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A Review of Whale Trail for Android

A Review of Whale Trail for Android Overview I’m always on the lookout for the quirky Android game and I didn’t have to look long this week as news hit the net that Whale Trail by ustwo is finally available for Android. What’s Whale Trail you ask? It’s a one-finger flying game set in a rainbow land that lets you control a whale named Willow as he tries to escape from the...

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White Whale Games releases God of Blades for Android

I normally don't cover things I haven’t played on Android, but we’ve had a slew of releases this week and God of Blades from White Whale Games is an exception. It’s another in a long line of hit iOS games that are slowly making their way to Android, and it’s one of the coolest Indies I’ve ever played… God of Blades puts you in the ro...

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