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app Versatile Volume Control logo

Versatile Volume Control


Set the volume of different audio streams with just a widget. Set the volume for alarm, music and notification, ring and system sounds, voice call.^^^^^^^^<<<<<<<<<<<&...

app Simple Volume Control logo

Simple Volume Control


This app can help you adjust the volume of all the audio related apps on your android phone. About this app:With this app, you can control all the volume of your alarm, music player, coming calls and ...

app Full Volume Control+ logo

Full Volume Control+


Simple, easy to use volume control. Allows you to save or load states, whether it be silent or maximum volume!If you are looking for a free version (with less features), search for Full Volume Control...

app Volume Control + FREE OFFER logo

Volume Control + FREE OFFER


Adjust your volume settings for six volume streams. ** FREE GAME OFFER - SEE DETAILS BELOW **Features include:- Ringer, notification, media, in-call, system and alarm- Silent mode on or off- Apply a v...

app Small Widget Volume Control logo

Small Widget Volume Control


Control all your system sounds with with this small (3x1) easy to use Widget:- 6 different volume levels- Enable/Disable Vibration and Mute- Just tap on the bars to go up to the maximum volume and the...

app volume controls logo

volume controls


Adjust all your volume controls in one ,easy-to-find,place.Alarm volumemusic voiumeNotification volumeRinger volumeSystem volumevoice call volumeControl them all easily with Volume Controller....

app volume controller logo

volume controller


Volume controller is a app with many uses . It can control all the volume and easy find the place to operate . Volume controller can adjust : Alarm volume , music voiume , Notification volume , Ringer...

app Master Volume Control logo

Master Volume Control


This is just a simple volume control app that I wrote in a couple of hours. I wrote it for one person, but I figured that if anyone else could make use of it, it might be worth publishing.If something...

app Master Volume Controller logo

Master Volume Controller


Take control of your devices sounds!This program will give you the ability to adjust all your system sounds from an easy to use interface. It also "Squelch" like features for an easy mute al...

app Fine Volume Control Unlocker logo

Fine Volume Control Unlocke...


Unlocks Fine Volume Control 2.0 Trial app to become the full version.This app still unlocks the previous (defunct) Fine Volume Control app which used earpiece speaker redirection....

app Fine Volume Control V2 (Trial) logo

Fine Volume Control V2 (Tri...


This is a 7-day time-limited but fully featured trial. The app is not fully compatible with all phones, please verify that all desired functions work correctly before purchasing.Fine Volume Control 2....


Fine Volume Control v2 now available in the Android Market

Volume control is one of the few gripes I’ve experienced with any cell phone I’ve owned. You either can’t get it loud enough, it’s too loud or it’s difficult to adjust the volume of certain things separately. Fine Volume Control 2.0 by Opotech is set to help folks out in a few of those areas by allowing you to change the volume in 1%...

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app Headset Volume Controller logo

Headset Volume Controller


You can set volume automatically, when headset conneted/disconnected....

app Volume Control Plus logo

Volume Control Plus


Easily control your ringer, notification, system, alarm, and in-call volumes! You can also hide volumes that you do not usually change.Supported Languages:-English-Spanish-French-Portugese-German (tha...

app Advanced Volume Control logo

Advanced Volume Control


Advanced Volume Control (AVC)This tool will allow you to turn on 'Auto Speakerphone', (for when you are driving, etc.) which will automatically route all incoming and outgoing calls through the Speake...

app Volume Control Widget (Donate) logo

Volume Control Widget (Dona...


There are plenty of volume widgets that will show you the volume and take you to the volume settings when you tap them. But, very few actually let you adjust the volume using the widget itself.This vo...

app Volume Control Lite logo

Volume Control Lite


This app will automatically adjust your device's volumes to desired levels when you plug in or unplug an earphone.Please put the app on the ignore list if you use a task manager.If the program is kill...

app Media Volume Control logo

Media Volume Control


This application adjusts the media volume by the automatic operation according to the speed.There are various usages in this example,It is useful for listening to music when connecting...

app Volume Control AdFREE logo

Volume Control AdFREE


Adjust all your volume controls in one place in only two clicks:- ADFREE VERSION- Airplane mode- Adjust Ringer, System, Notification, Alarm, Music and In-call- Large and precise slider controls, easy ...

app Volume Control + logo

Volume Control +


Volume Control+ is a volume control app that support changing control types and colors. FeaturesThree kinds of control types- Volume dial : Feeling of analog device Buttons : Precise control Seek ba...

app Volume Control + Pro logo

Volume Control + Pro


Volume Control+ Pro is improved version of Volume Control+ with additional features and Ad-freeVolume Control+ is a volume control app that support changing control types and colors. FeaturesThree kin...

app Auto Volume Control (free) logo

Auto Volume Control (free)


Have you ever wished automatically turn your phone volume on or off different times of the day throughout the week? If yes, Auto Volume Control is what you need to accomplish automatic volume control...

app Volume Control Abuser (No Ads) logo

Volume Control Abuser (No A...


What can two droids, socialism, and a fist do? Create an App to Control any volume on your droid! (No Ads)...

app Missed Call Volume Control logo

Missed Call Volume Control


This app will increase the volume after every missed call, decreasing the probability of missing the next. It's also optional to enable the vibrate option.Useful for getting waked only for emergency c...

app Volume Control Pro logo

Volume Control Pro


Volume Control Pro makes you the cheif of the volume settings in android. You can predefine settings or adjust manually. The 'presets' are accessible from the program, the widgets and can be scheduled...

app QuickMute Volume Control logo

QuickMute Volume Control


This is the free (ad-supported) version. A paid version without advertisements is also available.-"Quick Mute" button sets all volume channels to zero in a single click.-Master Volume slide...

app Volume Control Widget logo

Volume Control Widget


Drag to any of your desktops, to be able to customize all system sounds with one click:- Controls 6 different sounds- Toggle buttons to quickly disable sounds with/without vibration- Auto disable to s...

app Sound Volume control Widget logo

Sound Volume control Widget


This widget can control all kind of sound volume of your phone. Also it is very easy to use and very fast to control them....

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