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app Watts Amps Volts Calculator logo

Watts Amps Volts Calculator


Watts Amps Volts Calculator is an electrical app for Android devices based on an advanced ohms law for electricians and electrical engineers.Calculate either to or from any of the following:+ Watts + ...


Power Up: The Evolution of Wireless Chargers

Power Up: The Evolution of Wireless Chargers  Image Source: Bezalel   Charging one’s phone without the help of messy cables and wires is still a fairly new concept to many. Wireless charging is now being offered in certain coffee shops and other establishments, but the general public still has yet to fully embrace the fact that they can now charge their devices without having to...

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app Max Zs Values logo

Max Zs Values


Maximum Zs Values Calculates maximum permitted Zs values to BS 7671 17th edition 2008 (2011) Amd.1 for BS EN devices, MCB's, RCBO's, Fuses and Manufacturer Specific Device values, specific values for ...

app Warp War Free logo

Warp War Free


Take over the galaxy with Faster Than Light attacks and Slower Than Light targeting data!In a distant galaxy, civilizations clash through the Warp Gates. Warp Gates are immense devices capable of cur...

app Power Wizard logo

Power Wizard


PowerWizard is a useful app for anyone working with Home Solar panel or wind turbine technologies, power inverters, batteries, or other electrical science projects.It features a simple, easy to use in...

app Torque – Mazdaspeed 2010-12 logo

Torque – Mazdaspeed 2...


Additional Torque OBD PID information for the 2010-2012 Mazdaspeed 3 & 6 (MPS in Europe):Actual AFRKnock RetardMAF Volts (BETA)Ambient Air TemperatureBoosted Air Temperature*Requires the latest Pr...

app RF Tools logo

RF Tools


RF Tools is a utility for Land Mobile Radio trunking and conventional site technologists and engineers.Calculate TX power for ERP:For a given cable type and length will automatically calculate line lo...

app Ohm’s Law Calculator logo

Ohm’s Law Calculator


Ohm’s Law Calculator applies to electric & electronic circuits and allows you to calculate values for Ohms, Amps, Watts and Volts.By entering any two known values, Ohm's Law Calculator will find...

app Solar Charger Free logo

Solar Charger Free


Charge your phone using Solar Charger Free via the screen with the power of sun. There is enough light, you can reach voltages of up to 3.6 volts. Simply start the app, put it in the sun and watch as ...

app Electrician Calculator Pro logo

Electrician Calculator Pro


Electrician Calculator Pro - National Electric Code (NEC) compliant calculator for electricians, engineers and electrical professionals, electrical contractors, designers, lighting experts, inspectors...

app Torque – Mazdaspeed 2007-09 logo

Torque – Mazdaspeed 2...


Additional Torque OBD PID information for the 2007-2009 Mazdaspeed 3 & 6 (MPS in Europe):Boosted Air TemperatureKnock RetardWastegate Duty Cycle (beta)MAF VoltsActual AFRActual Pedal Pos*Requires ...

app Warp War logo

Warp War


Take over the galaxy with Faster Than Light attacks and Slower Than Light targeting data!In a distant galaxy, civilizations clash through the Warp Gates. Warp Gates are immense devices capable of cur...

app RF Mobile logo

RF Mobile


RF Mobile is a radio frequency technical / engineering conversions and applications tool used to convert popular radio powers like watts, milliwatts, dBm, dBw, volts, and uVolts. Included are a number...

app ConvertPad Plus logo

ConvertPad Plus


ConvertPad and ConvertPad Plus(Ad-free version) are most powerful and fully featured Unit converter, Currency converter and Calculator. It's a simple but the most powerful unit converter. (10,000,000+...

app AJS Elecalc logo

AJS Elecalc


Practical Electrical Calculations for Electricians & EngineersElectrical Calculations:AC Calculations - KW, KVA, Volts, Amps, Power FactorOhm's Law - Power, Voltage, Current, ResistanceWire Size -...

app 吉祥玄空論斷試用版 logo



試用版只開放羅盤功能。簡体、繁体適用,不管要買屋賣屋、租屋,有很多人會請老師看陽宅,以目前看屋行情從NT 3000~20萬元都有。筆者也研究了許多派陽...

app System Monitor Lite 4 Android logo

System Monitor Lite 4 Andro...


Monitor system info for your Android device. Monitor your device continuously (12 hours limit for lite version).NEW: Optimized for TabletsDisplays* CPU summary* Data usage summary* Battery level/temp/...

app dBm Calculator logo

dBm Calculator


The start of something needed. I've always found myself in the lab, needing to do dBm quickly. Here's your tool! -Convert Vpp, Vp and Vrms to dBm and dBw easily!NEW!!! - Convert dBm and dBw to volts!T...

app NXT Messenger Ad Free logo

NXT Messenger Ad Free


This app allows an Android device to communicate with Lego NXT device. You can send messages to a specified mailbox on the device. These messages can then be used by the device programaticlly.You can ...

app Digital Battery Status logo

Digital Battery Status


Digital WP Battery Status is a clean and simple live wallpaper for live battery status.Battery Status features:* Multiple text and background color combinations* Battery power level percentage* Batter...

app PriorityStart logo



The PriorityStart! is an Electro-Mechanical device manufactured by BLI International.With the OFFICIAL PriorityStart! ANDROID App you will have quick access to:Technical informationFAQ'sTroubleshootin...

app The Young Maiden logo

The Young Maiden


The Physical Constitution of woman is peculiar. In barbarous nations she has often been subjected to the same manual exertions as man; sometimes to those even more arduous. But the progress of refinem...

app NXT Messenger logo

NXT Messenger


Check out the Ad free version now available in the Marketplace.Search for "NXT Messenger Ad Free"This app has gone under some major updates.This app allows an Android device to communicate w...

app RCECalc logo



RC Electric Calc v1.1 - A calculator for Radio Control (RC or R/C) electric powered model airplanes/helicopters using Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries. (Please also see the new, improved, feature-rich...

app Instrument Signal ConvertorPRO logo

Instrument Signal Convertor...


Newly updated! -- Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) conversions have arrived! -- Minor UI changes -- Minor bug fixesDescription:What milliamp (mA) signal is generated when flowing 125 gallons pe...

app Handy Construction Calculators logo

Handy Construction Calculat...


Android's Most Popular Construction Calculator! 70 Powerful, Precise, Proven and Easy to Use Tools.15,000+ paid customers - 4.5 star rating!Featured by AT&T US and Vodafone NZ *Top 50 Productivity...

app Pire Wheel logo

Pire Wheel


Subset (1/21 apps) of Electrical Wiring ProElectrical Pire WheelInteractive graphic with any two of:P - PowerI - AmpsR - OhmsE - Voltsto find the other two, using the formulas taught in basic electric...

app StunGun – Free logo

StunGun – Free


Fun prank stun gun app to scare your friends! Most realistic stun gun app for Android!Just press the red button and unleash 1000 volts of lightning, fun guaranteed :)!? configurable color of the stun ...