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Facebook Android app update enables you to send voice messages and more

facebook android appHot on the heels of the recent news that it will soon allow voice calls through its iOS app, Facebook has also updated its mobile app for Android with one major feature which is as close as Android users can get to voice calling. This feature is the ability to send voice messages through the Facebook Android app. Yes, it's not VOIP per se but still...

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Send Voice Messages with ease using Hallo for Android

Texting has become the way of the world, but sometimes it’s difficult to do depending on what you’re doing at the time. That’ where an Android app like Hallo can come in handy as it allows you to record and send quick voice messages to friends and family around the world. Hallo is just like sending a text, but with your voice as the app...

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Google Glass Update Now Supports Web Browsing, Gmail Messaging and Voice Commands

Google Glass Update A new Google Glass Update is now ready for Explorers everywhere and it brings some cool features to those addicted to wearable technology. I hope you know what Google Glass are, if you're a resident of this planet. In case you just woke up from a coma or you're returning from a trip to Mars, well, breaking news, Google Glass are the latest trend ...

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app sms/call logs, voice record logo

sms/call logs, voice record


SmartphoneLogs archives all text messages (SMS), phone calls and voice/audio record Instead of archiving on device, they are archived and encrypted on the cloud which you can access from everywhere s...

app Swift Voice Translator logo

Swift Voice Translator


A voice translator fast and easy to use.Try to talk and listen: the smartphone immediately repeat your words translated into the selected language.You can also reverse the translation and use the tran...

app One-touch Voice Note logo

One-touch Voice Note


With only a single button-click, record a voice note, have it converted to text and sent as an email or SMS. Great for safely capturing that important thought when driving, walking, etc. By converting...

app VoiceToText Notes Long logo

VoiceToText Notes Long


This is a app that lets you create long notes. You can create each note by recording your voice (the app will convert your spoken message to text automatically) or you can type in the note using your ...

app SaskTel Visual Voice Mail logo

SaskTel Visual Voice Mail


SaskTel Visual Voice Mail (VVM) lets you quickly and easily view, listen, and manage your voice mail messages right on your Android without having to dial into your voice mail. To subscribe for $5.00 ...

app aVoiceAppend logo



Ever wanted to remember something and you thought....... I'll just do a voice message on my phone. But, then you think.... we'll if I forget something I'll have to create ANOTHER voice message and the...

app Visual Voice Mail Nexus logo

Visual Voice Mail Nexus


***************Visual VM app for Samsung Galaxy Nexus!!!***********************Visual Voice Mail lets you access & manage your voicemails, so you don't have to dial Voice Mail. Listen to, erase, s...

app Google Voice Text Reader logo

Google Voice Text Reader


Reads incoming Google Voice text messages aloud. Nothing more, nothing less.Use it to have your incoming Google Voice text messages spoken to you when driving, walking with headphones on etc. Keep y...

app Voice Notifications logo

Voice Notifications


*Try out the Free version!*Voice notification app that will speak the contact name on an incoming call and an incoming Text Message. You have the option to create a greeting for what to say before and...

app Voice SMS – voice2voice logo

Voice SMS – voice2voi...


An app for sending VOICE messages to your friends directly into their inbox.Main advantages of this app:? simple and intuitive user interface? no typing? no voice recognition errors? simple service de...

app Coco Voice logo

Coco Voice


Coco Voice is a Walkie Talkie app to share voice, text, and pictures.? Completely FREE, even internationally?? Send VOICE, TEXT, PHOTOS? Find new friends around you? No annoying advertisements ? Post ...

app Voice Full Screen Caller id logo

Voice Full Screen Caller id


Let your phone display a full screen image of your caller. At the same time, you may choose to hear a voice notification of the caller's name using android't text to speech facility. It can also read ...

app Voice Full Screen Caller ID Li logo

Voice Full Screen Caller ID...


Let your phone display a full screen image of your caller. Also let it speak out the caller's name or a customized message for that caller. It can also read aloud the sender's name and the body of an ...

app AT&T Messages for Tablet logo

AT&T Messages for Table...


AT&T Messages brings your texts, calls and voicemail messages together into a single inbox that...

app AT&T Visual Voicemail logo

AT&T Visual Voicemail


AT&T Visual Voicemail allows you to review and manage your AT&T voicemail messages directly from your 4G LTE Android smartphone. You will be able to see a list of the messages on your phone, a...

app AT&T Visual Voicemail logo

AT&T Visual Voicemail


AT&T Visual Voicemail allows you to review and manage your AT&T voicemail messages directly from your 4G LTE Android smartphone. You will be able to see a list of the messages on your phone, a...

app voice text logo

voice text


Small sms send and recieve program that will let you talk as it type's the message for you. then you can send the message to any one in your contacts. select the name and it auto sends very little vis...

app Voicemail Inbox logo

Voicemail Inbox


Have your voicemails accumulate in your email box with no easy way to access, organize or search through them? VoiceMail Inbox app is here to help.The app will automatically download messages with att...

app Voice Processor Pro logo

Voice Processor Pro


Record voice messages, alienate them and store selections on sd-card or set them as ring-tone, notification or alarm.Five basic effects along with four room types can be combined to a virtual unlimite...

app RoboVox – Voice Changer logo

RoboVox – Voice Chang...


Transform your voice with RoboVox and have your voice sound scary or funny, musical, evil or like famous robots! RoboVox is a voice recorder and voice changing app using vocoder technology.Choose amon...

app Thin Server – SMS & Voice logo

Thin Server – SMS &am...


Salient Features of THIN SERVERLONG CODE SOLUTIONS - A Unique Solution for both Solution Providers & End Users providing the ability to process the incomming messages as per the demand. Incomming ...

app Better Voicemail logo

Better Voicemail


NOTE: You need a Better Voicemail account to use this app. Sign up for a free trial account at Voicemail is the only professional voicemail solution for real estate agents a...

app Voice Dialer Plus logo

Voice Dialer Plus


Introducing Voice Dialer Plus! With this app, you can use the power of your voice rather than your hands to place calls, send text messages, update Facebook and Twitter and perform web searches with y...

app V2Txt Voice To Text logo

V2Txt Voice To Text


Voice to Text (V2Txt), your application to convert your voice into text for use in email, text messages or social status updates. The best voice recognition software available.Takes your voice input,...

app Sonalight Text by Voice logo

Sonalight Text by Voice


Text by Voice allows you to safely text while you drive entirely through voice. There's no need to touch or look at the screen at all. Text by Voice will automatically read incoming text messages alou...

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