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Samsung’s weird, new patent

(AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)(AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)Did you check out the ASUS Padfone, and think the phone-in-a-tablet was a pretty cool design? A phone that slides into the back of a tablet could be the best of both worlds, or a complicated mess.Samsung seems to agree with Padfone fans, as they’ve recently acquired a patent for a similar product. The device, which you’...

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Iceland Galaxy S4 ad is the weirdest anti-iPhone Samsung commercial yet

Galaxy S4 IcelandScreenshot from latest Galaxy S4 ad | Image Credit: Samsung Iceland A recently released Galaxy S4 ad in Iceland is arguably the weirdest anti-Apple ad made by the company. Unlike with previous marketing efforts, especially for the Galaxy S3, Samsung mainly focused on showing Galaxy S4 features in its TV commercials. Sure, there have been hits at iP...

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Weird Game of the Week: ForbiddenEgg for Android

forbidden.egg-androidIt’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at an insane game from the Far East, but we found one that may just be the nuttiest game of all. ForbiddenEgg is the name of the game, and if you’ve ever dreamed of being a sexy egg man, it’s just the thing for you… ForbiddenEgg is a game about eggs. There are no ordinary eggs though, they’re ...

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Weird Game of the Week – Yakinuki Paradice from Hamon

Yakiniku.Paradise-AndroidHamon has is no stranger to quirky Android games, and one of their latest oddball games goes by the name of Yakiniku Paradice. It’s a game about grilled meat and your ability to flip it as fast as you possibly can. Yakiniku Paradice uses Twitch Gameplay to test your reflexes as you’ll have to flip pieces of Yakiniku as quickly as possible. It ...

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Weird Game of the Week: Alpaka Evolution from Beltheva

It’s been awhile since we covered something kooky, but Alpaka Evolution from Beltheva certainly fits the bill. When a games play store description simply says “Alpaka peaceful… either devil or god or….” you know you’re in for a strange trip. Alpaka Evolution is a game about one Alpaca that’s out to evolve into the top Alpaca around. ...

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Weird Game of the Week – HellyBelly from Mobidix Games

Hellybelly for Android This week’s selection for Weird Game of the Week goes to a little game called HellyBelly from Mobidix Games. It’s not about helicopters, but it does involve a man named Mr. Poo and his upset Belly. HellyBelly is the tale of Mr. Poo, a man that really needs to go to the bathroom. Your job is to get him to the can safely while avoiding obstacl...

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Weird game of the Week: Bogan's Run from POLYGAMe Digital

Bogan’s Run is an interesting Endless Runner from the folks at POLYGAMe digital that involves sticky feet, magical monkeys, beer, and Bogans of course. By now I’m guessing you’re wondering what a Bogan is? If you hail from the land down under you already know, and if not just keep reading… A Bogan is a creature steeped in myth and legend...

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Weird game of the Week: Bogan’s Run from POLYGAMe Digital

Bogan’s Run is an interesting Endless Runner from the folks at POLYGAMe digital that involves sticky feet, magical monkeys, beer, and Bogans of course. By now I’m guessing you’re wondering what a Bogan is? If you hail from the land down under you already know, and if not just keep reading… A Bogan is a creature steeped in myth and legend...

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Weird App of the Week – Chlory: The Ocean Guard for Android

Overview I’ve come across my share of crazy Android games over the past few years, and Chlory: The Ocean Guard from PAPAYA apps is definitely going onto the crazy list. At first glance the game seems normal enough, but once you dig into it you quickly find out how quirky this little game is. Chlory is a single cell Chlorella who’s an “o...

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Weird App of the Week – Cotton Candy Cooking Game

Overview We're all about weird and quirky Android games here at, and I see a lot of bizarre stuff out there every week. We thought it was about time to do a regular column of sorts, and are proud to present our first choice for Weird App of the Week with the Cotton Candy Cooking Game from Weird name for a developers...

