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app Poke-a-Mole (Whack a Mole) logo

Poke-a-Mole (Whack a Mole)


Poke-a-Mole is a fun, new interesting take on Whack a Mole/Whac a Mole, where you must hit the moles, by poking them with your finger. As you progress, they appear faster, but you'll get more points ...

app THE whack-a-mole logo

THE whack-a-mole


the lovely mole was beaten -- cook!! The overly simple action game appeared. The final edition of Whack-A-Mole. Is the application which both children and adults can enjoy regardless of young and old ...

app Whacky Moles logo

Whacky Moles


The battlefield awaits you. Armed with your finger, like the hammer of Thor, crush the wretched moles back into the holes from whence they came. Whack, poke, prod, and tap them until they disappear in...

app *Mole-Whacking* logo



The little cute mole's home is under attack by the rascal moles! Please help him by poking these tough moles.This is an addictive classic game! Beat the tough moles and avoid attacking the cute one. ...

app Whack-A-Minister logo



Politicians not doing what you want them to? Or perhaps you just want to whack things?In this twist of the classic "whack-a-mole" you have to hit the sinister minister when he pops up. Just ...

app Mole Mania! logo

Mole Mania!


Finally, the beloved children's classic "Whack-A-Mole" is available on your tablet!Easy to learn but impossible to master, Mole Mania pits you against an ever-growing army of moles hellbent ...

app Whack-a-bad guy logo

Whack-a-bad guy


In Real Whack-a-bad guy, you don't actually hit any moles!Instead, you hit the face of that person you hate most!First, use the camera function to take a picture of your head or you can select one of ...

app Whacking Carnage logo

Whacking Carnage


A highly addictive action/arcade game that reinvents the classic whack-a-mole style.Crazy moles, rabid ones, bombers, zombies, ninjas and more are after you.Coming with Carnage and Panic mode and soon...

app Whack a Buddy logo

Whack a Buddy


Whack a Buddy is your favorite whack-a-mole arcade game, like you've never seen it before!Take a picture of your buddy, boss or random stranger and whack away to your hearts content! You can even unlo...

app Whack a Nyan Cat logo

Whack a Nyan Cat


Whack a Nyan Cat today. Fun variation of whack a mole where instead of moles, you hit on a Nyan Cat. Multi level free casual game. App2SD support. Tablet ready....

app Whack-a-Doll logo



This game brings brings to life the cute little finger puppets from's all about punching the cute little things into the ground in a traditional whack a mole style....

app MW Whack a Squirrel logo

MW Whack a Squirrel


Do you remember Whack-a-mole? Now it's time to hit Squirrels and Monkeys.They will appear randomly on the screen and you have to hit them before they are gone, but avoid the Owl: you will loose a life...

app Whack-a-Pie logo



A fun game similar to whack a mole, but instead of moles, your are whacking pies. This is an easy way to learn up to the first 50 digits of pi. The pies appear in the order of pi (3,1,4,1,5...) so the...

app Whack a Monster logo

Whack a Monster


A scary but funny variation of whack a mole. Whack monsters popping up from the cemetary. App2SD supported. Tablet ready....

app Whack-A-Thief logo



Description: How fast are your reflexes? Play Whack-A-Thief and catch as many Thieves as you can before they get away! Try this easy-to-play and fast-paced game for FREE! Great fun for all ages! Suppo...

app Hole Mole logo

Hole Mole


Hole Mole, the new adaptation of the classic arcade game, comes right into your mobile in this energetic and great action new version. We bring you the look and feel of one of the most popular arcade ...

app Whack a Vampire logo

Whack a Vampire


A vampire variation of whack a mole. Vampire heads pop up and youneed to whack their heads fast! Simple to play yet fun! App2SD supported....

app Whack Anything(adfree) logo

Whack Anything(adfree)


This app will No Longer Be Supported!!!If you like Whack A Mole Tm to its respective owners then you will love this twist on it where you can whack what ever you want as long as it is on your sd. This...

app Word-Whack logo



Have fun whacking moles but with a word twist! Whack the moles that appear, but only if they are holding words that fit the rules selected. You have 5 lives to try and whack all the moles and advance ...

app Whack A Bieber logo

Whack A Bieber


Whack A Bieber is a new game the will entertain you for hours on end, especially if you are a bieber hater like me. The game is based round the classic "whack a mole" games but with a twist....

app Whack a Zombie logo

Whack a Zombie


A frightening variation of whack a mole, with eerie music and scary cemetary. Whack on the hideous zombie popping up from the cemetery. Tablet ready....

app Whack Anything logo

Whack Anything


If you like Whack A Mole Tm to its respective owners then you will love this twist on it where you can whack what ever you want as long as it is on your sd. This is a initial release there many improv...

app Mole Smasher logo

Mole Smasher


Do you hate when moles destroy your garden?Then this is your chance to strike back, in this very addictive arcade game, in which not only you get a chance to destroy all those evil moles, but also you...

app Mole Mashing Free logo

Mole Mashing Free


Fido the dog have his territory in the backyard. However he have been kicked out from his dog house by the Mole King and his army of moles.Help Fido the dog in this Whack-a-Mole clone to rid his terri...

app Whack a Robot 3D logo

Whack a Robot 3D


an early beta version of a Open GL ES based whack a mole like game...

app Whack an iPhone logo

Whack an iPhone


Have you whacked an iPhone today? A hilarious variation of whack-a-mole where, instead of hitting on moles, you hit on iPhones. Enjoy! Tablet ready....

app Mole2011 logo



Interpretation of 2011 of the whack-a-moleg game.It is a whack-a-mole game of the aspect clear model.I confirm movement in IS03(SHAPE)...

app Whack Hillary or Sarah logo

Whack Hillary or Sarah


A whack a mole type game where you choose to whack either Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton. Warning: if you click them too many times they get mad!...

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