Media players for WALKMAN™


Media players app provides update for the following preinstalled apps for WALKMAN™:- Music player: Play music files on WALKMAN™ and stream music files to other DLNA enabled players [...]

GO Launcher Walkman HD


I represent you a new theme for Go Launcher EX in style Walkman!!!+650 HD original icons+2 Background pictures of the menu+2 Pictures of a desktop+ the Menu of options in black-orange style+ the [...]



"Run, Shadow, run!"This is not another clone of Temple Run. This is the runner with original mechanic "running fingers"! Run using your fingers simulating running legs! Avoid [...]

Top 3 Music Streaming Apps

By In

The problem that people had with the CD Walkman was that you had to carry around the CDs that you wanted to listen to. This meant that if you didn’t take a certain album or single out with you, [...]

ソニーの電子書籍 Reader™ (Sony Tablet)


ソニーの電子書籍"Reader"をお楽しみいただくにはMy Sony IDが必要です。 My Sony IDはこちらから取得できます。※Sony Entertainment [...]



The second hand clock widget. Applications can also be used as a second hand clock. By tapping the widgets, you can see various representations of a smooth second hand watches. SecondClock world, [...]

Cassette LiveWallpaper


Transformation to Old Walkman♪ There seems to be a cassette in carrying. Clock, Date, and Week are displayed. Red(A).. morning blue(B).. afternoon[Setting]Home > Menu > Wallpaper > [...]

Phantom Music Control


** If you have problems with Winamp support, open Winamp settings and check "Control Headset" option. It will work as charm. **** Music player setting is only available after you place [...]