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app Weird Slide Show logo

Weird Slide Show


Weird Slide shows you funny pictures of disturbingly pathetic people, animals, events and things around the world like the tree woman, the grass car, toilets for geek, the fat giraffe, the incredible...

app Weird Voronoi Pro logo

Weird Voronoi Pro


IMPORTANT: Before buying this version, try "Weird Voronoi" because the hardware requirements are identical.In this paid version, you have more control than ever on the shape of the cells and...

app Weird Cartoons logo

Weird Cartoons


A collection of irreverent cartoons from famed cartoonist Jim Wirt. Parental Advisory Explicit Content....

app Weird Buildings Part 1 logo

Weird Buildings Part 1


Take a look at the weird building slideshow part 1 with no optical illusion or camera trick....Its amazing Its beyond your imagination... Hope you enjoy the world's amazing architecture.....

app Amazing and Weird Animal Facts logo

Amazing and Weird Animal Fa...


A huge collection of Amazing and Weird Animal FactsIncludes facts from all spectrum of domestic or wildlife such as bugs, butterflies, cats, chicken, cockroaches, cows, dogs, donkeys, ducks, eagles, e...

app Weird Creature Mysteries logo

Weird Creature Mysteries


Earth's Weird Creatures - Fact or Myth? You decide!Find out about the most mysterious creatures of modern times!Find out about creatures you may never have even heard of!Learn more about The Sasquatch...

app Weird and funny facts logo

Weird and funny facts


Did you know that each year, approximately 250,000 American husbands are physically attacked and beaten by their wives?Get the application for more than 800 weird, funny and interesting facts like thi...

app 101 Weird Human Body Facts logo

101 Weird Human Body Facts


The human body is an extremely complex and intricate system and has bizarre and unexpected facts. It still baffles doctors and researchers on a regular basis despite thousands of years of medical know...

app Weird Fact logo

Weird Fact


Small and simple app with many facts!Best app of its kind.Find out more about the human body, nature, science, celebrities, world records, strange laws, sex facts, and many more! With over hundreds of...

app A Weird RPG logo

A Weird RPG


Would you like to enjoy every aspects of RPG? And, do you want to play a game quickly without difficult efforts?A weird RPG is answer. This game shows you everything of RPG.You will save the princess,...

app Weird Voronoi logo

Weird Voronoi


IMPORTANT: The professional version is now available under the name "Weird Voronoi Pro".This live-wallpaper allows you to use a variation of the classic Voronoi diagram to personalize your d...

app Crazy and weird facts! logo

Crazy and weird facts!


Hundreds weird and crazy facts to use in everyday life.Small and simple app with many facts , it will keep you entertaining while waiting for your bus.Features:*Share via sms, email and more*Add to fa...


Top 5 Weird Android Apps

There are many different kinds of Android Apps available from the Market. They haven’t added a category entitled “weird or strange” yet, but they should. I constantly run across kooky games & apps in the market, and sometimes I find some great ones. Being a little different isn't a bad thing either, all of these apps have brought me count...

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app Advanced Weird Facts logo

Advanced Weird Facts


Strange Facts is a rather comprehensive collection of the weird, meaningful and interesting facts all over the world. You can Browse and enjoy the strange facts with clear and beautiful interface, you...

app Crazy Weird News logo

Crazy Weird News


Crazy, Fun Weired News all over the world from All Weired News Site. You can't imagine how the world is...

app Weird News Today logo

Weird News Today


Get a daily list of the weirdest true new stories around the world! Choose from the list to browse the actual news story from its source news site....

app Weird Facts logo

Weird Facts


Hundreds of cool, weird, useless, odd & awesome fun facts at your finger tips!Read through tons of cool facts you did not even know!Browse through them and learn something new each day. And there ...

app Weird Laws logo

Weird Laws


Do you know it is forbidden to imitate an animal in Miami,Florida,America?Here are lots of weird laws about each state of American,you can look up laws convenient by choosing state....

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