Then Searching New Update Web Sites.[Overview] NewsMania is easi...

app Venue Map for foursquare logo

Venue Map for foursquare


Venue Map for foursquare helps you find venues around the world. You can view venues on the map and drag the map to search faraway venues. OTHER FEATURES - Tap venue icon on the map to open venue info...

app Avenue Water Live Wallpaper logo

Avenue Water Live Wallpaper


Avenue Water is a Live Wallpaper.After you have downloaded and installed it, You need in order to set it as a Live Wallpaper:- go to your home screen;- press the menu button on your device;- select ...

app Rose Avenue Live Wallpaper logo

Rose Avenue Live Wallpaper


Rose Avenue is a Live Wallpaper.After you have downloaded and installed it, You need in order to set it as a Live Wallpaper:- go to your home screen;- press the menu button on your device;- select &...

app Lolla Search (Unofficial) logo

Lolla Search (Unofficial)


Lolla Search is your pocket guide to Lollapalooza 2012 (Unofficial). Made in part for the HackLolla competition it has up to date information on all the Events, Bands, and Venues for this year. Find d...

app Internal Revenue Code logo

Internal Revenue Code


Title 26 of the United States Code - The Internal Revenue Code for DroidLaw. i.e. the tax code!THIS IS AN ADD-ON FOR DROIDLAW. YOU CAN'T OPEN THIS APP. YOU MUST HAVE DROIDLAW INSTALLED.DroidLaw Incl...


Google: ad revenue sharing isn't Android-specific – Electronista (blog)

Only Kent (blog)Google: ad revenue sharing isn't Android-specificElectronista (blog)Google today downplayed accusations that it was using ad revenue as a carrier incentive to push Android deals. The company said its search deals weren't ...Google enticing wireless carriers to Android with mobile advertising revenue cutGeek.comGoogle Sharing...

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Yahoo Gains AT&T, Loses T-Mobile Search Deal – Search Engine Land (blog)

Gadget Venue (blog)Yahoo Gains AT&T, Loses T-Mobile Search DealSearch Engine Land (blog)Earlier this week, we discovered that Yahoo would be the default search engine on AT&T's first Android handset, the Motorola Backflip. ...News Report: Microsoft Lends Mobile Barcode App to AndroidTMCnetMicrosoft premieres first Android applicationFie...

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AT&T's First Android Phone to Feature Yahoo Search – Overclockers Club

Gadget Venue (blog)AT&T's First Android Phone to Feature Yahoo SearchOverclockers ClubWhen the Motorola Backflip arrives on AT&T's network later this month, it will be the carrier's first phone powered by Google's Android Operating System. ...Indie Coder Proves Android Apps Can Make Money, TooWired NewsFirst AT&T phone w...

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AT&T Picks Yahoo Over Google To Provide Search On First Android Phone – Search Engine Land (blog)

Gadget Venue (blog)AT&T Picks Yahoo Over Google To Provide Search On First Android PhoneSearch Engine Land (blog)Yahoo has scored a spot as the default search engine on the new Motorola Backflip, AT&T's first phone using the Android operating system. ...AT&T Strips Google's Search Off Android; Will Verizon Or T-Mobile Follow?pai...

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First AT&T Android Phone Clears Google Search Out –

Gadget Venue (blog)First AT&T Android Phone Clears Google Search OutGadgetCrave.comGoogle may be behind the Android OS that runs the Motorola Backflip, but thanks to a sweeping Google clean-out by AT&T, the first Android phone on AT&T is ...AT&T ditches Google Search on Android in favor of Yahoo!Androinica (blog)AT&T removes Goo...

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app Simple Checkin for Foursquare logo

Simple Checkin for Foursqua...


Check-in to foursquare in one tap. The app is very quick, and very simple.Sometimes you just want to check-in to Foursquare and move on. Simple check-in allows you to do just that.Want a feature? Get ...

app evenko logo



evenko’s mobile application provides you with a complete listing of all upcoming events which you can filter by date, by venue, by on sale time, by genre or by selecting your favorites. It also give...


