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app Pet Cat – Virtual Pet logo

Pet Cat – Virtual Pet


Have your own Pet Cat - Virtual Pet , that responds to your commands, well kind of, you know what cats are like!Pet Cat is especially fun for children of all ages.- The cat will purr, meow, run , pla...

app PetBall Virtual Pet logo

PetBall Virtual Pet


Create your very own unique virtual Pet Ball with over 42 Million possible character combinations! A Pet Ball needs love like any other pet, so make sure you feed it, put it to sleep, take it to the ...

app Cmoneys Virtual Pet Game logo

Cmoneys Virtual Pet Game


UPDATE 8/16/11 Fixed saving problem by syncing game to online servers. So create a new account in the app and now every time you log in your game information will be saved online for loading later. Up...

app Morphians – Virtual Pet logo

Morphians – Virtual P...


Enter the land of Morphians with your very own Morphian virtual pet. Feed it, train it, and clean up after it. One day it will grow up to be big and strong. At later stages connect with a friend's Mor...

app All 21 Virtual Pets (web) logo

All 21 Virtual Pets (web)


Collection of 21 virtual pets: dog, cat, fish, monkey, turtle, bear, squirrel, chick, dolphin, koala, dragon, rabbit, kangaroo, lion, cow, penguin, pig, panda,mouse, sheep and crocodile. The objective...

app Virtual Pet Collector logo

Virtual Pet Collector


- In this RPG game you need to collect, trade, buy and sell over 350 unique pets! Your goal is to catch them all.- To be the best virtual pet collector you'll need to quest new areas, level your chara...

app Peter Gabriel Jukebox logo

Peter Gabriel Jukebox


Play Peter Gabriel's songs without the need to search for it in YouTube.Simply type in the song's code from the list and play this virtual JukeBox !Peter Brian Gabriel (born 13 February 1950) is an En...

app Pet Care Center logo

Pet Care Center


In this new amazing virtual pet game with babysitting elements your task is to take care of all the pets and keep up with their demanding wishes. Try to make it through each level!Lend the girl a hand...

app Pets on the Block logo

Pets on the Block


Now you can have your own virtual pet to take care of! Have fun taking care of your new friend by walking, feeding, giving bath and medicine, putting it to sleep and more! But be careful! If you stop ...

app OVOpet Village Life logo

OVOpet Village Life


Have you ever wanted to have a pet? Cute little animal to take care of and play with? Are you sick and tired of borring tamagotchi and do you want something more? The game OVOpet – The Village life ...

app My Pet Tiger Beta logo

My Pet Tiger Beta


Featuring Augmented Reality: My Pet Tiger allows the user to see and interact with their own virtual pet. The pet is projected directly in 3D on paper. This isn't some lame 3D stuff, this is the real ...

app Peter the Octopus logo

Peter the Octopus


Have fun with this new live wallpaper, where you stay in charge of taking care of Peter, the adorable little octopus.You have to feed him, take care of his hygienic, also entertain him for a happy gro...

app Virtual Barber Shop logo

Virtual Barber Shop


This excellent audio clip allows you to listen to sound the way your brain processes the acoustic information it receives.How To Listen For Full Effect1. It's essential you listen through headphones....

app DroidPet Widget Lite logo

DroidPet Widget Lite


With DroidPet Widget, raise your own virtual pet in your Android phone!NOW 4 PETS ARE FULLY AVAILABLE FOR FREE!!! (no more blocked pets!)Choose one or raise all of them at the same time:* A beautiful ...

app Happy Pet logo

Happy Pet


Dear friends! We offer a unique game product - "Happy Pet!"In this game you will be able to fully realize yourselves as a good pet owner. First, select a pet and give it a name. After this t...


Raise a Virtual Beast with Bit Beast from Cheese and Bacon Games

I’ll start this one out by saying thanks to the Because We May sale for showing me games like Bit Beast which I might not have noticed otherwise. So what’s a Bit Beast? Bit Beast is a virtual pet game from Cheese and Bacon Games where you’ll get to take care of your own digital beast and raise them from a hatchling. Just like a baby you...

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app Petanque 2012 Pro logo

Petanque 2012 Pro


Petanque 2012 Pro allows you to relive the thrill of a real game of petanque in a 3D virtual environment. The rules: the aim is to place his balls nearer the jack than their opponent. The counting is ...

app Petanque 2012 logo

Petanque 2012


Petanque 2012 allows you to relive the thrill of a real game of petanque in a 3D virtual environment. The rules: the aim is to place his balls nearer the jack than their opponent. The counting is done...

app iQuarium – virtual fish logo

iQuarium – virtual fi...


iQuarium - the personal relaxation companion you can keep in your pocket!We bring you a relaxing universe you will be happy to take with you everywhere you go!For everyday stress iQuarium is more than...

app Pet Puppy Dog logo

Pet Puppy Dog


Adopt a virtual puppy dog! Take care of him by giving him food and water, playing with him, bathing him, walking him, and cleaning up after him. If you're not careful he'll get sick, but you can giv...

app Pet My Dinosaur logo

Pet My Dinosaur


Top 10 best seller on the Amazon app store! (kids)Join us on this virtual safari! Go back in time and pet a virtual dinosaur! In this captivating app you get a chance to pet a dinosaur and hear it ro...

app PetraVis Lite logo

PetraVis Lite


PetraVis (previously called Steinkraft) is a game that places the player into a world made of unit sized cubes. Cubes can be removed and new cubes can be placed nearby other cubes (block extrusion). N...

app PetraVis logo



PetraVis is a game that places the player into a world made of unit sized cubes. Cubes can be removed and new cubes can be placed nearby other cubes (block extrusion). New worlds can be generated and ...

app Pet Cafe logo

Pet Cafe


Pet Cafe invites you to be the master restaurant owner in this 3D animated cafe!Run your restaurant from its infancy to becoming the hit of the town! This will be one of the few restaurants in the vir...

app Pocket Pets logo

Pocket Pets


Do you want a pet you can take anywhere with you on the go? One that is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet you can't get in trouble for having an actual pet with you? Well why not get yourself a ...

app EVAN – Virtual Assistant logo

EVAN – Virtual Assist...


There is a free fully functional 28 day trial version available from the links on this page. Please take advantage of it before purchasing. Uninstall the free version prior to installing this one. You...

app EVAN Intern-Virtual Assistant logo

EVAN Intern-Virtual Assista...


EVAN is a must have app if you want to use voice to increase your productivity. It's like Siri but with so many truly useful functions you will wonder why it doesn't come standard with Android. It inc...

app Virtual Dyno logo

Virtual Dyno


Please use our E-mail link to report problems or errors before you leave a bad rating. This is the only way that we can help to resolve errors for everyone. A bad rating and a "don't work" c...

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