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Amazing Applications of Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual Reality is perhaps the biggest breakthrough of this century. The technology is blurring the lines between real and virtual in a big way. So, what exactly is Virtual Reality and how is it going to affect casino games? Virtual Reality is a term used to describe 3 or more-dimensional, computer-generated image or environment with which a person...

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app CityU Campus Virtual Reality logo

CityU Campus Virtual Realit...


The main campus of City University of Hong Kong is regarded as an enormous mall. The CampusVR is a navigation app which provides various guiding platforms at CityU. CampusVR targets all CityU users, s...

app W&H AR (Augmented Reality) logo

W&H AR (Augmented Reali...


Experience a completely new way of seeing the world. W&H Augmented Reality (AR) technology makes W&H printed material come alive on the page for viewing in a completely new, interactive dimens...

app Bus Turístic Virtual logo

Bus Turístic Virtual


Bus Turístic Virtual is an augmented-reality application to locate all of the Barcelona Bus Turístic stops and points of interest closest to you, and if you turn in a circle, you can fin...

app Bus Turístic Virtual logo

Bus Turístic Virtual


Bus Turístic Virtual is an augmented-reality application to locate all of the Barcelona Bus Turístic stops and points of interest closest to you, and if you turn in a circle, you can find out in whi...

app Virtual Shoot logo

Virtual Shoot


Virtual Shoot is an AR (augmented reality) application.How to Shoot,Press the MODE button to switch the gun."Target put who want you shoot (Shoot)!!"You can see bullet holes and bloodstains....


See the World Through Virtual Eyes with Junaio

See the World Through Virtual Eyes with Junaio Sci-fi authors have been talking about augmented reality since cinematographers created the Sensorama, a full-experience viewing booth, around 1957. Since then, it got bulky in the 1990s and irrelevant in the early 2000s. With the advent of smartphones, though, seeing the world through virtual technology is becoming very real. Mobile browser/app ...

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app Hand Gun Reality FPS logo

Hand Gun Reality FPS


Take your phone and turn it to a hand gun. This fun application increase your reality by presenting you a real virtual weapon to fire at things without causing any harm.Perfect for battles with you fr...

app PugliaReality+ logo



PugliaReality+InnovaPuglia-Regione PugliaAn emotional dive into the beauty of Puglia.A new experience in exploring the territory, the natural beauty and the culture of Puglia, to discover all its attr...

app Virtual Landscape LWP logo

Virtual Landscape LWP


Welcome to the world of 80's tomorrow!This beautifully pre-rendered Live Wallpaper sets you across an endless wireframe landscape, straight out of the 80's virtual reality stereotype.*User-customizabl...


Top 5 Apps For Halloween

Top 5 Apps For Halloween With the news that Pokémon Go is hosting its own Halloween event (featuring increased spawns of Gastly, Gengar, and Haunter), you might have already satiated your appetite for all things spooky. If not, then here are a few more apps to get you in the mood for Monday’s annual haunting. Organ Trail: Director’s Cut (£1.85) The original Orego...

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Smartphone Apps That We Would Love To See In The Future

Smartphone Apps That We Would Love To See In The Future If you have a personality similar to all smartphone users, then most of your time is spent using applications. You may also spend a whole lot of time reading about various applications on tech blogs and infomercial websites, along with reviewing them after using, or learning new tips and tricks to improve your experience as a user. It is highly pos...

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app Shooting Showdown logo

Shooting Showdown


?? TOP 5 APP ?? FEATURED AROUND THE WORLD BY APPLE ?? Experience the iOS trick shooting game that changed the FPS genre forever. Match up against your friends, your enemies, or anyone in the world in ...

app Rick Howard Live Wallpaper logo

Rick Howard Live Wallpaper


Get the best Rick Howard wallpaper on your phone with this unofficial live wallpaper app! If you like a particular image, you can set it forever as a wallpaper!Rick Howard is a Canadian-born professio...

app ATView3D MFC logo



This is a great 3D data file viewer. It is the flagship app of ATView3D 3D visualization product family. It supports the most popular 3D formats including stl, 3ds, dxf, vrml, etc. Those formats are w...

app Smart Nubija logo

Smart Nubija


Luxury City with Bike in the World- Changwon!Launch Nubija Application!Nubija Smartphone Application is only for the use of Nubija public bikes and lets people rent the bikes conveniently anytime, eve...

app Introducing Slavoj Žižek logo

Introducing Slavoj Žižek


Introducing Slavoj Žižek is one of the Introducing Graphic Guides, an award-winning collection of books that employ text and graphics to explore the biggest ideas mankind has ever come up with. The ...

app Crazy Bricks 3D logo

Crazy Bricks 3D


HEY YOU!! Are you bored?? If so, read on!!Come play this simple yet addictive 3D brick breaker Spinned off from the classic brick breaker arcades but with a totally different feel!The environment is 3...

app Palette MOVE logo

Palette MOVE


Virtual reality - Discover rooms with Palette MOVEThis App will arouse great enthusiasm among your customers. Palette MOVE stands for immersive 3D room experience and is simply fun.Give it a try: Open...

app Control (OSC + MIDI) logo

Control (OSC + MIDI)


Control enables users to create their own interfaces for controlling musical, artistic and virtual reality applications. It is built on top of the WebKit rendering engine and allows users to define th...




These fifteen stories will forever change your opinion of science. Science isn't just for boring nerds in a lab - it's for red-hot sexpots, too! This anthology includes stories from today's hottest er...

app Interior Choice logo

Interior Choice


Android application for Interior Choice companies in India. Now, you can search interior products related companies from your android. The app provides facility to search companies based on city or pr...

app Head Tracking 3D logo

Head Tracking 3D


Read this first!* Please make sure the lighting on your face is good enough* Please make sure your face is more or less straight, not rotated too much, not tilted too much* Try the debug mode to check...

app 완주문화관광 logo



완주문화관광모바일로 만나보는 즐거운 완주군 여행길.완주문화관광 어플리케이션은 완주군 여행을 알차게 즐기실 수 있도록 정보를 제공합니다.*주...

app Home Search logo Home Search


START house hunting on the go! Use Property Search to get full listing details, larger photos, easy driving directions, plus a GPS locator to find homes near you.SEARCH virtually all h...

app clouder logo



The Astation is a cloud computing solution based on virtual reality technology. It offers mobile working conditions, whenever and wherever the same as PC condition through cloud computing system. Espe...

app 摩天轮(即时互动社交游戏) logo



Mo Tian Lun (MTL, sky wheel) is a virtual reality which gets your real world into the game. Everything in MTL is tagged by location which gives you the best gaming experiecne when you move in reality....

app SimStapler logo



Until now, the dream of stapling without a stapler remained just that: a dream. Only with the latest advances in virtual reality technologies has that dream become a true reality! The first true offic...

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