Get recognized as a unique Data Analyst:

You would have been reading or hearing about the term “Big Data” in the recent times. Big Data has been available from quite a long time but it came into limelight due to the increase in the demand for the skilled professionals in the market. In simple terms, Big Data and Data Analytics is about analyzing large amount of data coming from variou...

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Best Ways to Find Places to Eat Pancakes Nearby

Best Ways to Find Places to Eat Pancakes Nearby If you find yourself in an unfamiliar territory in the morning craving pancakes or any other breakfast treat, what do you do? You turn to Google for help, of course. Just type in ‘pancakes near me’ or ‘breakfast near me’ and the search engine will come up with a number of solutions. However, in order to save you time and energy, we have com...

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The Rise Of Mobile Gambling

android oneThe world's first online casino was launched in 1996 and mobile gambling wasn't even a consideration at that point in time. However, mobile gambling has taken the industry by storm in the last several years. Once the first iPhone launched in 2007, it created a mobile gambling boom. Online casinos started focusing on developing mobile web-apps an...

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app Artistic Hair Tattoo Designs logo

Artistic Hair Tattoo Design...


Artistic Hair Tattoo Designs for Guys in one Application.The fashioning of hair can be considered an aspect of personal grooming, fashion, and cosmetics, although practical, cultural, and popular cons...

app Travel Guide logo

Travel Guide


Travel Guide app is a one stop app for you, whether you are looking for nearby hotels or airports, or even transit stations and travel agents near you.This is a complete travel guide for you. Everythi...

app Flirt Quotes logo

Flirt Quotes


Best Flirt Quotes ..!! Just the best quotes for flirting.Mark your quote as favorite and read it anytime.Share with your friends using Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS etc.Nice application to have on you...


Google seeing the benefits of having their services on iOS devices.

google maps ios iphoneWe heard it time and again at Google I/O: The search giant is about services above all else. Their dictum seems to have the undertone that things like Android and Chrome are simply conduits for their services. This is the real reason Nexus devices are so cost effective for consumers, so that attitude is clearly working. Things like Google Maps are ...

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Play Store will overtake App Store in number of app installs by October

Google-IO-2013 Google Play logo 91600 aaAccording to a recent report regarding app market purchases, our beloved Android is set to become the most popular app platform in the world within the next few months.The data shows that Apple is just ahead in terms of the total number of apps ever downloaded, having just surpassed the impressive 50 billion mark. But Android is not far behind, cur...

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HTC One Max (T6), Butterfly 2 to launch in second half of 2013, analyst says

HTC One logoIn a research note to investors, an analyst said that HTC is expected to see “strong revenue growth” in the second half of the year thanks to two new flagship devices including the HTC One Max (currently known as the HTC T6) and the HTC Butterfly 2 set to launch during the period.This is the second report today that mentions potential HTC devic...

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Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!, and the Google effect

Marissa MayerWhen Marissa Mayer took over as CEO of Yahoo!, it was a catalyst for change. Having lost their way long ago, the former champions of search were in desperate need of transformation. With Meyers at the helm, the Yahoo! ship is now changing direction, but to what end? If all their recent moves (and rumored acquisitions) are any indication, Yahoo! may...

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app The Rapture Jukebox logo

The Rapture Jukebox


Play The Rapture's songs without the need to search for it in YouTube.Simply type in the song's code from the list and play this virtual JukeBox !The Rapture is an indie rock band based in New York Ci...

app Burp soundboard logo

Burp soundboard


Get the free fun Burp Soundboard.Is very easy to use. Click the button and your phone will make a Burp. "Burp Soundboard" Turns your phone into a burp Machine.Each Burp button releases a Bur...

app Bible Words with Meaning logo

Bible Words with Meaning


The English word "Bible" comes from bíblia in Latin and bíblos in Greek. The term means book, or books, and may have originated from the ancient Egyptian port of Byblos (in mod...

app Tamil Sex Tips logo

Tamil Sex Tips


This Application provides the sex tips for the married people.Provides the latest survey results about various sex questions.Gives truths and myths about sex. First Night tips for newly married.Forepl...

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